Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


42. Spliting up

Emerald's P.O.V

"Come on" Louis voice says loudly from outside. I groan and sit up. I look around. Hails' apartment is a mess, like it's extremely messy.

We may have had food and pillow fights, and nerve gun fights, and some of us, cough couch Pancake and Angela cough cough, threw pepsi everywhere. We may have eaten a lot more lollies than Liam would say we could have.

"KNOCK KNOCK! ANYONE HOME?" Harry screams. I groan and stand up. I walk to the door and open the door.

"You're a mess" Louis snorts. "Thanks" I mutter. "Oh sorry" he mumbles. "It's fine, how was your sleep?" I ask hugging Liam. "Great thanks, yours?" Harry asks. "I didn't get much" I shrug. I look at Zayn. 

"And by the looks of it neither did you" I chuckle. "I had to stay up with Niall until three o'clock and then Louis woke me up at four o'clock" Zayn states. "Come on, the girls are in here" I smile closing the door and walking into the lounge.

"Leave them to sleep" I tell the boys. Lou grins and jumps onto Hails. 

"LOUIS!" She screams jumping up. She punches his shoulder and groans. "Morning boys" Hails smiles hugging Zayn and Harry. She then hugs Niall and Liam. 

"LOUIS YOU ARE MY FAVOURITE!" Hails screams jumping onto her brother. "Great" Louis sighs. "Morning boys" Kelloggs says sitting up. 

"No!" Pancake screams jumping up. "You alright?" I ask Pancake. She takes deep breaths and nods. 

We wake Angela up and we go our seperate ways with our boyfriends and ex-boyfriends.

I wish everyone would stop fighting" Liam sighs playing with my hair. "I know, can't we all be perfect?" I sigh. Liam nods. 

"WELL YOU'RE NOT ANY BETTER TOMLINSON!" Angela screams. "Uh oh" we mumble together. We look at each other and sprint into Louis' room. 

Harry, Niall and Zayn are holding Angela back and Hails, Pancake and Kelloggs are holding Louis back. "WELL ATLEAST I DIDN'T GO OUT AND POST THAT PICTURE" Louis screams. "IT WASN'T BAD"Angela screams. "IT WAS A PICTURE OF YOU SNOGGING SOME GUY" Louis screams.

"CUT IT OUT!" I scream. Everybody goes dead silent and Angela and Louis stop struggling. "If we're all going to fight every second day we need to leave" I state. "What?" Liam whispers.

"You boys can't really leave but the rest of us we need to get out" I state. "All we're doing is fighting, I don't know what happened but we used to be a big happy family" I say. "It might have been Hayley going off to America" I shrug.

"You're blaming me for the fights?" Hayley asks stepping away from Louis and closer to me. "That's not what I said, but if the shoe fits" I trail off. "I'm not sorry for going and fulfilling my dream it was my dream but if I'm going to get blamed for this then I'm out" she snorts. 

"How lady like" Louis rolls his eyes. "Since when have I been lady like?" Hails snorts raising both her eyebrows.

"You win" Louis chuckles. "I'll see you later aligator" Hails smiles hugging Lou. "Oi" he calls after her. She spins around. "I think you owe some of these people hugs" Lou smirks. "Atleast someone would stop me" she chuckles hugging Angela. 

She comes over to me and hugs me tightly. "I'm sorry for acusing you of stuff" I whisper. "Forget it" she smiles. 

"Bye LiLi" she smiles hugging him. "Be safe and don't kill anyone while you're gone" he chuckles.

Hails left and I don't know what happened next but let's just say we had a massive fight and now none of the boys have girlfriends and I'm on my way to Manchester with Pancake. 

I just split up our family. Well it wasn't really my fault and we haven't really split up, I mean, we're just going on vacation right? Right?

"I didn't just split our family up right?" I ask Pancake. I get no answer. I look to my left and see that she's fast asleep. Great, no company on a train ride!


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