Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


35. Trapped


M VERY UPSET AT THE MOMENT! So my house has ran out of yogurt topped musile bars. This is a very tadgic situation, so my best friend is buying me a whole box of them, I love her<3 Okay anyways, read on my pinapples<3

Zayn's P.O.V

Hayley and I sit in the back of the car together, well this car ride isn't awakward at all, note the sarcasum.

"Hayley!" Harry yells hugging her. "Someones happy" she chuckles. "Yeah, yeah, go see Lou, he's in Zayn's room" Harry says pushing Hayley towards my room. She laughs and skips off.

"Lou wants to see you too" Harry hugs me. I nod and follow Hayley into my room. "Lou?" I question.

"Suckers!" Lou yells slaming the door closed. I groan and fall onto my bed. "I'll tell mum" Hayley yells banging on the door loudly. 

"Sweetie" Lou pauses. "I'm eighteen, not five" Lou says with attitude. "You sure act five" Hayley yells with attitude. "Well at least I made it" Lou says. Hayley covers her mouth with her hand and slides down the door.

She puts her head in her hands. I get off my bed and sit next to her. I rub her back soothingly.

"I didn't mean that! I'm so sorry! Please forgive me" Lou pleads. "I forgive you" Hayley smiles resting her head on the door.

"Well goodbye my lovelies, I put your musile bars on the couch and you're not coming out until you sort everything out, love you" Lou says. His footsteps fade away.

Hayley groans and goes over to the couch. "My laptop! And Thmps!" Hayley grins kissing Thmps' head. 

She goes on her laptop with Thmps laying on her lap. "Die! Die! Die! Die! No not you!" Hayley yells at her laptop. I chuckle and scroll through twitter.

'@LittleTommo1: Help meeeeeeeeee, I hate you -_- @LouisTomlinson'

'@LouisTomlinson: Love you too sweetie <3 xx @LittleTommo1'

'@NiallHoran: Stop posting annoying statuses, it's filling up my notifications -_- @LouisTomlinson @LittleTommo1'

'@Perrie_Edwards_Offical: @Zayn.Malik When are you coming home? I'm annoyed -_-'


'@Zayn.Malik: @Perrie_Edwards_Offical I'm sorry, don't be annoyed :)'

I log off of twitter and jump onto my bed. I grab a packet of chips and turn the TV on.

"Come on England" Hayley cheers watching her laptop. "What are you watching?" I ask. "The world cup" she says. I nod. "Wanna watch it on the TV?" I ask. "Sure" she says and closes her laptop. 

I flick the channel to the right side and we watch the world cup together. 

'England 3 - Spain 1'

"Come on England" Hayley cheers England on. We get a goal and Hayley does a victory dance. I grin.

Hayley sits next to me on my bed and leans forward. "Come on, come on, come, on" she mutters. "No!" We yell together. 

We watch the rest of the world cup together.

"And the winner is England, five to three" the presenter smiles. 

"Yes!" Hayley and I yell together. We hug and I spin her around. We calm down and step away from each other awkwardly. 

"Well, I'll just go over there" Hayley says awkwardly. I sigh. We had a moment, I thought she would come back to me, I guess not.

"Can we please let them out? Hayley and I need to do an episode of the Liam and Hayley show" we hear Liam say. "Not until they get back together" Pancake says. 

"They're not getting back together Pancake" Niall says. "And why not?" Pancake sasses. She must have learnt from Lou and Hayley.

"Because Hayley was heart broken! She stayed with my mum in England! She came back and to be honest I don't know why!" Niall yells. Hayley shakes her head. 

We listen to Pancake and Niall shout at each other.

"SHUT UP" Kelloggs yells over their shouting. They go quiet. Kelloggs swings the door open angrily and stomps into my room. She grabs Hayley by the shirt and grabs me by the shirt. 

She stomps back out. "Everyone to the couch" she orders. She drags us to the couch and sits us in a chair together. She sits Liam and Emy together, Lou and Angela together, Niall and Pancake together and puts Harry in a chair.

She stands in front of us all and glares at us. 

"I have had enough of this conflict" Kelloggs starts. "I have had enough! Pancake and Niall, you two are arguing over two people getting together again!" Kelloggs hits them both on the head lightly. 

"Zayn and Hayley!" Kelloggs turns to us. 

"Perrie is Zayn's little sister" she says. That's right. 

"But they have different last names" Hayley says quietly. "Yeah, I can't explain that" Kelloggs turns to me. "My mum adopted Perrie, she wanted to keep her last name, Edwards, so she did" I explain. 

"I can't promise the conflict will stop, it probably won't, but fighting over stupid things are stupid, anyways, you two, follow me" she grabs Hayley's hand and my hand and drags us back to my room. 

"Have fun my lovelies" she yells and skips off. "Why didn't we run?" Hayley asks. I shrug. 

"Well I have great news" she says sarcastically. "What's that?" I ask. "Harry has just informed me that we're not coming out until we sort things out and they won't give us food" she sighs. "I have an idea" I grin. 

"What is it then?" She asks. I grab my wallet and slide it into my pocket. "Follow me" I say and climb out my window. 

"This is dangerous" she shrieks. "Shh" I say. 

I make it to the ground and help Hayley down.  "Will we get in trouble?" Hayley asks walking into the servo. 

"Most probably" I smile. She grins and puts seven boxes of yogurt topped musile bars into the basket. I chuckle.


Kelloggs got angry!! :O Okay anyways, we watched Bridge to Terabithia in class yesterday and I cried :'( A little Zayley moment <3 Goodbye Pinapples <3 xx



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