Fall For You [L.T.]

"Do you believe in soulmates?" I asked playing with a ring on my index finger. I looked up to meet his blue eyes staring at me. He inhaled some smoke from the cigarette he was smoking before blowing it out. "I believe that if two people are meant to be together then some how they will keep finding their way back to each other." He said as snow started to drizzle down. He wrapped his scarf around me before kissing my lips ever so gently. "That's why I believe that you and I are one. Our hearts are like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. When you aren't by my side I see nothing but darkness. You are the light in my eyes."


5. Chapter 5: Broken

Roxie’s POV:


I sat on the counter as Tess sunk down in the bathtub. There were bruises on her arms and her legs. So many questions filled my mind but I didn’t want to bother her with them right now. I jumped down from the counter causing her to jump.


“It’s okay I’m not going to hurt you.” I reassured her before walking out of the bathroom. I shut the door and fell to the floor when I noticed the blood stains on the carpet.


“Rox?” I turned my head to see Zayn walking in from the balcony. He looked around the room and anger filled his eyes. “Did someone touch you?!”


“No!” I said jumping up and putting my hand over his mouth. “Don’t raise your voice you’ll scare her.”


“Her?” He whispered pulling my hand away from his lips. I nodded before pulling him over to the bathroom door. I opened it up a crack so he could peer in to see her. “Who’s she?”


“Her name is Tess.” I whispered shutting the door quietly. “I found her tied up on my bed.”


“I’m going to find out who brought her here.” He stated and I nodded. “I’ll send one of the maids to clean up the blood, does she need a nurse or something?”


“I’ll take care of her.” I smiled and reassured him. After he left the room I dug into the closet to find something that would fit her small self. Once I found some sweat pants, and a hoodie I headed back into the bathroom. She was out of the water, which was a shade of dirty red now. She was sitting on the toilet staring at her hands. “I got you some clothes.” I held them towards her and she weakly smiled at me. Once she was dressed we walked back out to the bedroom to find the maid cleaning up the blood while cursing the boys’ existences. She didn’t once look up at us as we walked out to the balcony. Tess quickly went to the railing and looked down at the garden. A smile appeared on her pale face.


“Can we go down there?” She asked.


“I can see.” I smiled softly at her.


“You can see what?” I turned my head to see Zayn. She quickly ran behind me and hid.


“Tess wants to go to the garden.” I said.


“Then lets go.” He smiled at us both which made the nervous Tess slowly come out from behind me. We followed him down the stairs towards the garden. The other girls were whispering and glaring majorly at us. Tess clung to my arm as we headed outside. The garden was even more beautiful closer up. Tess let go of my arm and walked ahead of us admiring the flowers.


“Harry brought her.” Zayn whispered to me.


“What?!” I whispered annoyedly.


“Yeah apparently he wanted to give Lou an apology gift.”


“That’s just sick.”


“Yeah tell me about it.” He sighed lighting up a cigarette.


“Like I have said before, the way you smoke those thin-” I began.


“I know I know they’re gonna kill me.” He chuckled.


“She’s right you know.” We turned around to see Lou stand there with a rose in his hand. He walked past us up to Tess. “I heard that we had a visitor.” He handed her the flower before kissing her hand causing her to blush. I bite my lip a bit a annoyedly. “What’s your name beautiful?”


“T-Tess..” She muttered.


“It’s nice to meet you Tess.” He pecked her cheek causing me to bite my lip harder. “Let me show you around.” He held out his arm and she wrapped her small arms around it. They walked away from us.


“You’re bleeding.” Zayn said.


“What?” I mumbled before tracing my lip with my finger. When I looked at my finger I saw the blood, I guess I bite my lip a little too hard. I sighed trying to whip the blood away.


“Are you okay?” He asked.


“Peachy.” I grumbled.


“Sounds like it.” He chuckled.


“I get slapped and she gets kissed on the cheek! What the hell is that!” I growled.


“Don’t ask me.” He shrugged.


“I want to go home. I’m so done with this place.” I said as I stormed back towards the house.


“Wait what?!” Zayn yelled following me.


“You picked the wrong girl Zayn! I’m not the one you were looking for, Tess was!” I shouted.


“I don’t believe that!” He said pulling me by the arm back towards him.


“You saw the way he acted with her!” I yelled.


“You’re different though…”


“No I’m not!” I argued. “Just let me go home.”


“I can’t.”

“Why not?!” I cried. He didn’t say anything instead he just pressed his lips against mine causing fireworks to be lit inside my heart. When he pulled away I heard a low laugh that startled me. I turned my head and my heart dropped. I wanted to throw up. He stood there with a devious smirk glued to his lips and a camera in his hands. Everything seemed like it was falling down the drain.

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