Fall For You [L.T.]

"Do you believe in soulmates?" I asked playing with a ring on my index finger. I looked up to meet his blue eyes staring at me. He inhaled some smoke from the cigarette he was smoking before blowing it out. "I believe that if two people are meant to be together then some how they will keep finding their way back to each other." He said as snow started to drizzle down. He wrapped his scarf around me before kissing my lips ever so gently. "That's why I believe that you and I are one. Our hearts are like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. When you aren't by my side I see nothing but darkness. You are the light in my eyes."


4. Chapter 4: Who?

Roxie’s POV:


I woke up to the sound of silence. I know it may sound weird but this place is filled with people, so it being silent is weird. I changed into some clean clothes before going into the bathroom and curling my hair. After I was done I decided to wander the halls in search for why it was so silent. That’s when I saw some blonde girl on her knees in front of Niall. He hand his hand on the back of her head as it went back and forth. I felt like I was going to throw up. I quickly ran to that big open room that I have gotten so used to the last few days. Zayn and Lou were in there each smoking their own cigarette talking about something. When they saw me they turned around smiling softly.


“Is something wrong Roxie? You look sick.” Lou said walking towards me. He rested one of his hands on my forehead and the other on my waist.


“Did you see something?” Zayn asked and I nodded.


“What did you see?” Lou asked.


“Girl….knees...Niall…” That was all I could choke out of my throat that felt like it was on fire now. They looked at me with worried eyes.


“I’ll go take care of it.” Zayn said tossing his cigarette butt off the railing. He left Lou and I alone in the big beautiful room but it didn’t feel so big with him here. He pulled me over to the couch and pulled me down onto his lap. I felt nervous and awkward at first but the way he rubbed my back made me feel better. I ran my hand through his hair while staring into his deep blue eyes. I could see the pain, the hurt, and the love. I couldn’t stop myself from kissing him. When our lips locked together I felt something I have never felt before. It felt magical. His hand travelled under my shirt causing shivers to travel along with his touch. When the door open my heart almost broke out of my chest. I turned my head to see Harry standing there angrily.


“What the hell is this?” He snapped.


“Harry you need to leave.” Lou said gently pushing me off his lap as he stood up.


“You throw me out because you’re shagging that whore?!” He screamed causing fear to take over my body.


“I said leave.”


“No you know what fuck you!” He screamed again. “After everything I have done for you, you toss me aside because some whore told you some crap that isn’t true!”


“It was true.” He sighed rubbing his temple. “Now leave.”


“Go to hell.” He screamed again before storming out of the room slamming the door behind him. Lou turned back to me with sad eyes.


“Sorry about that.” He sighed.


“No it’s alright.” I smiled softly trying to hide the fear that was lingering in my body.


“No it’s not, he touched you.” He yelled. I jolted back with fear and he quickly stepped back. “Sorry I didn’t mean to yell.”


“He’s….your friend though…” I muttered.


“Some friend.” He sighed pulling me back to his arms. I rested my head against his chest listening to his heart beat. After a few seconds we were startled again but this time it was by Zayn and Niall arguing. They walked into the room shouting at each other.


“Listen no one wants to see you getting a blow job.” Zayn growled lighting up a cigarette.


“No one had a problem about it until that whore came here.” Niall growled.


I think I was starting to get used to being referred to a whore. I mean Harry would only refer to me as such, and now even Niall calls me it. I guess I had drifted off in my thoughts because the next thing I heard from their mouths was Louis yelling telling them both to shut up. Then he stormed out of the room with Niall following him like a little mutt. I sighed and leaned against the railing staring down at the beautiful garden.


“Are you okay?” Zayn asked walking over to me.


“Can I have one of those?” I asked pointing at his cigarette.


“I thought you said they were going to kill me?” He chuckled handing me a cigerette.


“Oh they are.” I smirked letting him light it.


“So it seems like you two are getting along..” He said taking a puff of the cigarette.


“Yeah I guess so.” I said taking a puff the cigarette.


“That’s nice…”


“Why are you jealous?” I teased.


“Now why would I be jealous?” He turned to me smirking.


“Good point.” I smiled at him putting out the cigarette. I started walking towards the door but then a thought emerged to my mind. Something that I forgot that night they have kidnapped me. Something I remember barely. I turned around to see him staring at me with his puppy brown eyes. A smirk lingered on his lips. It was that moment that I decided not to bring up my thought. It wasn’t important. I mean it might not even be right. I pushed the thought away and walked back to my bedroom to find another girl handcuffed to the bed. I wanted to scream, but my first instinct was to help her. I undid the handcuffs to see her cheeks smudged with eyeliner. She must have been crying. I used a tissue to wipe away the mess.


“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Tess.” She muttered.

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