Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


4. More friends by the minute

Hayley's P.O.V

"Morning family" I smile skipping into the kitchen. "Someone's happy" mum laughs. I nod and skip into the living room where Louis, Emy, Pancake and the boys are sleeping. "Get up!" I yell jumping on top of Louis. "Now that I don't miss every day" Louis groans. "You're not sleeping, you're driving us girlies to school" I chuckle. "I don't wanna" he complains. "Fine, girls, ice-cream day" I shout. "That means ditching school" mum states. "Fine, I'll drive you" Louis gives in. I grin and skip off to my room.

"Why do you have school?" Emy asks walking into my room. "I'm seventeen and in year twelve" I explain. Pancake nods and curls my hair for me. 

"Let's go" Emy smiles running out of my room. I chuckle and pancake and I follow Emy. 

"To school we go, come on Lottie, hurry up" Louis calls. Louis drops Lottie and Fizzy off first. "Any memories" I laugh. "Billions" Louis grins. "Have fun Hails" Louis hugs me. I blow him a kiss and walk into the school gates.

I walk to my locker and grab my things for the next two lessons. English and science. I grab my phone and call Louis. "In trouble already?" He jokes. "Nah, can you please bring my science homework, oh actually don't worry found it" I smile. "Alright, bye Hails" Lou says and hangs up. I put my phone in my pocket and close my locker. 

I see a group of people circuling a fight or something. I ignore it but stop when I hear a girl cry out. "STOP! Please, I'll give you his number" the girl sobs. I drop my stuff and make my way through the crowd.

"Bianca stop it" I say so she'll hear me. The whole corridoor goes quiet as I help the girl up. "Leave her alone" I growl. "If you ever lay a finger on her again, you better watch out" I say. "Follow me" I say to the girl. The crowd makes an asile for us and we walk over to my stuff. I pick my stuff up and take the girl to the nurse. 

"Thank you" the girl whispers. "No problem, what's your name?" I ask. "Kelias Payne" she smiles her blue eyes shinning. "Hayley Tomlinson" I grin. "Wait, is your brother Liam Payne?" I ask. She nods. "I know your brother" I laugh. She laughs and we walk out of the nurses office. 

"What classes do you have?" Kelias asks. "English, science, double maths, double sport"  I say. "I have Science, sose, double English, double sport" Kelias smiles. "Why was Bianca hurting you?" I ask. "I'm new here and she found out that Liam was my brother and I wouldn't give her his number" she shrugs. "I remember when she found out Louis was my brother, that was funny" I chuckle. 

"Do you know where science is?" I ask. Kelias shakes her head. "It's the class in front of me" I smile. "See you at break" I yell and run off to my English class. "Late again Miss Tomlinson" my teacher smiles. "I was showing Kelias to her class" I say catching my breath. She nods. I smile and take a seat next to Max. 

My classes go by pretty fast and soon enough it's lunch. I see Kelias and grin. "KELLOGGS" I yell out. People turn and stare. "HAILS" Kelloggs yells back. She closes her locker and we run towards each other in slow motion. "It's been to long" Kelloggs says dramatically. "It has, oh I JUST REMEMBERED I HAVE CHOCOLATE!" I yell running to my locker. I open my locker and grab my chocolate.

"Here ya go" I smile giving Kelloggs a bar of chocolate. "You are my favourite person in the world right now" kelloggs smiles eating her chocolate. Lunch passes by and we walk to sport. Well we do a walk/run/skip/hop sort of thing.

"Who's this?" My sport teacher asks. "Kelias Payne" I say. He nods and marks us off on the role. "We're playing volleyball, get into partners" our sport teacher yells out to the class. Kelloggs and I automatically get paired up. "Grab a ball" he says. We grab a ball and run to the far end of the gym.

"It's offical, we suck at volleyball" I laugh. Kelloggs and I absolutly suck at volleyball, we want to to go right and it'll go left. 

"Wanna come over to my house and meet my brother, my brothers and your brothers friends and my two other best friends?" I ask. "Sure but first, who's your other best friend?" Kelloggs asks. "She's about your height, long brown hair and blue eyes, her brother is in a boyband on the X-Factor, she's called Kelias Payne but I call her Kelloggs" I smile. "Heard of her?" I laugh. "I think so" Kelloggs laughs.

My phone rings and I pick up. "Hurry up, I'm waiting outside" Louis says. "I'm coming, calm down, can my friend come home with us?" I ask. "Sure" Louis says and hangs up. "Come on, my brother's waiting" I smile. We grab our bags from our lockers and jog to Louis' car. "Hey Lou" "Hey Hails" Lou hugs me. 

"Who's this?" Lou asks. "Kelias Payne, also know as Kelloggs" Kelloggs smiles. "Louis Tomlinson also know as Lou" Lou hugs her and we drive to Lottie's and Fizzy's school. Lottie gets in the front and Fizzy gets in the back. "Kelloggs this is my little sisters Lottie and Fizzy, girls this is my best friend Kelias" they say hi and we make it home safely. "Liam, I have someone you know with me" I call once Emy and Pancake have introduced themselves. 

"Kelias!" Liam shouts. "Liam" Kelloggs shouts back. They hug each other and I leave everyone to introduce themselves. Emy and Pancake help Kelloggs and I with our homework. "We're the bestest friends in history of best friends" Emy suddenly yells out. We laugh and spend the rest of the afternoon in my room doing random stuff. "I have to go, bye girls" Kelloggs hugs us all and goes downstairs. 

Eventually the girls leave me to get some sleep, saying that i'll need to be energetic for cross-country tomorrow. Ughh, I hate cross-country.



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