Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


11. He doesn't dance

Kelias' P.O.V

"Kelloggs, please drive me to work" Hails says waking me up. I nod and get changed. I plait my hair and grab an apple. "Let's go Hayley" I tap my foot impatiently. "Sorry" Hails apologises rushing out the door. I lock the door behind her and get into my car.

I start the car and drive off to Target. "Thanks Kelloggs, see you later" Hails gives me a hug. A very awkward hug may I add and jogs to the store. She turns back and waves. I wave back and once she goes inside I drive off to Hayley's home. 

I get to Hayley's home and get my phone out.

"Hey kiddo" my brothers voice says through my phone. "Hey LiLi" I smile. "What you up to?" Liam asks. "The usual, what about you?" I ask. "We're dancing for some reason, I'm not supposed to be on the phone but I'm at the back and Simon and the judges went to find Zayn 

because he doesn't want to dance, it'll be shown on the TV tonight" Liam says.

"Naughty LiLi" I chuckle. "I have to go, bye Kelloggs, love you" LiLi says. "Bye LiLi, love you too" I say and hang up.

Okay, so my day has been the boringest day of my life! My work place is getting redecorated so I have nothing to do, but I'm still getting paid! So that's good. I get in my car and drive to Target.

I buy lollies, ice-cream, chocolate, fizzy drinks, anything unhealthy.

"Well hello there" the guy next to Hails winks at me. "Max! I thought I told you last time, no flirting with customers"  Hails flicks him on his head. "Shut up Hayley, I have a chance with this girl" he hisses. "Really?" Hails asks. "She's my best friend, so good luck with that" she grins putting my money into the till.

"I'll wait outside for you" I tell Hails, she nods and serves the next customer. "I'm off, see you" Hails shouts to someone. The person nods and waves.

"Hiya" Hails shouts helping me up. "How was your shift?" I ask. "Alright, how was your day at home?" Hails giggles. "Boringest day of my life" I groan thinking about it. She chuckles and puts her seatbelt on. "I talked to Liam though" I add. "What was he up to?" Hails asks. "Dancing" I laugh.

"Oh, X-Factor is on!" I shout to Hails. She comes rushing into the living room and gives me my dinner.

"Last time on the X-Factor five lucky boys got given a second chance as a boyband!" The person on TV shows the pictures of last week. The TV shows the intro of the show.

It shows the boys dancing. BAHAHAHAHAHA! They are terrible! "L-l-look at his face" Hails screams with laughter pointing at Louis' face.

Hails and I record Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Harry dancing on our phones. After our fits of laughter we wash up and call the boys.

"Harry, shut up, hello" Louis screams through the phone. "HELLO!" Hails yells louder. "Hey girls" Harry's voice comes through the phone. "Hey Haz" we chorus. "Y-your dancing skills are terrible" I laugh bursting out laughing again. "Says you" Niall snorts. "I am actually a very good dancer" Hails says sassily.

"Uh huh" Zayn says. "Okay, so let's leave the dancing for Emy" I grin. "Let's" Lou agrees. "Okay, we're coming" Louis says going all sassy on someone. "Someone's calling us, gotta go, love you" "love you too" Hails grins. "Love you boys, make sure Emy and Pancake are alright" I say. "Will do, bye" Niall says. Louis makes a weird sound and hangs up.

"Our boys are the best" I chuckle leaning back on the sofa. "They are" Hails agrees.



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