Hunt of Intrigue (Book 1)

Vampires are nothing but demons. That is all hunters are taught in school. Hunters like Jack Knight are different though. Jack grew up, a girl in a male dominated race. She fought to be the best, and she achieved it. She promised she would never fall in love, because it made you weak.

One night, while out on the hunt, she crosses path with the week long awaited pray, killing the demon. In its last breath it vows that its brother would take vengeance on her. Jack is not worried, she was unbeatable, with no weakness.

When that brother shows up though, a weakness grows. She is intrigued by the handsome vampire, but he doesn't know who she is... or what she has done.

And so begins the Hunt of Intrigue. Will Jack be not so invincible? What will happen to the two main characters, mortal enemies, written in blood? Find out in this, the Hunt of Intrigue.


1. Prologue

The harsh wind whips at my pale skin, burning it.  I smile as the buzz of adrenaline kicks in, watching my prey hunt for its own.  I have been tracking this specimen for a week now, watching her kill.  Now is the perfect time to strike.  Hidden in my black clothing in the alley, too far back to be visible to the demon I hunt, I watch as she pulls a drunken boy, most likely ten times younger than her, into the alley.

                “Ah, such a handsome face,” she purrs into his ear, placing rough kisses on his jugular.  I can hear his moan, disgusting me.  Watching as she opens her mouth slightly, showing her sharp fangs, I spring into sight.  I hear the boy’s breathing pick up as he notices another female in the alley.  My prey still too busy pricking his skin with her repulsing fangs to notice her predator.

                “Treena,” I call in a sickly sweet tone, watching her freeze and then turn slowly to me.  She allows herself to shy away, showing her fear and weakness.  Regaining her composure, she bares her fangs at me and hisses like a cat, her eyes flashing a pulsing silver in the moonlight.

                “Hunter!”  I nod and smile at the boy who is so intoxicated that I am sure he is processing that her name is Treena.  “When did you get into town, Jacqueline?  I haven’t seen you around,” she growls threateningly, to which I laugh.  The girl is my size and most likely a lot stronger, but I have dedicated my life to killing the kind of beast she is.  They may look human, but they certainly are not.

                “Oh, Katrina!  It is good to see you too!  I just got in a week ago, been looking for you forever, darling,” I raved like a church mother.  She audibly groaned, rolling her eyes at me.  “So, should we let the boy go first or let him watch a monster be destroyed?”  I let my right hand open, revealing the vials of holy water, silver tipped stakes, guns, and crosses I carried, just for the occasion.

                “Oh, Jaqueline, my brother is back in town.  You will never believe how protective he is!  He would never let you touch me,” she hissed.  I smiled and looked around, my heightened senses not picking up another demon in the area.

                “First of all, my name is Jack.  Second, I can sense no other vampire in the area, dearest Treena.”  Treena looked shocked at my mention of senses.  It was rare for a hunter to be able to sense a subject, but I was trained well.

                “Ladies, ladies!  No need to fight over the Gabe man!  There is enough for both of you,” the drunken boy slurred.  I almost had to laugh at him as I shot him with a blow dart, effectively knocking him out.  Treena groaned, seeing as our darts were mixed with holy water.  Her meal was just ruined.

                “Jacky, that was my meal,” she whined.  That nickname, I hated it so much and by the smirk appearing on her face, she knew it.  “That tick you off, little miss cool and confident?”  I clenched my teeth staring at her for only seconds before springing into action.

                My hands moved so fast, no humanoid being could make it out.  I gripped a stake gun and aimed it effortlessly at her heart, hitting home on the first shot.  I heard her hiss and saw her fall, not so gracefully, to the ground.  She writhed in pain as I walked to her squirming body, watching her chest and un-beating heart smoke and crack.

                “So, is that what you wanted little old me to do?  I am Jack Knight, stupid demon.  You should have been taught by your overprotective brother not to mess with a Knight, especially Jack.  Bad idea, Treena,” I chortled.  I found her pain humorous, and it was true.  I have been trained and certified in vampire hunting for fifteen years, since I turned thirteen.  I was the best the world has ever known, and every vampire knew that.

                “William will come after you, Jaqueline Knight.  My brother will kill you,” she gritted out as her body stilled.  I smirked at the body, pulling the stake out and watching her body disappear, the magic ancient warlocks worked on their kind showing brilliantly.  This was what I do.  I kill, but not for fun.  I kill to save lives, just as my family has done before me.

                Tonight I walked away making sure that the body of the boy was found and identified as a passed out drunk.  Heading to the family’s mansion, I thought back to what the night demon had sworn.  William would come for me, and when he got here, I would be ready to take him down too, if it’s the last thing I do.


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