Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


14. Tour

Haley's P.O.V

"You're absolutely crazy" Niall says. "And you've just realised this?" Louis asks. "Well" Niall trails off. "She's always been crazy" Lou says. "It's true" I grin. "Crazy at heart" I smile and run full speed towards Haz.

"What are you doing!?" He shrieks diving behind the couch for protection. I stop suddenly and shrug. "See! She's crazy!" Ni yells. "Do you have a problem with my craziness?" I ask walking up to Niall.

He gulps and shakes his head. "No sir" he says. "Good" I smile and walk to my bunk. "I'm scared for this tour" Ni says. "Me too" Liam agrees. "Me three" Haz adds. "And me" Zayn says. "There's two of them! We're dead!" Ni says. "We need weapons" Haz yells running past me. I chuckle.

This tour is going to be fun! I'm going on tour with my boys for some reason, not really sure why, but oh well. Kelloggs, Emy and Pancake have to stay in London though.

Emy has dance competitions, Pancake has photography and Kelloggs has university. I should have university but I'm having a gap year. 

"Hayley! I'm hungry" Lou whines. "And I care why?" I ask grumpily. "Don't be so grumpy" he says sassily. "You interupted my reading, obviously I'm going to be grumpy" I roll my eyes going back to my book. Louis sighs and walks off.

"Hayley, Louis is annoying me" Zayn complains. "I don't care" I roll my eyes. He sighs and walks off. "Hails, the boys are complaining" Liam sighs. "That's great" I say getting annoyed. "Hayley! I want a cat" Harry whines. "And I want quiet" I snap. 

"Hayley! I'm hungry and bored" Niall whines. "I DON'T CARE!" I yell at them all. "Louis, I don't care if you're hungry, get your lazy but up and feed yourself, Zayn, I don't care if Louis' is annoying you, Liam, you're complaining too, Harry, I want quiet, we don't all get what we want and Niall if you're hungry find yourself some food and entertain yourself. I am trying to read!" I yell and go back to my book.

"Sorry" the apologise and leave the room. Finally! Peace and quiet! Time to read! I smile and read my book. "Hayley, can we talk?" Zayn asks. "About what?" I ask not really paying attention.

"About us" he answers. I close my book and look Zayn straight in the eye. "There is no us" I say. "Please, I overreacted" Zayn begs me grabbing my hands. I snatch my hands away.

"No" I say. "You have to prove to me that you mean it" I add. Zayn nods and walks away. "Is bad that I feel bad?" I ask Kevin who happens to be sitting in front of me.

"Not at all" Kevin answers me. Wait, Kevin can't talk!

"Kevin?" I ask. "Yes Hayley" Kevin says. "Y-you can't talk" I say. "Well I am talking" Kevin says sassily. 

Wait, that's Louis. "You'll be sorry for that Lou" I chuckle evily and skip off to the kitchen with Kevin. 

"You'll be sleeping with me for a bit" I tell Kevin quietly. I put Kevin in my bed and hide him under my covers. "What are you doing?" Zayn asks me. I look back to see his cheeks tear stained. Do not break Hayley!

"Louis pretended Kevin was talking to me" I say. Zayn nods and goes back to his bunk. "Zayn" I grab his arm. He looks back with hope in his eyes. "I'm sorry" I say quietly. "No, I' sorry" Zayn says. 

"D-do you want to-" "HAYLEY WHERE IS KEVIN!?!?" Louis yells cutting me off. "I DON'T KNOW!" I yell back. "Please don't-" "I won't tell him" Zayn cuts me off. 

"Why is everyone cutting me off?" I cross my arms and jump onto the couch next to Niall and Haz. "Please save me" I say quietly. "Hide in my bunk, come on" Niall pulls me to his bunk. "Thanks Ni" I grin. He puts the covers over me and makes it look like I'm not there.

"I'll get you when he calms down, I'm coming!" He yells back to Haz. "Thank you" I say quietly. "Niall! Where is she!?" Louis yells. "I dunno" Niall says in a bored tone. I jump out of Niall's bunk landing with a soft and silent thud.

Louis has his back turned to me. I silently grab Kevin and tip toe to the lounge room. I put Kevin back to where he originally was and skip to the kitchen. I feel like a spy!

"Hey Hails!" Liam shouts happily. "Shhhh" I hiss. "Oh sorry" he whispers. "Hayley, you can't hide forever" Louis sings evily.

"I'm not hiding, what are you looking for anyway?" I ask pretending to not know anything. "Kevin and you" he says. "We are right here, we never moved" I say standing up. "B-but I saw you run" he protests.

"Lou, are you okay, and only Jimmy can protest" I say putting my hand on his forhead. "Y-you moved though" Lou says. I chuckle silently. "No I didn't, I think you need to sit down for a bit, I'll make you a coffee" I say and walk to the mini kitchen. 

I laugh and take Lou his coffee. 

"We're going out, bye" Haz sings hugging me. "Bye Haz, have fun" I chuckle. "Zayn and I are staying" Liam says joining me in the kitchen. I smile and hug Niall and Lou.

"Be safe" I call after them. "So, it's just you and I" I grin at Liam. "And Zayn" Liam adds. "Well he isn't in the kitchen" I say. Liam nods and hands me a recipe. "Can you please help me make this?" He asks. I nod and start making the brownies.

"Do you have a laptop?" Liam asks. I nod and hand him my laptop. "Let's do a twitcam" Liam smiles. I nod and wait for Liam to tell his fans we're doing a twitcam. I put it on my twitter as well.

'@LittleTommo1: @Real_Liam_Payne and I are doing a twitcam :) head on over to Liam's account to watch :) xx'

"Hello!" Liam and I yell together. "I'm Liam" Liam starts. "I'm Hayley and this is the Liam and Hayley show!" I grin waving my hands about dramatically.

"Thank you for joining us on this special day" Liam smiles. "The first day of One Direction's very first tour!" I finish off his sentence.

"We are making brownies and waiting for them to cook" Liam says. "So, let's answer some questions" I grin.

"Who is your celebraty crush?" Liam asks. "Leona Lewis" Liam smiles shyly. "Zayn Malik" I mumble. "What's that?" Liam teases me. "Next question" I say changing the subject. "When's your birthday?" 

"Twenty-ninth of August" Liam says weirdly. "Twenty-ninth December" I say matching Liam's strange accent.

"Favourite food?" I ask in an Australian accent. "Chocolate" Liam grins. "Frozen mango" I grin. Liam looks at me weirdly but carries on. "Favourite chocolate?" Liam asks. "White chocolate" I grin. "Dairy milk chocolate" Liam nods.

"What's it like hanging out with One Direction?" Liam asks me sounding like a news reporter. "It feels the same as hanging out with your best friends" I shrug.

"What would the boys be in school?" Liam asks me.

"Liam would be the sensible student leader keeping everyone in line, Zayn would be the quiet mysterious one in the corner, Louis would be the prankster and class clown making everyone laugh, which is what he did at school, Harry would be the guy at the back of the class not paying attention to the teacher dreaming about cats and Niall would be the sweet, bubbly, innocent kid who gets along with everyone" I smile. "And Hayley would be with Lou and Niall" Liam adds.

I nod and smile. "What are you two doing?" A sleepy Zayn asks rubbing his eyes. "We are talking to your beautiful fans" I answer.

"Hello beautiful fans" Zayn waves. "Our beautiful fans say hello Zayn" Liam smiles. Zayn sits down next to me.

"Brownies are ready!" Liam grins and skips off to the kitchen. "Well this is slightly awkward" I say awkwardly. 

"Let's prank call the boys" I grin. The comment bar fills up with yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!! I grab the tour bus phone and dial Louis' number. I put it on speaker.

"Hello" Lou answers. "Hello! Is this Mr Tomlinson?" I ask in a Thai accent. "It is, how can I help you?" Lou asks. "I was wondering if you would like a free milkshake?" I ask holding in my laughs. "No thanks" he says. "FINE! Live a milkshakeless life" I yell and hang up. Zayn and Liam burst out laughing.

"Okay, you are queen of prank calls" Liam grins. "Do you mean king?" I raise my eyebrows at him. Liam nods knowing he won't win this argument, good boy.

"Well, that is all from us today on the Liam and Hayley show" I start. "Join us next week for some more random stuff" "some more random questions" "some more special guests" "and some more baking updates" I say. "We'll see you next week" Liam and I say and end the twitcam.

"The Liam and Hayley show?" Zayn asks raising an eyebrow at me. "Put that eyebrow down" I demand. "Why?" Zayn teases. "Because I can't do it" I cross my arms. Zayn keeps doing it so I turn to Liam.

He raises an eyebrow at me. I gasp and hold my hand to my heart. "How could you" I scream. I take my laptop from him and go into my bunk.

Hehe, sorry Liam >:)

'@Real_Liam_Payne: @LittleTommo1 is the amazingest, wonderfullest, coolest, prettiest person I know <3 I am very mean for teasing her and raising my eyebrow at her. I am scared of spoons. Xxx <3'

'@LittleTommo1: Hehe, hacked LiLi's account >:) @Real_Liam_Payne that'll teach you for betraying me :* <3 xx'

I log off of twitter and log onto my e-mails.


I click on my new mail and read it.

'Dear Hayley,


Love from Kelloggs, Emy and Pancake <3'

'Dear my girls,


Love from Hails <3'

I log off my email and go back into the lounge room. "We're sorry" Liam and Zayn say at the same time. "IT'S OKAY" I yell and hug them both. They chuckle.

I sit down and we watch Mean Girls together. 

"On Wednesdays we wear pink" Liam and I say. "On Wednesdays we wear pink" Karen says on the TV.

"Stop saying the lines before the movie says it, it gets annoying" Zayn complains. Liam and I say Mean Girls quotes all through the movie which annoys Zayn greatly. Zayn shakes his head and sinks into the sofa.

I laugh and lay on the sofa with my feet on Zayn and my head on Liam. "I love Mean Girls" I yawn. "I love it when you two aren't quoting it every two seconds" Zayn rolls his eyes. Liam and I chuckle.




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