Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


26. Hospitals

Louis' P.O.V

"Louis" Lottie sobs clinging onto me. "Lottie" I hug my little sister. Mum is hugging Zayn and Haz and Ni are hugging Daisy and Phoebe.

"Fizzy" Lottie whispers pulling away from me. Fizzy runs up to me. I crouch down and hug Fizzy. "I-I can't believe it" Fizzy cries. "Neither can I" I whisper. Fizzy moves over to Haz and Daisy and Phoebe jump onto me. 

"We miss her" Daisy whispers. "We all do" I kiss their forheads. 

Mum comes over to me and the twins go over to the girls. 

"Oh darling" mum sighs pulling me into her arms. "W-what if she doesn't make it" I whisper so that only mum can hear. "She will honey, she will" mum strokes my hair. I nod.

Someone clears their throat. We all turn to the nurse. "Miss Tomlinson is ready to be seen but she is in a coma" the nurse says sympathetically. "Room eleven, down the hall to the left" the nurse says more to mum. 

Lottie and Fizzy grab my hands. I hold their hands tightly and we run to Hayley's room. Lottie opens the door. We walk in, everyone else follows.

I sigh as I look at Hayley's peaceful body. The doctor comes in and starts talking to mum. I block him out and hold Hayley's hand. "Please be ok" I whisper. "Please" Zayn adds. 

I look at Zayn and give him a small smile. He gives me a small smile back.


It's been three days, Zayn and I have flat out refused to leave this room. The guys bring us food and water every day. Zayn and I have not changed at all, we barely move from our seats, the only times we move is when we need to go to the toilet or if our bones or muscles get cramped up.

"Louis" a hoarse voice whispers. "HAYLEY!" I jump up. She cringes. "Sorry" I whisper. Zayn calls for a nurse. The nurse comes in. "Can you two please leave" the nurse says. Zayn and I get up and leave. "Call the guys, I'll call mum" I grin dialing mums number. "Louis" mum answers tiredly. "Hayley's awake!" I grin. "We'll be right there" mum hangs up.

Pancake sprints up to me and hugs me. "I told you so" mum chuckles hugging me. "You did" I grin.

Hayley's P.O.V

"Miss Tomlinson" the doctor smiles. I nod not knowing what to say. 

"We're going to ask you a few questions, is that okay?" He asks. I nod. "What's the date today?" He asks. I think hard.

"The sixteenth of August"

 I say. He nods. "The year" "2008" I say. He writes stuff down on his notepad.

"How old are you?" He asks. What sort of question is that?

"Sixteen" I say. "Who are your best friends?" He asks. "My brother Louis" I answer. "What's the last thing you remember?" He asks. "Coming home from school after doing my tests and falling asleep" I shrug. The doctor sighs. 

"Miss Tomlinson, you have memory loss, you have forgotten the last two years of your life" the doctor says and leaves. Memory loss, two years? That means I'm eighteen. What? 

"Sweetie, I'm so happy to see you" mum hugs me. I hug her back as tightly as I can, which isn't very tight. 

"Hayley! Hayley! Hayley!" Daisy and Phoebe grin jumping up and down. "Come here, but be careful" I whisper. They run over to me and jump on the bed. They both hug me tightly. I ignore the pain and hug them back. 

The twins go over to a curly headed boy and Fizzy comes up to me. "Hello beautiful" I say hugging her. "I've been worried" Fizzy sobs. "Shh, don't cry baby girl" I whisper. Fizzy wipes her tears away and goes over to a blonde haired boy. 

"Louis has flat out refused to leave your side" Lottie whispers in my ear. I smile and hug Lottie tightly. 

Lottie moves to the side and Louis comes up to me with a big smile on his face. "Hurry up and give me a hug" I chuckle. A guy with flat brown hair chuckles.

Louis hugs me tightly. I grit my teeth together to try and get rid of the pain and hug him back. "I've missed you Hails" "I've missed you too, I think" I smile. 

"Where's Braiden?" I ask looking past the boys and girls who happrn to be here. Louis smile breaks away. "B-Braiden isn't here, he broke up with you two years ago" Louis says. "And who are these people?" I ask. The black haired one drops to his knees and starts muttering things to the blonde haired one.

"They're our best friends, don't you remember them?" Louis asks. I shake my head. "I don't understand" Louis mutters. "The doctor said I have two years memory loss and aparently I'm eighteen not sixteen and aparently it's 2010 not 2008" I shrug. 

The nurse comes in. "How are you feeling?" She asks sitting on the chair next to me. "Fine, my sides are hurting but otherwise fine" I shrug. "That's good, can you remember anything from the past two years?" She asks. "I remember doing tests in school, but no" I shrug. 

"Mrs Tomlinson, you have three weeks to get Hayley's memory back, if you can't get it back in three weeks the last two years of Hayley's memory will be lost forever" the nurse says. "And don't force Hayley to remember anything" the nurse adds.

"How can we help her remember?" The black haired one asks. "Take her to places you've been together, listen to music, talk to her about things that have happened, anything really, just don't presure her" the nurse smiles and leaves.

"Hayley, the girls have to go back to school and I have work, do you mind if-" "Go mum, I'll be alright and Louis and I will check in with you guys as much as possible" I promise. Mum sighs and hugs me. "You're a trooper" she kisses my forhead.

I stand up and crouch down to the twins. "Be safe, look after mum, Fizzy and Lottie okay?" I say. "Promise" they hold out their pinkies. I loop my pinky with theirs and kiss their forheads. 

"Be good for mum and look after the twins" I whisper to Lottie and Fizzy. They nod and hug me. "Be safe" Fizzy whispers. I nod and smile. "I love you" I say to my family. "W-we love you too" Lottie speaks up. I blow them kisses and they leave the hospital.

"Mr Malik, she is in your care, correct?" A doctor asks. Malik, Malik, where have I heard that before? "Correct" the black haired one nods. 

"Hayley can be realeased now" the doctor smiles. The curly headed one fist bumps and hands me a bag. 

"Thank you" I smile. "No problem" he smiles helping me up. I go into the bathroom and change into my regular clothes. Ugh, I don't like hospitals. 

"Let's go home" Louis links arms with me and we skip out. "Why are there paparazzi?" I ask going closer to Louis. "I'll explain when we get home, just smile and don't say anything" Louis whispers.

"LOUIS! HAYLEY! CAN WE HAVE A PHOTO?" A photographer yells. Lou nods at me. Lou and I smile and keep walking. We get in the car and drive off with the boys and girls who happen to be here. I'm glad to be out of that hospital!


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