Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


13. Third

Emerald's P.O.V

"I'm a little tea pot, short and stout, here is my handle, here is my spout, when I get all steamed up hear me shout, tip me up and pour me out" I sing doing the actions for my four year old niece. "Again! Again!" She shouts clapping her hands. "No sweetie, I promised your mummy I would put you to bed" I pick her up and tuck her into bed.

"Fine" she sighs. "Goodnight Emy" she says. "Goodnight sweetie" I kiss her forhead and leave the room. "Thank you Emerald" my brothers wife thanks me. "It's ok" I grin. "Goodnight" I hug her and leave her house. 

"Emy! You worried me! Where were you?" Pancake hugs me. "I was at my brothers house" I chuckle. "Oh okay, guess who's arriving tomorrow?" Pancake grins. "Who?" I ask. "Kelloggs and Hails" Pancake grins. "Okay, well I want them to hurry up so goodnight" I hug Pancake and get into bed.


"WAKE UP!" Kelloggs and Hails yell. Wait Kelloggs and Hails!

"KELLOGGS! HAILS!" I yell jumping up. "I'VE MISSED YOU!" I yell jumping on them. They catch me and hug me. "How have you guys been?" I yell. "Great!" Kelloggs grins. "We are reunited!" Pancake yells jumping into the hug. 


Liam's P.O.V

"I'm so nervous" Louis says pacing around the room. "Stop it, you're making me dizzy" Haz groans. Louis sits down next to Zayn and I.

"It's the grand final of The X-Factor 2010, who will be the winner, find out after the break" the host says. 

"Surprise!" Kelloggs, Emy, Hails and Pancake yell barging through the backstage door. "Hails! Girls!" Louis yells jumping up. We all follow him. I hug Kelloggs first, as she's my sister. 

"Hello LiLi" Emy grins. "Hey babe" I smile hugging her. "I'm so proud of you" Emy grins. "Come along now girls, times up" a security guard says. "Good luck boys, we're so proud" Pancake and Hails hug me tightly and skip out the backstage room.

"Oh and your parents and sisters and brothers say they're proud and good luck" Pancake yells behind her. I grin.

"Boys, we're on soon" Simon smiles sitting down next to Haz. "One Direction with their mentor Simon Cowell!" The host shouts. 

We walk onto stage and take our place in the middle. 

"This is The X-Factor 2010 final! Third place goes to" the host pauses. "Hurry up!" Someone from the audience yells. I look down to see it was Pancake. I chuckle quietly. "One Direction!" He yells. "That's us" I grin. We all surround Simon in a group hug, not paying attention to anyone else.

"This years X-Factor winner is Mat Cradel!" The host yells. We surround Mat in a group hug. "Well done mate" I grin. "Thank you Liam, you should have won, but thank you" he grins hugging me. I smile.

"YOU CAME THIRD!" Kelloggs and Hails run onto stage and hug Louis and Niall. Emy and Pancake follow. They trap us in a group hug. I love our girls.

The girls get taken back into the audience and the host comes over to us. "Zayn, what's going to happen to One Direction?" He asks. 

"We are definately going to stay together. The future is looking good" Zayn grins. "So you're not going seperate ways?" He asks. "Definately not. Us five boys are family, and as our fan base say, there is only one direction" Zayn grins. The host chuckles and comes over to me. 

"What's going through your mind at the moment?" He asks. "Truthfully, my mind is everywhere. I'm so shocked that we came third! If you told me at the start of this year I was going to get put into a band and come third on the X-Factor I would have sent you to a doctor, but this is amazing" I smile.

"Louis" the host grins putting a hand on Louis' shoulder. "Wow" he states. "I would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to my beautiful mum, Phoebe, Daisy, Lottie and Fizzy, William, these boys, Pancake, Emy, Kelloggs, Simon Cowell, our magnificent fans and my amazingly beautiful little sister Hayley. Without you guys One Direction would be dead" Lou chuckles. "So thank you, and I LOVE HAYLEY TOMLINSON!" Louis yells.

"Hayley said that at her graduation" Niall points out. Lou nods and smiles proudly. We leave the stage and as soon as I see mum I run to her.

"My baby's growing up" she sobs hugging me tight. "I've missed you mum" I hug her. We stand there hugging each other. "We want hugs too" dad and Kelloggs whine. Mum chuckles and hands me to dad. "I've missed you son" dad hugs me.

"I've missed you too dad" I smile. "My turn" Kelloggs chirps. I turn around and hug her tightly. "Thank you for being here" I smile. "I wouldn't be anywhere else" she grins.

"Now who's your girlfriend? I want to meet her" Mum grins. "Emy" I wave her over. She skips over to us. I wrap my arm around her and smile.

"Mum, dad this is my girlfriend Emerald, Emy this is my mum and dad" I grin. "Aw, she's so cute!" Mum squeals. "Mum" I groan. "I'm Karen, Liam's mum, I've heard so much about you! Liam never shuts up about you" mum grins. 

Kelloggs, Emy and mum go off and talk about random things, probably me. "Can you imagine if we actually called ourselves Niall and the potatoes" Niall grins sitting down beside me. "That would have been funny" I grin. "Niall, Liam, come here for photos" Hails orders. "Like brother, like sister" Niall chuckles.

I laugh and stand between Niall and Lou. "Cheese" Emy grins. Our mums all take photos. "I'm Anne, nice to meet you" Haz's mum introduces herself to my mum. "Karen" mum smiles. "Dad!" Niall yells jumping up.

"Sorry I took so long, I bought Nandos" Nialls dads grins. "Thanks dad" Ni hugs his dad and takes the food.

I grin and walk out the door. My ears are filled with screams. "Liam! We lost Fizzy!" Hails yells running up to me. "Calm down, we'll find her" I reasure Hails. "Hayley! Louis! Mum! Lottie! Will!" I hear Fizzy scream out. "Hayley! Liam!" A fan calls out. "Fizzy's over there" she points to Fizzy. "Thank you so much" we call out to her and run to Fizzy.

"Hayley, Liam" Fizzy sobs. "Shh, it's okay, you'll be okay" I say carrying her back to Johanna. "Thank you Liam" Johanna sighs in relief. "No problem, let's go" I smile taking Kelloggs and Nicole's hands. 

"Good job big brother" Nicole grins. "Thanks Nicole" I smile. My happiness can't be contained! 

"Tea or coffee?" Pancake asks. "Tea" "coffee" "tea" "coffee" Niall, Haz, Zayn and Lou shout. "Mocca" Hayley yells. "Huh?" Everyone looks at her. "What? I like mocca" Hails crosses her arms. "Nobody gets me" Hails sighs making her own drink. I chuckle.

"So, what you up to?" Pancake asks jumping onto the couch. "Not much, you know, the usual" I chuckle. "Sounds about right" Pancake grins. I laugh and take my drink from Emy. "Liammmmmmmmmm" Lou yells. "Yes" I say. "I'm tired" he sighs. "Go to bed then" I say in a duh tone. "Good idea! Goodnight everybody!" Louis hugs us all and skips to his room.

"He's a strange one" Kelloggs says. I nod my head. "Strange indeed" Emy adds. "What can you say, the Tomlinson's are very strange" Hails yells from somewhere. "That one too" Zayn says. We chuckle. "But you loveeeee us" Hails adds. "We do" Haz grins. "Well today has been a big day, so goodnight" I hug everyone and go to bed. 

Today has been an amazing day! I hope our band stays together and our fans stay behind us.


Firstly, I would like to say hello, so hello! Secondly, I would like to say I GOT TICKETS TO ONE DIRECTION'S 'ON THE ROAD AGAIN' TOUR AND I'M SITTING NEAR THE STAGE!!!!!! And thirdly, I would like to point out how photogenic One Direction are :)


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