Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


44. Who cares about chapter names :P

Hayley's P.O.V

I step off the plane and call mum. "Darling! How are you?" Mum asks. "I'm home" I state. "I'll be right there" she yells. I chuckle and hang up. 

Mum's car pulls up beside me. I put my bags in the boot and climb into the passenger seat. "Hey mum" I grin giving my mum a hug. "I've missed you, so what happened?" Mum asks driving towards home. 

"Our mini family got into a fight so we're all taking a break" I say. Mum rubs my back but keeps her eyes on the road. "Don't worry honney it'll get better" mum promises. "Are Zayn and you still dating?" Mum asks. I shake my head.

"All the boys are single now, including your son" I smile. Mum sighs and parks the car. "The girls don't know your home" mum sighs. "Where are they?" I ask. "With their father" mum sighs. "I want my baby girls home" mum sighs. "We'll get them back" I grin. 

"Where are you going?" She asks as I hand her the keys. "We're going to dads" mum looks unsure but nods and gets back in the car.

I brush my hair with my fingers and tie it into a fishtail braid. Mum pulls into the driveway and I hop out.

I blow mum a kiss and knock on dad's door. The door flies open and there stands Lottie talking on the phone. 

"GOTTA GO BYE!" Lottie screams and drops the phone. "HAILS!" She screams excitedly. "LOTTIE!" I scream back. She hugs me tightly. "Why aren't you with the boys?" Lottie asks me. "We had a fight" I sigh. "Talk about that later, hang on" Lottie grins.

"FIZZY! DAISY! PHEBES! HAILS IS AT THE DOOR!" Lottie screams out. "HAILS!" Fizzy, Daisy and Phebes scream sprinting down the stairs. 

I open my arms ready for a hug. Daisy hugs me first, then Phebes then Fizzy. "Where's dad?" I ask. "He went out" Lottie rolls her eyes. I smile and take Daisy and Phebes by the hand.

"Get your bags, we're going back to mums" I grin. "Yey" Fizzy grins and her and Lottie run off to their rooms. 

"We're ready" Lottie grins handing Daisy and Phebes their bags. I close the door behind me and put the girls bags in the boot.

The girls all hug mum and we drive off before dad could come home and stop us. 

"Can we get Starbucks? please" Fizzy begs. "I don't know I mean" mum trails off. "Please" Lottie and I join in. "Please" Daisy and Phebes beg.

"Please" we all beg trying our best to do puppy eyes. "Fine" mum sighs pulling into a parking space. Lottie and I high five and get out the car. 

I hold Phebes' hand and we skip into Starbucks. "Hey Phoebe, hello Hayley" Brandon, Lottie's boyfriend smiles shyly. "Hey Brandon" Phebes and I say together. "Is Louis back as well?" Brandon asks. I shake my head. "How's school?" I ask. "Good" he smiles.

Brandon and Lottie have been dating for a year and three months now. The Tomlinson house see a lot of Brandon, mum treats him like her own son. He used to be really shy around us, he wouldn't say a word around us but now he yells at us. It's really funny when he's yelling, he never really yells at us though, if you know what I mean. 

He is really shy and cute. He is a lot taller than me though. I have to look up at him to talk to him. He is a lot younger than he looks. He looks sixteen but he's actually thirteen (a year older than Lottie, let's just say she's in year seven now XD) I treat him like the little brother I never had, I have four younger sisters and an older brother so therefore he is the little brother I never had, it makes sense, trust me.

"I heard you're becoming a big and famous actress" Brandon smiles. "Not really" I chuckle. "Well when you become the famousest actress in the world don't you forget about little old Doncaster" Brandon grins. "I could never! How dare you suggest such a thing!" I yell. Brandon laughs.

"Is famousest even a word?" I laugh. "Probably not" Brandon laughs. "I have to go, I'll see you around" Brandon smiles. "Yep, bye Brandon" I grin. We hug and he runs over to his friends. He turns and waves at me one last time. I wave back and join my family.

"Where were you?" Mum asks me. "I was talking to Brandon" I say. Lottie grins and I order my drink. "White hot chocolate" I say. The person nods and types stuff into the computer thing. We sit at a table and wait for mum to come over with our drinks.

"I'll go help mum" I say standing up. I walk over to mum. She smiles at me. "I'm going to the bathroom, I'll be back in a minute" Mum kisses my forehead and walks towards the bathrooms. I get my phone out and read the text I got.

'Hey baby gurl!! I miss you :'( See you soon xx <3 :* - Lou'

'Miss you too :'( What do you mean? <3 xx :* - Hails'

I chuckle to myself. My brother is an idiot sometimes, okay scratch that, most times. 

"Johanna" the cashier calls out. I walk up to the counter and take everyones drinks on a tray. "Thank you" I smile and walk over to the table. 

Mum comes over to our table and sits down besides Daisy. "Your father is coming to pick you four up as it's still his weekend" mum rolls her eyes. Lottie and Fizzy groan. "But it's so boring there" Fizzy complains.

"Yeah, all we do is watch TV and call people" Lottie adds. "Dad won't let us go out" Fizzy says. "And he only pays attention to Daisy and Phoebe claiming that they need more attention" Lottie rolls her eyes. 

"And we can look after ourselves" Daisy pipes in. "Or Lottie and Fizzy can look after us" Phebes adds. "And I just came home" I add. 

"I'm sorry girls, I would love for you to come home but your father wants you at his house" Mum sighs. "Am I going?" I ask. Mum shakes her head. "He said four was enough" mum rolls her eyes. "And that's him now, come on girls" mum says standing up.

"Bye girls, I'll pick you up in the morning if I can" I say. Lottie and Fizzy nod. The girls all hug me and go out to see my dad. I sit back down and sip my drink. My phone rings. I pick it up.

"Are you coming out to go home?" Mum asks me. "Nah, I'm going to walk home" I say. "Okay, sweetie, don't do anything stupid, love you" she says and hangs up. "Love you too" I mumble and go on twitter.

I scroll through my newsfeed and see Perrie's private message to me.

'Hello, it's Perrie, Zayn's sister :) I was wondering if I could have your number, I need some advice :) Bye x'

'Hey Perrie :) Sure it's ********** talk soon :) bye x'

I log out of twitter and play a game on my phone. "Is this seat taken?" A guy asks pointing to the empty seats around me. I shake my head and move my bag over. 

"Great! GUYS! We have seats!" The boy grins. Four other guys and four girls jog over to us. Wait a minute, they're my boys and girls.

"What's your name?" Harry asks me. "Hayley and yours?" I ask. 

"I'm Sam, that's Gary, Sally, Mary, Christine, Sandra, Lewis, Fred and George" 'Sam' smiles. This will make it easier for everyone. Sam=Liam, Gary=Zayn, Sally=Angela, Mary=Pancake, Christine=Kelloggs, Sandra=Emy, Lewis=Niall, Fred=Louis and George=Harry. 

I think Louis should have been Lewis but it wasn't my choice. "It's a bit squishy" 'Fred' chuckles. "Actually, I was just leaving, bye" I say and stand up. "Oh and next time" I pause looking back at them. "Get better disguises" I say and walk out with my drink.

I quickly run back inside. "That belongs to me" I say taking my phone off of 'George'. I slide my phone into my pocket and walk out. 

There is no way I am forgiving them that easily! I don't really know what happened but I think it was bad. If I am forgiving them, they need a good explanation and they need one fast! Louis I'm fine with, he's my brother, I live for him, so being angry with him is impossible but the others I shall be angry with for a bit. 

Just a bit. 

I run straight into a tree. I fall onto my bum. I groan and stand up. I dust the dirt off of me and keep walking.

"Get in the car" Niall says pocking his head out of the window. "I'm good thanks" I smile and keep walking. "Get in the car" Niall says sternly. "I told you, I'm good" I roll my eyes and pick up my pace. The guys follow me in the car. 

I sigh and run out onto the road. Mum will kill me for not looking. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Liam shrieks. I wave funnily and jog into my house. "Louis' home" I call out. "Where?" Mum asks. "Outside" I smile. 

Mum runs outside yelling out about Louis being home.

I go to my room and slam the door shut. I sit down on my bed couch thing, I made this when Liam came home with Lou and I. That was a fun time. I grab my laptop and log into my account.

Thmps comes and jumps on my lap. I stroke her while playing on my laptop. 

"Knock knock" Liams voice says quietly from outside. I sigh and get up. I open the door. "Can I help you?" I ask. Liam nods and comes into my room. I close the door and take my seat again.

"I'm sorry" Liam sighs. "I don't really know what I did but I'm sorry" Liam says. I stand up and hug him. "I'm sorry aswell" I say. "Are we good?" Liam asks. I nod and sit back down. "Want to sit with me?" I ask. Liam nods and sits down beside me. 

"Dinner's ready!" Mum calls out. Liam and I stand up and walk into the kitchen. "Dining room table now" mum instructs. Liam obeys her. 

"I'll help you" I smile. "Thank you" she smiles plating up. "So mum" I say dragging out the um. 

"No you cannot eat in your room" mum says. I sigh but nod. "Good girl" she kisses my forehead. "I know you don't want to face them but you must" mum hugs me and picks up five plates. I grab the other six and we take the plates into the dining room.

I go back into the kitchen and get everyone drinks. Mum and I take the drinks to everyone and sit down.

"Let us say grace" mum smiles. She grabs Lou's hand and my hand. Everybody holds hands. I slowly lift my hand up to hold Zayn's. 

We close our eyes. "Dear Lord" Lou starts. "We thank you for our daily" I say. "Bread" mum says. "We thank you" Lou says. "For all the words we said" I say. "We thank you for our friends" mum says. "Family" Lou says. "And strangers" I say. "Amen" we say together.

"Amen" everybody else says. Mum squeases my hand. I open my eyes and take my hand away from mums. 

I awkwardly take my hand away from Zayns. "This is delicious" Niall grins stuffing his face with food. "Normally Louis eats like a pig, why the change?" Angela chuckles. "In our house we use our table manners" mum explains looking at Niall.

Lou and I snicker. "Quiet you two" mum says flicking our shoulders. "Ow" Lou complains. "I thought we used our table manners" I say sassily. "Just like your brother" mum mutters shaking her head. I grin and high five Lou behind mums back. Lou winks at me. I wink back.

"That was really good mum, I'm going to bed" I say standing up. Mum looks at me. I quickly sit down. "May I be excused?" I ask. "You're excused" mum says. "Thanks mum, goodnight" I kis her cheek and hug Lou.

"Night Lou" I say quietly. "Night Hails, sleep well" he hugs me and lets me go. "Night" I mumble to everyone else and place my plate in the dishwasher. I go up to my room and fall asleep next to Thmps.


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