Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


31. Ireland

Niall's P.O.V

Hayley left, my best friend left because of Zayn. Wow, thanks Zayn, thanks alot! "Niall" Pancake rubs my back. "I miss her" I sigh. "So do I baby, but you have to remember, if you love something let it go and if it really loves you it'll come back" Pancake wraps her arms around me and kisses my cheek.

"Why didn't you sing moments last night?" Pancake asks. "I couldn't, it was too sad" I shake my head. "It'll get better" Pancake rubs my back soothingly. I smile and kiss her cheek.

I hope Hayley's alright.

Hayley's P.O.V

I step out of the airport and wrap my coat tighter around me. 

I jog over to the taxi bay and hold my arm out for a taxi. 

"Sweetie, the taxi's are all held up today" a lady says. "Oh, uh, ok, thank you for telling me" I smile. "Where are you going?" She asks. "Just to the other side of town" I point to the right.

"I'm going there as well, would you like a lift?" She asks. "If it's not to much trouble" I smile. "Come on sweetie, let me take that" she smiles taking one of my bags. We put my bags in the boot and I get into the passenger seat.

"I was terribly rude, I'm Maura" Maura smiles. "Hayley" I hug her. She smiles and starts the car. 

"What adress?" She asks. I tell her the adress. Maura and I talk about lots of things. She tells me about how her son is in a band and I tell her about how my brother is in a band.

"Here we are sweetie, be safe, I'll see you in" Maura hugs me. I grab my bags out the boot and walk up the drive way.

I knock on the door. A young lady opens the door. "Hello" she says. "I was looking for my grandma and grandpa" I say. "They moved to Scotland" she says. "Oh sorry for bothering you" I say.

"Sweetie are you okay?" Maura asks me. "Yeah, my grandparents moved to Scotland and I forgot" I sigh. "Come to my house, my husband and my eldest son won't mind one bit and I could do with a little girl company in my house" Maura grins handing me a drink.

"It's mocca, and it's decafeinated coffee" Maura smiles.

I galdly take the drink and watch as the rain hits the car window. "What's your youngest son like?" I ask. 

"He was born with brown hair but died it blonde at the age of thriteen, he has bright blue eyes, he's just a bit taller than you, he's Irish, obviously, and he's in the famous boyband One Direction" Maura smiles. I gasp.

"You're not a crazy fan are you?" Maura asks looking at me suspiciously. "No, no, no" I chuckle. "My uh, my brother is in One Direction" I say. "Who's your brother?" Maura asks me. "Louis Tomlinson, and your son is Niall Horan, correct?" I smile. "Correct" Maura grins.

Maura parks the car outside a cute little house. "It's so cute" I grin grabbing my bags. "I grew up in it" Maura smiles. I nod and walk in after Maura. "Bobby, Greg, come here!" Maura calls out.

A man walks in and hugs Maura from behind. "Hello honey" the man kisses Maura. Aww, they're so cute together!

"I'm Bobby" Bobby smiles. "Hayley" Bobby hugs me. 

"Greg! Get here now!" Maura yells out. "I'm coming, calm down" a boy, I'm guessing Greg chuckles walking into the lounge room.

"Hey, you're Louis' sister, Zayn's girlfriend and Harry's, Liam's and Niall's best friend" Greg grins. "Uh, Zayn and I aren't dating anymore" I say quietly. "It's okay honey, come on, by the way, that's Greg, Greg this is Hayley" Maura smiles leading me into a room.

"You'll sleep here until you leave" Bobby smiles. "Thank you, for everything" I smile. "No problem, oh by the way Bobby, Anne is coming over next week" Maura hands me a sandwich. 

"Anne?" Greg asks. "Please tell me you know who Anne is" Maura begs Bobby and I. Bobby shakes his head. "Yes, she's Harry's mum" I smile. 

"Thank you sweetie" Maura hugs me. "Mum when's dinner going to be ready?" Greg asks. "About forty-five minutes" Maura says. Bobby and Greg groan and walk off. 

"Would you like some help?" I ask. "Yes please darling, come along, the kitchen's this way" Maura smiles leading me to the kitchen. "Niall misses you" Maura states.

"How do you know?" I ask nicely. "He called me this morning telling me how one of his best friends ran away and he really misses you, the girls and the boys do" Maura smiles handing me a carrot to peel. 

"I miss them too" I say quietly. "Why did you run away?" Maura asks chopping onions up. 

"Zayn and I had an argument and I had to get away, I thought he loved me but he was just keeping another girl safe" I sigh. 

"That doesn't sound like Zayn" Maura mumbles. "Can you please stir the vegetables?" Maura asks. I make my way over to the stove and stir the vegetables in the pan. 

Maura and I talk all through making dinner and all through eating dinner. Greg and Bobby eat excatly like Niall.

"How do you still have food in this house?" I laugh. "What do you mean?" Greg asks me looking up. "Niall, Greg and Bobby all eat a lot, but if I say enough they get too scared to argue with me" Maura grins.

I put everyones dishes in the sink and start washing up. "Honey, you don't have to do that" Maura smiles. "No, I'll do it, you've done so much for me" I smile. "Well thank you" Maura walks out of the kitchen. 

I leave everything to dry and walk into the lounge room. "I'm going to bed, good night" I hug Maura and go to the room I'm sleeping in. I look at the messages on my phone and reply to a couple of them.

'Hey pinapple, hope you're ok, we miss you xoxoxoxoxo - Lou<3'

'Hey carrot, I'm fine, I miss you too xoxoxoxoxoxo - Hails<3'

'You're grounded, come home! Jokes, pwease come home, we all miss you like crazy xxx - DaddyDirectionLiLi'

'I can't, I'm sorry, I miss you too xxx - DaughterDirectionHayHay'



'Be safe<3, we miss you xoxoxo - Emy<3'

'You too, I miss you xoxoxo - Hails<3'

'I really miss you bestfriend, you are my bestfriend, please be safe or come home, or both, we miss you so much and 'you know who' is a mess <3<3 xoxo please come home xoxo - NiallHoranTheGreatestIrishLadEver<3'

'I really miss you too bestfriend, you are my bestfriend, I will be safe but I can't go home, I'm sorry, I miss you so much, give 'you know who' a hug, comfort him, even if it kills you inside, if you do this I may come home xoxoxoxo <3 oh and if anyone is searching for me I'll give you a hint where I am: Oh righty oh, look 'eres a leprechaun, look a pot af gold, aye, that green is nice<3- HayleyTomlinsonTheGreatestBritishLadEver<3'

Yes I put myself as a lad. 

I plug my phone into charge and lie in a comfy position under the covers. 

I really do miss my mini family, I shouldn't have left. I ran away from my problems, I told everyone in graduation to face your problems head on and I run away from mine! 

I'll go back tomorrow, anyways I'm starting university soon or college, either one so I have to go back. My phone bings. I pick it up and read the text.

'Come home, Louis is crying his eyes out and can't focus, we've had to cancel interviews, luckily it hasn't been concerts - Haz'

I put my phone down and close my eyes. I'll leave tomorrow morning, their next concert is in two days from now, I can make it there and make sure they don't cancel. Should I tell the girls or not? It'll be a surprise, yep, I won't tell them.

For now I shall get some sleep. England, get ready, I'm coming back!

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