Fall For You [L.T.]

"Do you believe in soulmates?" I asked playing with a ring on my index finger. I looked up to meet his blue eyes staring at me. He inhaled some smoke from the cigarette he was smoking before blowing it out. "I believe that if two people are meant to be together then some how they will keep finding their way back to each other." He said as snow started to drizzle down. He wrapped his scarf around me before kissing my lips ever so gently. "That's why I believe that you and I are one. Our hearts are like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. When you aren't by my side I see nothing but darkness. You are the light in my eyes."


9. Chapter 9: What's going on?

Roxie's POV:

I flickered my eyes open and groaned in pain. I felt a cool air blowing on me, so I gently sat up to see a fan pointed towards me. As I looked around the room I noticed Luke was laying on the floor next to the couch, and Ashton was asleep in the chair. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest when the door opened.
 "She's awake!" Michael cheered running to my side stepping on Luke in the process.
 Luke sat up groaning in pain causing me to giggle a bit but that's when I felt the pain again. Slowly I lifted up my shirt revealing a large black and blue bruise. I traced my finger over it and groaned in pain.
 "Hey take it easy Roxie." Calum said frowning at me.
 "How long have I been out?" I question as my throat burned from being so dry. I think Luke noticed my discomfort because he went to the kitchen and brought me back something to drink. I smiled softly at him as I took a drink, it felt like it was the first time I've had something to drink in forever.
 "Three days." Michael said sitting down next to me.
 "That long?" I gasped.

"Yeah we were starting to get worried about you!" Calum frowned.

"I'm sorry.." I muttered staring at the glass in my hands.

"Don't be sorry!" Luke yelled startling me a bit. "If it wasn't for you I would be in the hospital right now!"

"Speaking of which.." Ashton mumbled.

"What?" I looked at him nervously.

"Well I don't want to worry you but.." He coughed nervously.

"Zayn has gone missing.." Michael finished.

"What?!" I jumped up in a hurry, that was a bad mistake because my legs quickly gave out.

"Easy Rox!" Luke said catching me.

"Take me to him!" I muttered.

"What!?" They all looked at me worriedly.

"Take me to Louis now!" I yelled.

"I can't go back…" Luke backed away from me nervously.

"I'll take her." Ashton said helping me back to my feet.

"We will go look and ask around for Zayn." Calum said.


The drive back to the mansion was very quiet and very nerve wrecking. Within the last few days snow had fallen, covering the ground with a white blanket. As we pulled up to mansion, my heart started sinking into my chest.

"Are you sure about this?" Ashton asked putting the car in park.

"No." I looked at him and softly smiled. "But I'm never sure of things anymore."

As we started walking up to the door my heart started racing even more, and the pain in my stomach was growing as well.

"What are you doing here?" My heart dropped as I looked up to see Liam looking at me nervously.

"Why are you here Liam?" Ashton asked changing the subject.

"This place is in a panic." Liam stated leaning against the door frame.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"The only ones here right now are Niall and I." He sighed.

"Where's Louis and the ass?" I winced from the pain.

"I have no clue that's why I am here."

"I will bet that wherever they are, is the same place where Zayn is at." Ashton said.

"What are you talking about?" Liam looked at him with an irritating glare.

"Haven't you heard?" I gasped.

"Heard what?"

"Zayn isn't anywhere to be known." Ashton sighed.

"Why would that have anything to do with Harry and Louis?"

"Because Zayn was the only one in this damn place that was nice to me!" I growled.

"And the last person that defended her, well…" Ashton began.

"Can't set foot on this property without fear that his life is in danger." I glared crossing my arms, which wasn't the best idea to do because the pain in my stomach surged again.

"Why are you making that face?" Liam asked worriedly stepping towards me.

"N-nothing…" I muttered nervously taking a step backwards, but he wrapped his arm around my back pulling me closer to him. That's when Ashton grabbed the bottom of my shirt and lifted it just enough to show off the bruise.

"What the hell?!" Liam yelled stepping back from me. "How did that happen!?"

"Harry went to hit Luke with a bat, and well…" I began scratching the back of my head.

"She jumped in front of him taking the hit for him." Ashton finished.

"Roxie?" The soft femine voice made my heartache even more. I peered past Liam into the house to see Tess standing there in a long slim fitting dress. It showed off all of her curves in just the right way, so Harry had to of picked it out for her.

"What's going on?" She asked breaking my thoughts, she was now standing next to Liam.

"They are part of the search party." Liam said staring straight at me.

"What? Why?" Tess asked putting her right hand on her hip.

"Because I work for Louis." Ashton stated.

"Oh. But why are you part of it Roxie?" Her voice was starting to get less and less friendly.

"I uhm.." I stared at my feet.

"She's looking for Zayn." Liam finished for me.

"Oh." Her voice was cold now. I looked up to see her walking back towards some of the other girls in the house.

"I don't trust her." Ashton blurted out.

"Good to know that I am not the only one." Liam sighed.

"Has she been spending time with Harry lately?" I asked changing the subject. "I mean before they disappeared."

"I don't know, hold on." Liam said before turning back inside, at first I wasn't sure what he was gonna do, and then. "Niall come here."

Niall, the last time I really saw him, he was getting his dick sucked by one of the sluts inside the house. He was pretty shitty with me when I ruined his fun by telling Zayn and Lou.

"Roxie?" He looked at me all wide eyed, with those bright baby blues.

"Hi…" I mumbled.

"Before they disappeared, were Harry and Tess spending a lot of time together?" Liam asked.

"Hm." Niall looked at me with his bright blue eyes. "Now that you mentioned it, yeah they have been. I don't think Lou has really noticed though, or at least cared."

"Why?" Ashton asked before I could even get the words out of my mouth.

"Honestly I think his mind might have been on you, Roxie." Niall smirked a bit at me.

"M-me?" I muttered.

"Do you have any idea where he, or they might be?" Ashton asked.

"The mountain villa." Niall yawned and started walking back inside.

"You knew where they were?!" Liam yelled before storming after him.

"Well I guess that's our que." Ashton laughed walking back towards the car. I shut the door and hurried behind him.

"What if us showing up will make things worse?" I asked.

"We won't know if we don't try." He explained starting the car.

"I don't like it when you're right." I groaned causing him to laugh.

The phone starting ringing which made me jump out of my skin. I turned to Ashton who looked down at it but didn't answer it. Part of me wanted to ask him who it was, but another part of me thought it would be best not to. So the ride up the mountain was a very quiet one. When we got there it seemed to be dead silent. As if there hadn't been anyone there in years.

"He sent us on a wild goose chase!" Ashton groaned punching the wheel.

"Maybe not." I said opening the car door.

"Where are you going Roxie?!" He yelled following me.

"Don't you see the smoke?" I asked walking into the villa.

"What?" He questioned.

"There was smoke coming from the chimney." I stated looking around for any sight of someone. Sure enough when we turned the corner to the lodge area the fireplace was lite. As I stepped closer I noticed someone was sitting in one of the chairs that were facing the fire.

"Who are you?" His voice made my heart start fluttering like the first time he kissed me. Taken back by his voice I stopped in my tracks holding my chest.

"Lou?" Ashton said stepping in front of me. The sound of his name was enough to make him stand up and look at us.

"Ashton?" He questioned then looked at me. "Roxie?"

"So maybe it wasn't a goose chase after all." Ashton sighed shaking his head smiling a bit.

"What are you guys doing here?" Lou asked looking straight at me ignoring Ashton's comment.

"We came here to find you, and hoping to find the others." Ashton answered.

"The others?" His eyes broke away from mine.

"Harry and Zayn."

"Why would they be here?" Lou looked back at me with annoyance in his voice.

"Harry is your best friend, so." I stated crossing my arms.

"Ha." He rolled his eyes smirking a bit.

"Why are you here Lou?" Ashton said breaking the tension between us.

"I came here to get away." He sighed walking towards us rubbing his temple.

"And you didn't bring your girlfriend?" I sassed.

"Are you jealous?" He smirked.

"As if." I rolled my eyes looking away from him I felt myself blush a bit.

"I bet the only reason you came up here was to see if your little boyfriend was chained up somewhere." Lou stated coldly in front of me.

"He's not my boyfriend, and yes I did come up here to see if he was chained up or something." I looked back meeting his glare full on.

"Ha." He laughed coldly.

"But if you recall that's because you had Luke tied up while your friend took shots at him!" I growled.

"I had nothing to do with that." He looked me dead in the eyes, his blue eyes were so cold.

"Ah shit." We both turned our heads to see Ashton standing by the window.

"What?" I asked walking towards him, but quickly noticed what the shit was about.

"You guys didn't see the news report I'm taking it?" Lou laughed.

"This isn't funny Lou." Ashton sighed. "Where's the phone so I can touch base with the others."

"In the kitchen, down the hall to the right." Lou said walking back towards the fireplace. Ashton walked out of the room leaving us alone, for the first time since before Tess showed up.

"Lift up your shirt." He said staring at the fire.

"W-what?" I choked out nervously.

"You heard me." He said turning around walking towards me. I stood there frozen, like I was just turned into a statue. The only thing I felt moving was my heart. When he got like an inch away from me he stopped and stared at me. That's when I felt my  hands slowly lift up the bottom of my shirt, and for the second time today I revealed the dark bruises aligning my stomach. Gently he traced his finger along the dark spots causing me to wince in pain.

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