Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


9. Graduation

Hayley's P.O.V

It's been a few months now. Zayn and I are still going strong, Pancake and Niall are going strong, Emy and Liam are going strong, Kelloggs is still single along with Harry and Louis is now single. Eleanor broke up with Louis and I had to take a week off school so I could comfort him. Harry always seems to stare at me and go into fairy land, but I just ignore it. 

I have graduation today and I am really nervous. I was elected to give a speech in front of everyone, I hate public speaking! "Morning princess" Zayn smiles kissing my cheek. "Morning, morning LiLi" I smile giving my two boys a hug.

Niall comes skipping into the kitchen. He picks me up and spins me around. "Morning Irish Leprechaun" I giggle. "Good morning British Unicorn" Niall grins putting me down on the kitchen bench. 

"Morning Hails, morning boys" Lou hugs me. "Morning Haz" I smile as Harry comes into the kitchen. "Morning Hayley" Haz nods. 

The boys and I all have nicknames for each other. Harry is Haz or Evil Curls and I'm Haz junior, Louis is Lou and I'm Hails, Liam is LiLi or daddy and I'm HayHay or daughter, Zayn is Zaynie and I'm princess or any other name he decides to call me and Niall is Irish Leprechaun and I'm British Unicorn. 

I love my boys.

"Breakfast anyone?" I ask. The boys all nod their heads apart from Haz who has zoned out again. "Haz!" I yell. "Huh, oh yeah, sure" he nods getting bowls out. I serve up spaghetti and give everyone except LiLi a spoon, he has a fork.

"We'll be leaving tomorrow morning" Niall sighs resting his head above mine. "Sucks for you" I chuckle. "How?" Haz asks speaking for the third time this morning. "You are leaving four gorgeous girls!" Emy yells coming into the kitchen. "Hey Emy, Pancake, Kelloggs" I hug them all. "Well, Hails and I have to leave now so, goodbye" Kelloggs hugs everyone. "Bye girls, see you at graduation" Zayn smiles hugging me tightly.

"We don't have all day" Haz snaps. "Calm down Haz, you'll get your hug" I chuckle giving him a hug. I hug everyone else and Lou drives us to school. "Bye Lou" we say together. "Bye Kelloggs, bye Hails, good luck on your speech" Lou hugs us and we walk to where the graduation is being held. 

We've had to set all the chairs up, set the microphones up, clean the floor, clean the stage and practice the order in what we're doing a billion times. I thought we were supposed to be graduating not setting up for graduation and I thought cleaning was for cleaners, aparently not anymore, it's for graduating students.

"Okay everyone, people will start arriving soon, backstage please" the head of year twelve calls out. We all go backstage and talk in our groups. 

Kelloggs and I sit down. "Going to the bathroom" Kelloggs says standing up. I nod. I see Bianca sitting all alone. "Bianca" I call out. She looks at me with a sad smile. I wave her over. She jumps up and skips over to me. "What are you doing all alone?" I ask. "My friends ditched me because I started being nice" Bianca sighs.

"Don't worry, you have us two" Kelloggs grins sitting down completing the little circular triangle sort of thing we are sitting in. 

I get out my phone and add Bianca into my contacts. I read my text that I have.

'Heyyyyyyyy gurl! Don't screw things up! Good luck :D!! Xx - Irish Leprechaun'

'Thanks for the support -_- xx - British Unicorn'

'Welcome :) x - Irish Leprechaun'

I put my phone in my pocket and line up. "Please welcome this years graduating class" the principal claps. Everyone else claps as we all walk onto stage. The principal hands us our citificates and graduation award things. 

We all take a seat in the front rows where we have reserved seats. Luckily I'm next to Kelloggs. "Please welcome the College captain Christy" the principal says and walks off stage. Christy goes on stage and smiles at the crowd.

"Hello, I'm the College captain this year, my name is Christy. This year each year twelve voted for someone to come and make a speech. This person is brave, beautiful, kind, caring and not afraid to stand up for something she wants, she's loud when she wants to be" the crowd laugh at this. "This girl is a good student who has never missed a class. Some may say she's a goody two shoes but we say, I would like a one doller milkshake from McDonalds thanks, please welcome Hayley Tomlinson" Christy smiles at me.

Everyone claps as I stand up. I walk up the stairs and hug Christy. "Good luck" she whispers and jogs down the stairs.

"Uh, hello, I wrote a speech for this but I lost it at home so I'm making this up as I go along" I start. "Graduation is a time for celebrating, you get to look back on all the stupid and embarrassing things you've done in your school years. You get to remember all your memories. I'm sure you've heard of my brother, Louis Tomlinson. Well when he graduated his speech was and I quote I do not regret anything I've done in school except ignoring my little sister" I smile at Louis. He is smiling proudly along side Emy and Pancake.

"Well I regret a lot of things I've done in school, especially dating Braiden, that was a terrible mistake" I chuckle. "One thing I would like to say is that running away from your problems gets you nowhere, you have to face them head on. All running does is make you tired, tired of your problems, tired of friends, tired of family, tired of life. Face your problems head on!" I smile. "Also, before I go and leave you in peace don't ditch your friends just because they're turning nice" I glare at Bianca's ex-friends.

"Also I LOVE LOUIS TOMLINSON!" I yell. Louis runs up to me and spins me around. Kelloggs follows him and hugs me. Emy and Pancake sprint up to us and hug us. The boys all follow and soon I'm trapped in a hug with all the of year twelves, Louis, Kelloggs, Emy, Pancake, Zayn, Niall, Liam and Harry. 

"Coming for the after party?" Zac asks winking at me. "No, I've got plans" I smile and walk straight past him not giving him a second glance."That's Louis' sister alright" Niall chuckles. Louis puts an arm around me and we skip to Louis' car.


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