Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


17. First date

Hayley's P.O.V

"It's her first date Niall, she needs to look  perfect" Lou explains from inside my closet. I knew Lou was the 'fashonista' but I didn't know it took this long to choose an outfit.

I groan and fall back onto my bed. Niall and Louis have been arguing about what I'm going to wear since two o'clock. It's five now.

'@LittleTommo1: Never get @Louis_Tomlinson and @Niall_Horan to choose what you wear, it takes FOREVER! No joke -_- ghaaaa, I'm so bored :/ SOMEBODY SAVE ME! PLEASE I BEG YOU!!' 

"Don't ya wish your girlfriend was hot like me" my ring tone blares out. I pick up my phone. 

"Hello" I grin. "Hello my dear, why are Niall and Louis taking forever to choose your outfit?" Emy asks.

"Zayn and I are going on a date-" "Go on skype now!" Emy cuts me off. She hangs up. I grab my laptop and log onto skype.

"HELLO!" Kelloggs, Emy and Pancake yell through my computer screen. "Hey girls" I grin. "Miss Emy tells us you and Mr Malik are going on a date" Pancake grins through my computer screen.

"We are, and Lou and Ni are picking out my outfit, they are taking forever! I've been here since three o'clock" I sigh. "Take us to them, they will need our help" Kelloggs chuckles.

I take the computer to Lou and Niall. "OUT!" Lou yells pushing me out. "Sor-ry" I roll my eyes and wander into the kitchen. 

"Hey Liam" I smile. "What are you up to?" Liam asks handing me a sandwich. "I don't know" I say pulling a face.

"Neither do I" Liam says pulling a face at me. "I'm so bored" I sigh. 

"Shall we do an episode of the Liam and Hayley show?" Liam asks. I nod. "Lou and Ni have my laptop though" I state.

"No worries, we'll use Harry's" Liam chuckles grabbing Harry's laptop.


We wait excatly two minutes and start our twitcam.

"HELLO!" We yell together. "And welcome back to the Liam and Hayley show!" I grin. "Today, we will be talking about random stuff" Liam smiles. 

"So Louis and Niall are picking out my outfit and my advice is do not get them to pick it out. I waited by myself for two hours listening to them arguing about what I'm going to wear" I sigh. "Who shall we interview today?" Liam asks me and the viewers.

"I don't know, who shall we interview?" I ask the laptop. I see lots of comments saying Harry. 

"HARRY" I yell out. "WHAT?" He yells back. "COME HERE PLEASE" I yell out. "Now children, always says please and be polite" Liam says. He talks about some random thing while I go and find Haz.

"Liam and I are interviewing you, come here" I say pulling his sleve. "Okay, I'm coming" he rolls his eyes at me. "Don't you roll your eyes at me" I tell him off. "Sorry mum" he says.

I chuckle and sit down next to Liam. "Harry, have a seat" Liam smiles. Haz takes a seat.

"Name, age and where were you born?" Liam asks. "I'm Harry Styles, I'm sixteen turning seventeen soon and I was born in Chesire, England" Haz winks at the laptop.

"I'm older than you" I poke my tongue out at Haz. "I'm older than you" Liam pokes his tongue out at me. "Whatever" I huff and turn my attention to the computer. 

"Haz you can leave now" Liam dismisses Haz. Haz waves at the laptop and leaves the room. "That was the quickest interview ever" I laugh. "Oh well" Liam shrugs. 

"Candy girl asks if we are reading scripts?" Liam asks. "No we are not" I smile. "I love Liam Payne one hundred and one asks if we can sing something?" I ask. "Firstly, great name and secondly, sure! What do we sing?" Liam asks.

"The majority of our commenters say baby by Justin Bieber" I say. We sing most of Baby. 

"HAILS WE HAVE YOUR OUTFIT!" Lou yells out. "Well I guess this is end of this week's the Liam and Hayley show, see you next week" I start. "For more terrible interviews" "For more tips on cooking" "And some more random things we make up!" "Tell us who you want us to interview and we will try and track them down" I smile. "See you next week" Liam and I say together.

Liam ends the twitcam and I jog to my bunk. "You're wearing this" Ni says giving me my outfit. 

"Go get changed and Lou will do your hair" Ni smiles pushing me into the bathroom.

I get changed into the beautiful dress. It's a red dress that goes down to my ankles, it has diamonds patterned on it prettily. I quickly brush my hair and walk out putting my other clothes in the wash.

"Lou, Ni, I'm ready for my hair" I say. Lou turns around and sits me in a chair. "When did you last wash your hair?" Ni asks. "Last night" I chuckle. Ni nods and Louis brushes my hair.

"Zayn! Hurry up it's six thirty!" We hear Haz complain. I chuckle along with the other two boys. "Lou, Ni, HayHay" Liam sings skipping into the room where we are. "How do you know how to do hair?" Liam asks looking at Lou in amazment.

"I taught him" I grin. "Fair enough" Liam nods sitting down next to Niall. 

"Put these shoes on" Ni instructs passing me black high heels. I put my gorgeous high heels on and stumble over to Louis.

"I can't walk in these" I sigh. "We figured, come on we'll teach you" Liam chuckles taking my hand along with Louis. 

We walk around the room and soon enough I can walk by myself. I take my hands away from theirs and walk over to Niall without falling over and breaking a leg.

The boys all applaud me. "Thank you, thank you" I grin taking a bow. "Can I see myself now?" I ask Ni. "Yes, come on, the mirror's this way" Niall grins leading me over to the mirror.

Wow, I look amazing! My hair is straightened to perfection and half of it is pulled over my right shoulder and half of it is on my back. My black high heels compliment my dress perfectly.

"Thank you guys, I look amazing" I smile hugging Lou and Ni. "No problem" Ni grins. "No worries, what am I here for huh?" Lou chuckles. I grin and take a seat next to Liam.

"How come even when you're wearing high heels you're a shortie?" Liam asks. I shrug.

"Knock knock" Zayn says from outside the door. "How may I help you?" Lou asks opening the door. "I've come to pick Hayley up" Zayn smiles. "Hayley, your date is here" Ni calls. "Come on" Liam stands up.

"What if he thinks I'm ugly and runs away?" I stress. "Hayley! Zayn isn't like that, and you're beautiful, now let's go" Liam pulls me up. "Thanks LiLi, see you soon" I hug Liam. "No problem, have fun" he smiles as I walk over to Ni, Lou, Haz and Zayn.

"Have fun, don't be out to late" Haz chuckles hugging me. "Bye Haz" I hug him back tightly. "Have fun Hails! If anything happens call me and we'll be right there" Ni whispers in my ear. I nod. "Bye Ni" I hug him and go to Lou.

"Have fun Hails, I'll see you when you get back" Lou hugs me tightly. "Bye Lou" I kiss his cheek. "By the way, you look beautiful" he smiles. "Thanks Lou" I grin.

"Take care of her" Lou says looking Zayn straight in the eye. "Will do" Zayn nods.

"Hey Zaynie" I chuckle hugging him. "Hello gorgeous" he hugs me back. "Shall we go?" He asks. "We shall" I grin.

We takes my hand in his and we walk out of the tour bus. "Where are we going?" I ask.

"You'll see" Zayn chuckles. I sigh. We walk along the streets of London swinging our hands back and forth.

"Please tell me" I beg. "Nope" Zayn chuckles popping the p. I groan but don't annoy him anymore. "Why did you think I would run away?" Zayn asks breaking the silence.

"When I was younger I had my first date and the guy ran away" I chuckle. "And you took it hard?" He asks. "Yeah, I haven't had very good memories from dates" I sigh. "And every time Lou has been there for me" I smile.

"You and Louis are beyond close" Zayn states. "Yeah, he's very protective of me as well" I smile. "We're nearly there" Zayn smiles.

We get to the front doors of an Italian restuarant. Mmmm, I love Italian! 

"Reservations for Mailk" Zayn says to the guy. "Table for two?" He asks. Zayn and the guy say some other stuff but I don't listen to them. 

"Excuse me" I stop a waitress. "Yes?" She asks. "Have you been to the leaning tower of Piza?" I ask her. "No, I want to go but I've never been" she smiles and walks off to another table.

"Come on" Zayn chuckles tugging on my hand. We follow the waiter to the table. "We'll be out shortly to take your orders" he says and walks off. 

Zayn and I talk about anything and everything all through dinner.

Zayn and I walk along the beach holding hands. I cary my shoes in my other hand. "So, these other horrible dates" Zayn starts.

I chuckle and sit down on the sand. Zayn sits next to me and wraps an arm around me. "My worst date was when I was fifteen, I was deeply in love with this guy called Josh" I sigh.

"I talked about him all the time, non stop. Louis and mum knew all about him just from me talking about him, Louis never really trusted or liked him but he is over protective so that's expected" I chuckle. 

"Anyways, Josh asked me out on a date to an ice-cream shop or something and me being deeply in love with him said yes. Louis and mum helped me get ready and I was really excited. Josh told me he would pick me up at six in his car" 

"How did he have a car?" Zayn asks. "He was sixteen" I answer. Zayn nods and I continue my story.

"I waited by the window from five thirty. I waited for three hours but I thought nothing of it. Louis and mum weren't so sure about Josh anymore but I still waited. I finally ended up texting him saying 'where are you, is our date still on?' And he replyed with 'oh yeah, I forgot, be there in five' so I got all my stuff ready and went outside saying goodbye to Lou and mum as I left" I sigh, I hate telling this part of the story.

"So Josh picked me up three hours late and drove me to the ice-cream place, which amazingly happened to still be open. Josh ordered three slushies and three ice-creams. I thought one of them was for me but when he walked back over to me he squashed the ice-creams on my head and threw all three slushies in my face" I sigh.

"I ran home to Louis and mum crying my eyes out. They comfoted me all night long making me feel better. The next day Louis fought with Josh and won because of what he did to me" I finish.

"Good on Lou" Zayn grins. "Well I hope this date was good" Zayn smiles. "It was perfect" I lean my head on Zayns shoulder and stare out to sea. 

"I don't ever want this to end" I sigh. 

My phone beeps. Zayn gets my phone out of his pocket and hands it to me.

'Come back, we miss you two :( we're bored! Are you okay?! Answer me!! Xx - Dad<3' 

I chuckle at Liam being worried. "Liam wants us back on the tour bus" I state standing up. Zayn stands up. We walk back to the tour bus holding hands.

"Thank you for the amazing date" I whisper. "No, thank you" Zayn whispers. We lean in and kiss. "Okay, break it up, young eyes here!" Lou yells opening the door. We pull away and I blush.

"Whatever Lou" I chuckle going inside. "Tell us everything" Haz grins. The boys sit on the couch while Zayn explains. "I'm really tired, goodnight boys, love you all" I hug them all and change into my pajamas.

I climb into my bunk and wrap myself up in my three blankets. I dig my head into my pillow and fall asleep. 




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