Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


40. Weeks away

Zayn's P.O.V

"OH HOW I MISS MY MY DEAREST SISTER!" Lou sings loudly and terribly. "MY EARS!" Harry screams out. "SHE HAS GONE TO AMERICA TO FULFILL HER DREAMS!" Lou screams.


"Just go with it cast-" I cut the TV off. "BOYS! GIRLS! THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT HAYLEY!" I scream out. Heavy footsteps thump their way to the longue room. Everyone bunks on the couch.

I press play and we listen to the TV.

"Were interviewed on the red carpet" the TV host smiles. It shows pictures of the Just go with it cast.

Hayley's hair is so different! 

"We caught up with Adam Sandler and Hayley Tomlinson" An interviewer smiles. 

"Hello" the interviewer smiles. "Hey" Adam Sandler waves. "Hello" Hayley grins. "Adam, Hayley" the interviewer nods at them. "What was his name again?" Hayley hisses to Adam Sandler. "I have no idea" Adam hisses back.

"Chris" the interviewer says. "How was the cast on Just go with it?" Chris asks. "Funniest people I have ever met and acted with" Adam says raising his hands. "Hands down the funniest comedians in history" Hayley says. "So we're not the funniest people you've ever met?" Adam asks turning to Hayley.

"Obviously not" Hayley snorts. "My boys and girls back home are funnier than you" Hayley smiles. "They might be watching this, okay, I LOVE YOU GUYS BACK HOME! I hope you're watching this, otherwise this will be embarrassing" Hayley mumbles.

I chuckle and grin. "What was it like acting with mega actors?" Chris asks. "At first I couldn't speak to Adam, Bailee and Jennifer but after about ten minutes I was over my massive fangirl attack" Hayley smiles. "What was it like acting with Hayley?" Chris asks Adam.

"It was amazing! Her and her cat are the funniest! And overhearing her conversations with her girls back home is really entertaining" Adam chuckles. Hayley nods knowingly. 

"What happened to your hair? It used to be brown didn't it?" Chris asks Hayley. "I had to die it blonde and wear really high heels because I had to be tall-" "When we weren't moving Hayley had to stand on a box to be the same height as me" Adam snickers. 

"Anyways, but it does wash out, thank God, I nearly cried when my hair changed colour" Hayley chuckles. Adam and Chris nod.

"And I nearly kept getting punched in the face" Adam glares at Hayley. "That was your fault for telling me the same blonde jokes that got really annoying" Hayley glares at Adam. He pokes his tongue out at Hayley.

"One thing your boyfriend wanted me to ask was did you and Adam actually kiss?" Chris asks. I never asked him to ask her that!

"No we didn't, and he didn't ask you to ask me that" Hayley smirks. "And you know this how?" Chris challenges. "Because he asked me himself" Hayley smirks. "Oh, well that's all for today, thank you for being here" Chris says quickly. 

"Thank you for having us" Adam and Hayley smile. Hayley and Adam smile and walk off. 

"OH HOW I MISS MY DEAREST SISTER!" Louis starts singing again. Dear God, please help us. 

"I CAN'T! I JUST CAN'T!" Angela screams walking off. "ANGELA COME BACK!" Lou screams chasing after her. "YOU'RE WELCOME GUYS!" Angela yells to us. I chuckle.

Wow, I am major seventh wheeling! Pancake and Niall, Harry and Kelloggs, Liam and Emy and me. 

Angela and Louis went off which leaves me sitting by myself. All alone. I might turn into Louis and start singing about missing Hayley. She's been away for three weeks! We get to see her in a week though! I can't wait! It's too far away!

I grab my phone.

'Hello XD We saw your interview :) I am major seventh wheeling :( Wish you were here with me <3 xxx - Zaynie<3'

'Hey babe XD I'm glad :) Poor you! I am eating XD Wish I was with you <3 xxx - Hails<3'

'Mm, food, I shall get food XD oh Ni is calling me, see you later aligator <3 xxx - Zaynie<3'

I turn my phone off and follow Ni into the kitchen. "Help me make food" Ni grins. "Yeah, I'm out, sorry Ni" I pat his head. "Girls! Ni needs help in the kitchen" I tell them. The girls leave the boys and run into the kitchen. I chuckle and watch the football (soccer) with Liam and Harry.

"COME ON ENGLAND!" we yell. 

One week until I see my beautiful girlfriend. One week.



The two winners are....drumroll please....

dobbie1234 and lil_horan2


Dobbie1234 was the first one to answer but lil_horan2 was the most direct answer (does that make sense?) 

lil_horan2 here is your photo :)

I thought this puppy was cute :D

Question: In chapter nine (graduation) what were Hayley's and the boys nicknames?

Bye bye Pinapples<3<3<3 

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