Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


39. I don't know what to call this chapter



I hit my alarm with such force I think I broke it. Four o'clock in the morning and I have jet lag, greattt! 

I roll out of bed and sleepily walk into the kitchen. I make myself some breakfast. Someone bangs on the door. I grab my bag and open the door.

Jennifer smiles. I close my door and we walk towards the elevator together not saying a word. "Morning sleeping beauties" Adam smirks. "Don't even" Jennifer snaps. Adam chuckles.

I get my hair brush out of my bag and brush it. I throw my now blonde hair into a ponytail and we get in the car. 

"Remind me not to get them angry in the morning" Bailee mumbles. "I thought you said you were a morning person" Adam says. "I am when I don't have jet lag" I roll my eyes. Adam chuckles and parks the car. 

We get out and walk onto set. 

We spend a whole day filming and I keep forgetting to call everyone their character names. I'm called Palmer. 

I'm supposed to be twenty something and I'm eighteen! I also have to nearly marry Adam Sandler. Luckily I don't have to kiss him, I don't think Zayn would be happy with that. 

I take a photo with Adam, Jennifer and Bailee. 

'On set with this lot, four o'clock early morning starts :| @AdamSandler @JenniferAniston @BaileeMadison! #justgowithit #earlymorningstarts #imallowedtosaythemoviename #theLiamandHayleyshowwillstillbeonsomehow #toomanyhashtags'

"How many hashtags do you need?" Bailee laughs. "A lot" I grin. She chuckles and throws an orange at me. I peel it and throw it back to her. 

"You're crazy" Jennifer grins patting my head.

"I miss my brown hair" I sigh. "Don't we all?" Adam laughs. I sigh and go over to the director. 


"Hello" Lou grins. "Hello" I make Thmps wave her paw. 

"Your hair!" He shrieks. "It's blonde" He states. "I miss my brown hair" I sigh. "So do I" he says. "It comes out if you wash it though" I grin. Louis sighs in relief. 

Lou and I talk for hours. "Liam wants to skype you for the Liam and Hayley show, so goodbye, love you" Lou blows he a kiss. "Bye Lou, love you too" I blow him a kiss and hang up.

I skype Liam. "Hello!" He grins. "Liam and Hayley show?" I ask. He nods. 

He does something or other which makes it connect to Twitter. 

"Hello! And welcome to the Liam and Hayley show" Liam and I grin.

"So the beautiful Hayley has died her hair blonde!" Liam shrieks. "It comes out when I wash my hair" I tell them. Liam sighs in relief. "So who did you interview?" Liam asks me. "So you guys asked me to interview Adam Sandler and I did just that, have a look" I grin.

I get my phone and show the interview. "I think I should stick to cooking and acting" I say. "And I should stick to singing" Liam adds. We nod. "What time do you get up?" Liam asks. "Four in the morning" I sigh. "Poor you" Liam sighs.

"It's your turn to interview someone next" I grin evily at Liam. He chuckles and nods. "Well since I have to get up in six hours, I'm going to bed, goodnight beautiful people" I wave. "Goodnight, join us next time on the Liam and Hayley show" Liam grins. "For more failed interviews" "For more evil looks" "For more blonde hair" "And more stupid jokes nobody laughs at" Liam chuckles. We both wave and Liam stops the thing.

We say our goodbyes and I hang up. I put my laptop on charge and get changed. I lie down and eat musile bars out of my shooter thing. Ahh, I love musile bars.


Hello Pinapples :D We have a winner! 

Answer: An Italian restaraunt

Winner: Princess Narwhale


Question: When Zayn and Hayley started dating why were they going to tell Louis when he was tired? 

Goodnight Pinapples, I'm going to bed <3

Here's the picture of the pickel :)


okay, now I shall go to bed :) <3



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