Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


25. Help!

Hayley's P.O.V

I plug my earphones in and leave the apartment. Morning runs are fun! I start jogging not really paying attention.

I hope I can go to the beach soon, I haven't been in ages. Maybe I'll go later today. I cross the road.

I hear a horn and see darkness. "HELP!" I scream.

Zayn's P.O.V

I jump out of bed and run to Louis' apartment. Something bad has happened, I can feel it. I knockon the door loudly. A sleepy Louis opens the door. "What?" He asks tiredly. "Something bad has happened, I can feel it in my bones" I yell sprinting to where Hayley sleeps. She's not here. Breath Zayn.

"She went for a run" Haz says appearing. I nod and run out of their apartment. I sprint down Hayley's usual running path.

"HELP!" Someone cries ahead. "Hayley!" I yell and push myself harder. I can make it. I see a car crashed into a light pole. I run to the crash and look on the road.

There laying motionless is Hayley Tomlinson. I get my phone and dial the ambulance. "What's your emergancy?" The lady asks cheerily. "M-my girlfriend got run over" I sob dropping to my knees. I tell the person where I am.

I call Louis. "Zayn, where did you go?" Louis asks laughing. "Hayley looks dead" I state. "W-what?" Louis asks. "Hayley got run over by a car, I don't know if she's alright" I sob. My phone gets disconnected.

"Z-Zayn" Hayley says hoarsly. "Hayley" I gasp. "I-I love you, tell our family I love them" she whispers. "No, Hayey stay with me!" I yell. "Please" I whisper. I grab her hand.

Hayley smiles at me and closes her eyes. "No! HAYLEY! Please" I yell through my tears. I feel a hand on my back. I look up to see an ambulance person.

"I need you to step away" she says. I shake my head. "You can come in the ambulance, but please step away and your friends want to see you" she says. I nod and walk over to the others.

Everyone is hugging someone. Harry and Kelloggs are hugging, Pancake and Niall are hugging, Emy and Liam are hugging and Lou and Angela, everyone is crying. 

Lou sees me and brakes away from Angela. He comes over to me and hugs me. "S-she s-said that she l-loves you" I sob. "Two people can go in the ambulance" the ambulance lady says.

"These two will go" Emy says pushing Lou and I forward. "Are you sure?" I hiccup. "One hundred percent" Emy hugs us both. Lou and I climb into the back of the ambulance and the others get into Harry's car. 

Lou and I hold Hayley's hands. "Please stay with me, please stay with us, please stay with us" Lou mutters over and over again. "Come on Hails, you can get through this" Lou cries. Lou's phone rings. 

Lou hands it to me. I answer. "Hello" I say. "Zayn, I called Lou's and Hails' mum and their mum and sisters are coming down to London tonight" Kelloggs hiccups. "Ok, see you soon" I say. "Zayn, we'll get through this, Hails is strong" Kelloggs says and hangs up. 

I hang up and give Lou back his phone. "Your mum and sisters are coming to London tonight" I say. Lou nods and sighs. 

"We can get through this" Lou whispers. I nod. We get out of the ambulance and watch Hails get wheeled off in a strecher. Please be alright Hayley, please.




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