Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


41. Heart broken

Harry's P.O.V

"Harreh" Kelloggs sings coming into my room. "Kelloggs" I say in my morning voice. She pauses and looks to the door. 

"IwaswonderingifyouHarrywantedtobemyboyfriend" she says quickly. Someone groans. I stand up and walk over to Kelloggs. "Of course I do" I grin. She squeaks like a mouse and hugs me. "I'm going to tell Liam now, come on one of you" Kelloggs grabs someones hand and drags them away.

Emy and Pancake come over to me carrying a laptop, with Hayley on skype.

"If you ever hurt our beautiful Kelloggs" Emy starts. "Or break her heart" Hayley says looking up at me through the laptop. "Us three and Angela will do the honurs of breaking your face" Pancake says cracking her knuckles. 

"I will let you kill me if I hurt Kelloggs" I say. "But for now, welcome to the dating world!" They grin each giving me a hug, apart from Hayley, since she's in a computer. I chuckle. "Okay, well I'm going to go see Niall" Pancake grins skipping off with the laptop.

I chuckle and go into the kitchen. 

Pancake's P.O.V

I log off of the computer and place it on Lou's bed. I may have taken it from him to skype my lovely Hayley, who is coming home tomorrow! Party time! 

I change into jeans and a jumper and grab my keys. 

I smile and skip outside. It's weird for Niall to not spend a night with all of us. Eh, he might have been sick, I reassure myself. 

I reach Niall's house and see a car parked in the driveway that isn't Niall's. I bite my lip and walk to the front door.

I see the note and read it.

'Hey, sorry but I'm busy at the moment, come back later (:'

Niall didn't write this. Firstly, he writes neater than that and secondly, he never puts smiley faces that way around. It's a weird thing he has, he cannot have smiley faces that way around. Once I really annoyed him by putting smiley faces the wrong way around all over his whiteboard. It was funny!

Maybe he's with a sister. No, he doesn't have any sisters, only one older brother. 

I build up my courage and walk in, he wouldn't be unloyal to me, right? 

I see a purse on the table. I open it and find someones cell. I shouldn't be nosey. I close it and walk to Niall's room. 

I open the door quietly and see Niall and a girl having a make out session. I clear my throat. 

Niall groans and picks up a shoe. He throws it to me. It hits my shoulder. I gasp and watch them. I cry. They finally pull apart. 

Niall looks up and sees me crying holding the shoe he threw. "Pancake it-" "isn't what it looks like" I spit. "Every relationship I've had I've gotten cheated on, is it somrthing about me?" I ask. "I thought you were different Niall, but you're all the same" I cry.

"Pancake I swe-" "Only my friends call me Pancake" I whisper and leave. I don't look back. I ignore Niall's calls. I hear footsteps behind me. I start running, faster and faster I go. 

I don't care what happens, I just want to be away from Niall. 

I run to the highest cliff. I collapse and cry. I cry for everything. 


I've cried for three hours, ignoring all phone calls, texts, voice mails, I've ignored everyone. I may be being selfish but Niall was my prince. He was my other half.

I stand up and go to the edge of the cliff. I take a deep breath and jump. 

I fall. I scream loudly. "GRAB THE ROPE!" Hayley screams through a mega speaker. I see the rope coming down and grab it. I stop suddenly. 

I get pulled up by Hails. 

I reach the edge of the cliff and climb over the rails. Hayley hugs me tightly. "I've missed you" I sob. "I thought you were going to die" Hails sobs. "I did too" I whisper. "What were you thinking?" She asks. I look over her shoulder to see everyone crying. The girls all have their heads digged into the boys chests.

Niall and Zayn are hugging each other. "I wasn't thinking" I whisper. "My mind could only think of Niall and it hurt" I hiccup. Hails nods and hugs me tighter.

"How was acting?" I ask. "It was amazing, how's university going?" Hails asks. "I start in three weeks" I say. Hails nods and puts her arm around my shoulder. I do the same to her.

"You gave me the scare of my life" Liam yells hugging me. I hug everyone except Niall, well obviously. 

"You four my apartment and the rest of you see you tomorrow or something" Hails waves and leads us to Angela's car. 

Angela and Kelloggs sit in the front and Hails, Emy and I sit in the back.

"I'm going to kill that Niall" Emy growls. I pat her shoulder. She hugs me and Hails hugs me.

We get to Hayley's apartment and get out of the car. Hails unlocks the door and we enter her apartment.

"I'm so alone in this apartment, does anyone want to become my roomey?" Hails asks. "Deffinately" I grin. "Yey! We'll help you move your stuff tomorrow" Angela grins. Emy and Kelloggs nod fastly.

"You guys get comfortable, I need to take care of some business" Hails says. "So do I" Emy nods standing up. Hails and Angela leave.

Angela's P.O.V

Hails and I get in my car and drive to Lou's and Harry's house. I just realised, my boyfriend and my overprotective brother live in the same apartment, like whatttt?

"Where's Niall?" Hails asks storming into the apartment. "In Zayn's room, Hails" Lou grabs her arm. "Don't kill him okay?" Lou says to us both. "Okay" we both say. Lou lets us go. Hails hugs Zayn and Lou and runs to Zayn's room. I follow her.

Hails slaps Niall. "I deserved that" Niall sighs. "What were you thinking?" I ask him. "Honestly I have no idea, it's like I was hypnotised" Niall groans running a hand through his hair. Hails and I look at each other.

I walk up to Niall and slap him. "We're sorry Niall" Hails sighs. "Why are you saying sorry?" Niall asks. "I broke your best friends heart and made her nearly kill herself, I should be the one saying sorry, so sorry" Niall sighs.

My phone starts ringing. I pick it up.

"Pancake" I say. I see the pain in Niall's face. "Are you coming back?" Pancake sniffles. "Yes babe, we'll be back in five" I say looking at Hails. She nods and hugs Niall. 

I hug Niall and we walk out of Zayn's room. "Alright bye" Pancake sniffles and hangs up. "Bye beautiful" Lou says hugging me. "Bye cutie" I grin kissing him. He chuckles and hugs hid sister. "Bye Zack" I wink at Zayn. "It's Zayn" he rolls his eyes. "Whatever you say big guy" I chuckle. Zayn laughs and hugs me.

"Look after our girls alright?" Zayn says. "Deal" I grin. He chuckles.

"Now let's go and look after our broken hearted Pancake" Hails links her arm with mine and we skip to the car.



Winner: Joker123


Question: What was Zayley's first fight about? 

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