Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


18. Thmps

Zayn's P.O.V

"Every day I'm shuffling" Lou sings shuffling terribly. "This is terrible" Liam groans. "It's better than truth or dare" Haz sighs. "How did we even get this bored?" Ni groans.

*Three hours earlier*

"Is this safe?" Liam stresses. "What are you boys doing?" I ask. "We're making something,want to help?" Ni asks. "Sure, I have nothing better to do" I grin holding something in place.

We spend half an hour making our object, I don't even know what it is. 

"Where's my laptop?" Hayley yells storming into the room. "Uh, well you see, um, we were making something and we may have broken your laptop" Haz says hiding behind me. I step behind Lou and hide behind him.

"YOU WHAT?" Hayley yells. "We, uh-" "I know what you did I'm not an idiot! Why didn't you break yours?" Hayley yells. 

"We're sorry" Liam says. "Why are you yelling?" Paul asks coming into the room. "They broke my laptop" Hayley says narrowing her eyes at us. "She really loved that laptop" Lou sighs. 

"Hayley" Paul says calmly. "We're going out to calm you down, boys you stay here and clean up, hand over all your electronics" Paul says like we're little kids.

We give Paul all our electronics. "You will make your own entertainment, if we come back and anything is broken you will be in so much trouble" Paul says and leaves with an angry Hayley.

*Present time*

"Why are we so stupid?" Ni groans. "I'm making this right" Lou claims grabbing his keys. "We'll come, hang on I'll write a note" I say grabbing a pen and paper.

'Paul and Hayley,

We will be back soon xx

Love from Zaynie, Lou, Haz, Ni and Dad xx <3'

I lock the door behind us and we jump in Haz's car. "Where to?" Haz asks Lou. "The laptop store" Lou says. Haz drives to the store and Lou jumps out. Liam, Ni and Lou rush to the shop. 

They come back with a purple laptop. They put the bag in the boot. "To the pound" Lou says. Haz drives us to the pound. 

We jump out the car. "I'm looking for a cat" Lou says to the sales lady. "Right this way" the lady smiles. We enter into the cat enclosure.

"Cats, cats, cats" Ni chuckles. "Hey there little buddy" I smile. The cat hisses at me and runs off. 

I walk over to Lou. "Which one?" Haz asks joining us. "I think this one" Ni says stroking the one on Lou's lap. "Come on little buddy" Liam grins picking the cat up. 

We adopt the cat and drive back to the tour bus. "I love cats" Haz grins. "They're just so cute-" Haz starts. "And sometimes fluffy and I could be stuck in a room with cats and I wouldn't care" we chorus cutting Haz off.

"We get it Haz, you love cats, now stop saying the same thing every time someone brings the cat subject up" I say. "Fine" Haz crosses his arms but doesn't say anything more. Ni and Liam high five.

"Help me wrap this laptop?" Lou asks me. I nod and wrap the laptop. My mum taught me how to wrap a gift properly when I was younger.

"Thanks Zayn" Lou grins and skips off. 

"Let's write a card" Ni grins. Ni writes the card. "Sign it and draw something on the front" Ni instructs.

'Dear Hayley,

We're sorry for ruining your laptop, please forgive us? We hope you like your presents<3

Lot's of love from your favourite Irish man, BROTHER, Dad, BEST FRIEND and Boyfriend xoxoxo <3'

I start drawing Hayley's new cat. 

I finish drawing her cat and put her card in an envelope. "We never got cat stuff" Haz trails off. "I got it" Liam yells sprinting out the door.

"Make me a sandwich?" Ni asks. "Why can't you make it?" I ask. "Because I'm busy" Ni says stroking Hayley's cat. "Fine" I groan cutting two slices off bread.

I give Niall his sandwich. "Put this away! Paul and Hayley are back" Liam yells throwing cat stuff at me. Why is everyone getting me to do things for them?

I put the cat stuff in Hayley's bed and join the boys. 

"Why are you all looking at me weirdly?" Hayley asks closing the door.

"We're really sorry" Ni blurts out. Lou gives Hayley her new laptop. Hayley unwraps the gift.

"Oh my gosh! Thank you boys" she yells jumping onto Lou once she's read her card. She hugs everyone and comes over to me.

"I love you" she says and hugs me. "I love you too" I kiss her. 

"Meow" Hayley's cat meows. "What's that?" She asks. I walk over to her cat and pick her up.

Hayley's P.O.V

Zayn walks over to a cat and picks it up. I've always wanted a cat, I love them so much.

"We felt really bad" Haz starts. "So we bought you a cat" Zayn smiles. "From the pound" Lou adds. He knows I don't like pet shops, they are just bringing more baby pets into people lives when there's animals at a pound with no family! It annoys me!

"Thank you!" I grin. The cat jumps down from Zayn and runs over to me. I crouch down. The cat jumps onto my knees and I sit down on the floor.

"Is it a she or he?" I ask. "It's a she and she doesn't have a name yet" Ni grins sitting down in front of me.

"I'm going to call her Thmps" I announce. "Why?" Liam asks sitting down with Ni and I. "Because it stands for Tomlinson, Horan, Malik, Payne and Styles, which is your last names" I smile playing with Thmps.

"Naw, your so cute!" Lou yells hugging me. I chuckle. Thmps starts meowing loudly. "Are you hungry? Come on" I pick Thmps up and take her to her food which Haz shows me where it is.

"Hey girlies! Do you want to meet Thmps?" I ask. They all nod. I pick Thmps up who's laying down at my feet.

"Awww! She's so cute!" Pancake squeals. I grin and nod. "We have to go, bye" Emy blows me a kiss and ends our skype call.

"GOODNIGHT BOYS!" I yell out. I lay down on my bed with Thmps laying on my stomach. "Hey there" Zayn smiles popping his head through my curtins. I lift my blankets up and he climbs in under them.

"Goodnight Thmps, goodnight babe" Zayn kisses my forhead. I fall asleep cuddling my baby Thmps and Zayn.

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