Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


27. Remembering

Hayley's P.O.V

We get to an apartment and we walk in. "Take a seat while we explain some things" the boy with black hair says quietly. I sit down next to a girl with red hair and a girl with hazel eyes. All the girls here are beautiful!

"Watch this" Louis hands me a laptop. I watch all the videos he puts on. I laugh at some of them. Louis blocked out all the names.

"Is my Lemon still together?" I ask turning to Liam and Emerald. "Lemon?" the black haired boy asks.

"Yes, my Lemon" I say. "YOU REMEMBER!" Emy screams jumping up. "Of course I remember my Lemon, Emerald and Liam are the cutest!" I smile. Liam jumps up and hugs me. He spins me around and kisses my forehead.

I run to Emy and hug her tightly. "I'm hungry" Niall complains. Wait! I remembered Niall's name.

"Guess what" I smile. "What?" Niall asks. "I remembered your name" I say a smile playing on my lips. "What is it then?" Niall asks challenging me.

"Niall James Horan" I smile. He jumps up and hugs me.

"So you five are in a band yes?" "Yes" "And one of you is my brother and one of you is my boyfriend, yes?" I ask. "Yes"

"Who's my boyfriend?" I ask. "I am" the black haired boy says. I sigh, feeling bad that I don't remember his name, I just can't remember! It is annoying me now.

"Harry! I'm bored!" I groan from the couch, everyone else left me. "You remembered my name" Harry hugs me. I pat his head.

"Hayley, come here" Liam calls. I jump up and run to Liam, happy to be doing something that doesn't include being bored.

"Here she is!" Liam grins. "I remembered Harry's name!" I grin. "That's great!" Liam smiles.

"Our fans and I are going to help get your memory back, remember guys the only names you can say are Emy, Louis, Harry, Niall, my name and Hayley's name" Liam smiles.

"Can you help me make brownies?" Liam asks standing up with his laptop. I nod and follow him to the kitchen. "Out my kitchen!" I yell pointing a knife at Niall and Harry. they put their hands up in surrender and walk out slowly not turning their backs on me, smart move boys, smart move.

I help Liam make brownies talking to his fans. Liam puts the brownies in the oven and stands next to me. "So we're waiting for the brownies to cook" Liam smiles. I gasp.


"Hello!" Liam and I yell together. "I'm Liam" Liam starts. "I'm Hayley and this is the Liam and Hayley show!" I grin waving my hands about dramatically.

"Thank you for joining us on this special day" Liam smiles. "The first day of One Direction's very first tour!" I finish off his sentence.

"We are making brownies and waiting for them to cook" Liam says. "So, let's answer some questions" I grin.

"Who is your celebraty crush?" Liam asks. "Leona Lewis" Liam smiles shyly. "Zayn Malik" I mumble. "What's that?" Liam teases me. "Next question" I say changing the subject. "When's your birthday?"

"Twenty-ninth of August" Liam says weirdly. "Twenty-ninth December" I say matching Liam's strange accent.

"Favourite food?" I ask in an Australian accent. "Chocolate" Liam grins. "Yogurt musile bars" I grin. Liam looks at me weirdly but carries on. "Favourite chocolate?" Liam asks. "White chocolate" I grin. "Dairy milk chocolate" Liam nods.

"What's it like hanging out with One Direction?" Liam asks me sounding like a news reporter. "It feels the same as hanging out with your best friends" I shrug.

"What would the boys be in school?" Liam asks me.

"Liam would be the sensible student leader keeping everyone in line, Zayn would be the quiet mysterious one in the corner, Louis would be the prankster and class clown making everyone laugh, which is what he did at school, Harry would be the guy at the back of the class not paying attention to the teacher dreaming about cats and Niall would be the sweet, bubbly, innocent kid who gets along with everyone" I smile. "And Hayley would be with Lou and Niall" Liam adds.

I nod and smile. "What are you two doing?" A sleepy Zayn asks rubbing his eyes. "We are talking to your beautiful fans" I answer.

"Hello beautiful fans" Zayn waves. "Our beautiful fans say hello Zayn" Liam smiles. Zayn sits down next to me.

"Brownies are ready!" Liam grins and skips off to the kitchen. "Well this is slightly awkward" I say awkwardly.

"Let's prank call the boys" I grin. The comment bar fills up with yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!! I grab the tour bus phone and dial Louis' number. I put it on speaker.

"Hello" Lou answers. "Hello! Is this Mr Tomlinson?" I ask in a Thai accent. "It is, how can I help you?" Lou asks. "I was wondering if you would like a free milkshake?" I ask holding in my laughs. "No thanks" he says. "FINE! Live a milkshakeless life" I yell and hang up. Zayn and Liam burst out laughing.

"Okay, you are queen of prank calls" Liam grins. "Do you mean king?" I raise my eyebrows at him. Liam nods knowing he won't win this argument, good boy.

"Well, that is all from us today on the Liam and Hayley show" I start. "Join us next week for some more random stuff" "some more random questions" "some more special guests" "and some more baking updates" I say. "We'll see you next week" Liam and I say and end the twitcam.

*End of flashback*

"The Liam and Hayley show is back in action!" I announce. "You remember?" Liam asks. I nod. "And, ZAYN! I remember you" I yell out.

"Well our remembering thing is done, so join us next time on the Liam and Hayley show" Liam grins. "Thank you guys!" I blow them kisses and Liam presses the end button.

"Y-You remember?" Zayn asks. "I do" I grin. Zayn hugs me. I smile.


I did some of this chapter on my phone so there may be some mistakes. So, more remembering next chapter? Or should I spread it out? You vote :) I'll write more tomorrow <3 Oh and six hundred reads :) THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH <3 Have a good night or day, whichever :)

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