Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


20. Harry's cousin

Angela's P.O.V

"Hey Mr famous" I joke nudging my cousins side. "Hey Miss not famous" he winks at me. I chuckle. "So when am I going to meet your band mates?" I ask jumping up and down. 

Oh yeah, did I mention my cousin is Harry Styles? Well he is and he is SUPERLY DUPERLY OVER PROTECTIVE OF ME WHICH GETS ANNOYING SOMETIMES! Harry and I are very close though.

"When they get home, and you'll get to meet the girls as well" Harry laughs at me. "I'm so excited for Christmas!" I yell bouncing in my seat.

Seven months have passed by like a kite, that didn't make sense but oh well. I am still trying out to be an actor but I haven't found any good places yet. I still think of the girl I met at Jamie's Acting House. I think I recognised her from somewhere. I have no idea where though. Eh, I'll have to search it up some time.

"HARRY! WE'RE HOME!" Someone shouts. "IN THE LIVING ROOM" Haz shouts back. "HAZ!" A girl yells jumping on Haz. Does Haz have a girlfriend? 

"I'VE MISSED YOU BESTIE!" The girl yells as Haz spins her around. "We want to say hi as well" Louis sasses. "Shut up Lewis" the girl pokes her tongue out at Louis. "WHERE THMPS?" The girl yells in Haz's ear.

"She's eating her food" Haz chuckles. The girl runs off somewhere.

"Guys this my cousin Angela, Angela this is Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn, Em-" "We can introduce ourselves Harold" one girl cuts Haz off. I laugh.

"I'm Emerald, call me Emy" "I'm Annsley, call me Pancake" "I'm Kelias, call me Kelloggs" "I'm- Angela?" The girl cuts herself off. 

"Hayley" I smile. "Hey girl" Hayley says weirdly putting her cat on Niall's lap. "ANGELA! I KNEW YOU LOOKED LIKE HARRY! I KNEW IT!"Hayley yells fist bumping the air. 

"Weird child" Louis mutters sitting beside me. I giggle quietly. "And I knew I knew you from somewhere" I grin. "We have sooooooo much to catch up on, do you still act?" Hayley asks. "Yeah, do you?" I ask. 

"Lou, move over" Hayley shoves Louis off the couch. He sighs and sits on Hayley's lap. 

"Wait, are you two going out?" I ask pointing between Louis and Hayley. They both burst out laughing. "S-sorry, we're laughing" Lou says through laughter. "No, he's my brother" Hayley smiles. 

"Can you please tell me who's related and who's dating?" I ask. "Louis and I are brother and sister, Kelloggs and Liam are brother and sister and you and Haz are cousins. Lou, Haz and Kelloggs are single, Liam and Emy are dating, Niall and Pancake are dating and Zayn and I are dating" Hayley smiles. 

"Okay, got it" I smile at Louis being single. I may or may not have a tiny crush on him, but then again, Haz is superly duperly over protective and would never let his best mate date me. 

"Haz, we're keeping your cousin" Zayn announces hugging me. "She's mine, go away" Pancake says. "Nah boi, she's mine" Emy says. "Obviously she's mine" Kelloggs and Liam say together. 

Everyone except Hayley fights over me. "Let Angela go" Hayley says sternly. Lou automatically backs away with Niall and Liam. The girls all follow and Haz and Zayn let me go. 

"Apart from Haz I knew Angela before all of you and we both didn't get through our acting thing, therefor she is mine and Thmps, Angela meet Thmps" Hayley smiles picking Thmps up. 

"Hey Thmps" I smile patting her. "How come you always win?" Lou asks her. "Because I'm King" she smiles. "No I'm King" Lou says crossing his arms. "No I'm King, you're Queen" Hayley crosses her arms. "Okay, let's not fight" I say standing inbetween the two. 

"Lou, can we talk?" Hayley says. Lou nods and follows his sister. 

"You act?" Ni asks. "Yes" I nod. "Cool" Ni states. Everybody went into their own conversations and Ni's and my conversation has gone like this:



Ni-how are you?

Me-good and you?

Ni-good thanks

Me-thats good

*awkward silence*

Ni-so you dance?



There's another awkward silence. 

"Boys can we talk?" Haz asks. The boys all follow Haz into another room.

Louis' P.O.V

I am over Eleanor! Yey! I don't have to be sad any more! But now I think I may like Harry's cousin. "Okay boys, this doesn't really apply to you three but nobody is dating my cousin" Haz states. 

I silently groan. "Got it?" Haz asks staring at me. "Got it" I say faking a smile. Haz nods and walks out. "I got your back bro" Ni pats my back and walks out after Zayn and Liam. 

I groan and run my hand through my hair. I walk back out. "Lou, we're going home, goodnight" The girls all hug me except Hails and Angela. 

"Goodnight everyone" I hug everyone except the three who stay here. "We'll get you and Angela together soon" Ni whispers as he hugs me. I smile and nod at Ni. He nods back and skips out the door.

"Louuuuuuuuuu, carry me to bed please?" Hails looks at me with puppy eyes. "Fine" I groan. "Haz can you please make me food?" Hails asks. Haz answers her by snoring. "Whatever, let's go, Lou, night Angela" Hails yells as I carry her away. I chuckle and lay Hails down on her bed.

"Goodnight Lou, I love you" she whispers. "Goodnight Hails, I love you too" I kiss her forhead and turn off her light. I smile at her and close the door quietly. 

"Goodnight Louis" Angela 

hugs me. We walk our separate ways into our rooms. I close my door and fall into my bed.

I've missed you bed. I love my bed, goodnight bed.



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