Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


3. Meeting the boys

Chapter Three

~Meeting the boys~

Hayley's P.O.V

Over the last three months quite a few things have happened. I got a new job at target, Louis got a girlfriend called Eleanor, Louis got put into a band called One Direction and mum got a boyfriend called William.

"Guess who's coming home today!" mum says getting in the way of the TV.

"My unicorn named Lucky" I guess, trying to see through her..and failing.

"No" mum grins.

"We don't know just tell us" Fizzy says, trying to do the same thing as me.

"Your brother is!!!" mum yells waving her hands about, like a madman.

"Our brother Louis?" Lottie asks.

"No, you have a brother called Johnathan who is coming home. Yes it's Louis" mum rolls her eyes. 

"Hey, hey, hey, just because Louis and I do that doesn't mean you can" I say. Mum chuckles and grabs her keys.

"I'm going to collect Louis and his friends, I'll be back in about an hour, be good and be safe" mum says hugs us all and leaves to collect Louis and his friends.

None of us move at all to get changed or anything. "Mum's getting home in half an hour! Move, move, move!" Lottie yells. We all spring into action and run to our rooms. I'm the first ready so I turn the TV off and start cooking tacos.

"Need help?" Lottie asks coming into the kitchen.

"Please grate some cheese" I say. Lottie nods and grates the cheese for me. We put everything into bowls and put it on the coffee table. I get a text from Louis.

'Hey little sister :) I want to spend time with you before you meet my friends, meet me in our room xx- Lou' 

'Alright :) See you soon xx- Hails'

I tell the girls what's happening and jog to my room.

"We're homeeeee!" Louis calls out, louder than usual. After about five minutes Louis barges into our room. He closes the door and opens his arms for a hug. I run up to him and hug him tight.

"I've missed you" I smile.

"I've missed you too, now what have I missed?" Lou asks sitting on his bed. I jump on my bed and tell him everything he's missed.

"Hayley, Louis, it's great that you two are catching up but it's been an hour and we want to see Louis too" mum grins.

"Go to a resturant and have dinner, I'll get to know Louis' friends" I say.

"Are you sure?" mum and Lou ask together.

"Positive, they can't be worse than Lou" I chuckle. Louis, Lottie, Fizzy, Daisy, Phoebe and mum all go out for dinner leaving me with Louis' friends.

I go into where Louis' friends are. There's six people sitting on the couch, there's four boys and two girls. One of the girls is petite and she has a small figure and is short like me, she has long, wavy, red hair and piercing, green eyes, she is really pretty.

The other girl has shoulder-length dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her height is average and she's also really pretty.

The two girls see me and jump up. "Hello I'm Hayley" I wave. The boys turn their attention to me.

"She's really small" the curly headed one whipers loudly to the black haired one. The curly headed one whispers something to the black haired one, I only catch some of the sentence though.

"Ugly" "Short" "Fat" is all I get. The girls look at the curly headed one in shock. I look at the ground so they don't see my tears. I sob and put my hand over my mouth to try to muffle my sobs. It doesn't work so I run to my room. I jump on my bed and cry. I have always been a little self concious about my weight and my looks, but hasn't everyone at some stage?

There's a polite knock at my door. "Who is it?" I ask.

"Emerald and Annsley, can we come in?" One of the girls ask. I get up and open the door. They come into my room and hug me.

"Sorry about Harry, ignore him" the girl with red hair smiles.

"Yeah, he's got as much of a brain as a curly fry does" the other girl laughs.

"What's your name?" the girl with red hair asks.

"I'm Hayley, yours?" I ask.

"Emerald Collins, but call me Emy" the girl with red hair smiles.

"Annsley Hunter, but call me Pancake" the girl with blonde hair grins.

"How did you meet the boys?" I ask.

"I'm Niall's girlfriend" Annsley, I mean Pancake, grins. "And I'm Liam's girlfriend" Emy smiles.

"How long have you guys known each other?" I ask, starting a conversation.

"We've known each other since the start of X-Factor this year, we were sitting next to each other and started discussing how pretty you are" Pancake laughs.

"Why are you called Pancake?" I ask.

"I don't know, my friends just decided to call me Pancake and it stuck" Pancake grins. There's a knock on my door and whispering.

"Who is it?" Emy calls out.

"The pizza man" a voice says sarcastically.

I open the door to see Harry and Zayn, yes I know their names, I just decided to call them by their hair colour.

"We're really sorry, I don't know what you heard but I was saying that you were short like Louis, you are not ugly, you are short and you're not fat" Harry says.

"I swear on my life, that's what he said" Zayn adds. Sort of a stupid excuse if you ask me, but hey, what do I have to lose?

"Please forgive us" Harry begs.

"I forgive you, on a better first impression, I'm Hayley Tomlinson" I grin.

"Harry Styles"

"Zayn Malik" Zayn grins.

"Emerald Collins" Emy pops in.

"Annsley Hunter" Pancake decides to add.

"Niall Horan, the Irish one" Niall grins hugging me.

"I'm Liam Payne, nice to finally meet you" Liam smiles.

"Nice to meet you" I grin, giving him a hug.

"How come I didn't get a hug?" Harry whines. I go over to him and hug him.

"Now I feel left out" Zayn crosses his arms. I open my arms. His face lights up like a little kid in a candy store and hugs me.

"Happy now?" I ask everyone. Everyone nods.

"Good, let's eat!" I yell and run to the kitchen. Everyone follows me. 

Harry and I make food together while Liam supervises and everyone else complains about us taking so long.

"We're home" Louis calls.

"Don't say anything about me getting upset, Louis will get mad at you" I say quickly. Everyone nods and Louis comes into the kitchen.

"Hey Lou" I say giving him a hug.

"Hey Hails, hey guys" Lou grins. 

"Hayley, please help, Fizzy won't go to bed" mum says. I nod and jog to Fizzy's and Lottie's shared room.

"Fizzy get to bed" I smile.

"I don't want to though" Fizzy says.

"Trust me, tomorrow when you wake up, you will regret not going to bed now" I say. Fizzy nods and gets into bed.

"Night Fizzy, night Lottie" I kiss their forheads and quietly close their door.

"Going to bed, goodnight everyone" I say. I hug mum, Louis, Emy and Pancake and go to bed. 

My door opens, I don't bother opening my eyes guessing it's Louis.

"Goodnight beautiful" the person kisses my forhead and starts to walk out. I open my eyes to see Zayn walking out of my room. I smile and fall asleep.

Zayn's P.O.V

Harry pulls me aside. "You like Hayley" Harry states.

"No" I lie.

"Don't lie Zayn, I'm not an idiot. I saw the way you were looking at her when we were cooking, anyways, you need to make a move before someone else does, she might even have a boyfriend, you'll never know unless you make a move" Harry says and walks off. Well then...

I think about what Harry said before quietly opening Hayley's door and walking in. "Goodnight beautiful" I kiss Hayley's forehead and walk out.






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