Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


5. Hating cross-country

Hayley's P.O.V

"Get up" Emy yells in my face. "I don't want to, I have cross country today" I groan. Pancake and Emy pull me out of bed. Grr, I'll kill them later. I get changed and eat bacon!

"I like food, I like food, I like food" Pancake chants dancing around the kitchen. "Lottie, Fizzy, Hayley, let's go!" Liam shouts. I get up and get into the car. "See you later Liam" I wave and jog to catch up to Kelloggs.

"Cross country today" Kelloggs groans. "I hate cross country" I sigh. "Join the club" Kelloggs nods her head. "All girls into assembly now" someone speaks over the pa. Kelloggs and I shut our lockers and go up to the assembly place. 

"Girls we are having a problem with you not trying in cross country" a teacher states. "So" a girl raises her eyebrow. Damn her. "So, you have to try or no trip to Australia" she says. I get up and walk onto stage.

"You can't threaten us like that" I say. "Yes I can" the teacher says. "You shouldn't make a threat you're not going to carry out" I say. "I will carry it out though" the teacher grins. "That won't be allowed, the principal said herself, you can go to Australia if you have good marks, she didn't say, if you don't try in cross country you won't be going to Australia" I smile. All the girls stand up and clap. The teacher stomps off the stage angrily. I spot Kelloggs who is smiling like a proud mum whose daughter just won an award.

I jump off stage and run to Kelloggs. People high five me on the way. "Congratulations" I wink at Kelloggs. "What?" She asks. "You looked like a proud mum whose daughter has just won an award" I laugh. She laughs and we make our way out to the oval where cross country is taking place. 

"Girls year twelve running now" someone yells. Kelloggs and I stand up and jog to the starting line. "Ready, set, go!" The guy shoots the gun thing and we all start jogging together. "Cross the finish line together" one girl shouts. We all agree and walk the whole thing with our arms linked. We finish our third lap and one girl speaks up. "If we all cross together all of us will have to go to interschool" she states.

Five girls run ahead and cross the finish line. The rest of us stand behind the finish line and take one step over at the exact same time. "I am forever doing cross country like that, oh wait, I dont have to" Kelloggs grins. "Can we please have a photo of you two?" A camera man asks. We nod. "Smile" he says. We pull funny faces and he laughs while taking the pictures."Thank you girls" the camera man smiles and jogs off.

After school Kelloggs comes running up to me with something in her hand. "We're in the newspaper!" She squeals. I laugh and start reading it.

'This years cross country had a funny end! Years eight, nine, ten and eleven ran smoothly and normally but year twelve did something a little different. Every girl except the first to fifth place crossed the finish line together. One well known girl in the school was also part of it, Bianca, she says 'after Hayley stood up to me when I was bullying Kelias I had a hit in the face with reality. I've had a change of ways and a new beginning.' I stop reading and give Kelloggs back the newspaper. "You coming back with me?" I ask. "Not today, mum's picking me up, see ya Hails" Kelloggs hugs me and runs off to her car. I chuckle and start my walk to Lottie's and Fizzy's school.


I wait outside for an hour. I spot one of Lottie's friends and jog over to her. "Do you know where Lottie and Fizzy are?" I ask. "They went home early, don't know why though" she says. "Thanks" I say and walk on home. 




"Mum, I'm home" I call. "Mum" I call again. "Lottie?" I try. No answer. "Fizzy" I call again. No answer. "Louis? Phoebe? Daisy? Niall? Liam? Zayn? Harry? Emy? Pancake? Anybody" I yell louder. "Nobody except me sweetheart" a voice says behind me. "Dad?" I spin around to be face to face with my dad. "What are you doing here?" I ask. "Just popping in to say hi" he chuckles. "Where's my family?" I yell. "Them, oh, they're safe" he chuckles. "Where's my friends and Louis?" I yell at him. "They're safe, and that's no way to talk to your father" he yells. "You're not my father, you're a monster with no heart" I scream and run into my room. I close my door and lock it.



"Open this door and you won't get hurt" he says. "If i open the door I will get hurt, if I stay in here, I wont" I smirk. "You can't stay in there forever" he chuckles. "You're right" I grin. I swing my door open. As i expected he falls over by the sudden impact the door made on his face. "Gotta be smarter than that old man" I blow him a fake kiss and run out the house with my phone.





Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I have been out every night of the week anddd I have had lots of homework and studying for tests. Does anyone watch AFL? GO GEELONG!!!



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