Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


2. Daily life without Louis

This chapter is dedicated to CarrotQueen17 <3 

Chapter Two

~Daily life without Louis~

Hayley's P.O.V

Louis' gone to bootcamp and it's been greattt... for him. For me it's alright, our after school routine has changed. Louis used to pick Fizzy, Lottie and I up from school and we would all go for coffee or hot chocolate or sometimes we used to go shopping. Now, I have to rush out of class and run (yes run, I don't have a car) to Lottie's and Fizzy's school, because they are in year three and four and I'm in year twelve.

"Hayley!" Fizzy yells as she sees me. I grin and pick her up.

"Hey Fizzy, where's Lottie?" I ask. 

"I'm right here" Lottie grins hugging me.

"Can we please get starbucks?" Lottie asks as we start walking.

"Yes, hang on a minute though" I say taking my phone out my pocket.

'Hayley come home with the girls, Daisy and Phoebe need to be babysat, I got called into work tonight, be safe xxx - Mum'

"Change of plans, mum has a night shift" I tell Lottie. She sighs but nods. We walk home kicking my football between the three of us.

"Hayley, Lottie, Fizzy, thank you girls for coming straight home" mum says hugging all of us. "See you after school or in the morning, be good, have a good day at school and I love you" mum kisses our forheads and rushes outside.

"Do you have homework?" I ask getting dinner ready. The girls nod and do their homework at the kitchen table.

"Daisy, Phoebe" I call. Daisy and Phoebe run into the room giggling.

"Can you please sit at the table?" I ask. Daisy and Phoebe sit down at the table while Lottie get's drinks and Fizzy lays the table.

"How was school?" I ask giving everyone their dinner and sitting inbetween my two three year old twin sisters.

"Good" Fizzy answers first.

"Alright" Lottie shrugs. "How was your school?" Lottie adds.

"Alright I guess, lot's of tests" I say clearing the plates away. 

"Hayley, the phone's ringing" Phebe calls through the house. Thank you for stating the blindingly obvious. I quickly dry my hands and pick up the phone.

"Hayley speaking" I say.

"Guess who" the person says through the phone.

"LOUIS!" I yell.

"LOUIS!" The girls yell running into the kitchen.

"I rang to say, go on Skype" he says and hangs up. 

"My room, let's go" I say picking Daisy and Phoebe up and running to my room. I log onto skype and video call Louis.

"Hayley! Phoebe! Daisy! Lottie! Fizzy!" Louis yells.

"Hey Lou" I grin.

"Where's mum?" Louis asks.

"Work" Fizzy answers. Louis nods, thinking.

"You still coming tomorrow?" Louis asks.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world" I grin. 

I put the girls to bed and say goodbye to Louis. I go on twitter and instagram for a bit. 

I turn my light off and get into bed.


"GET UP HAYLEY!" my brothers voice yells. Why did I let Louis choose what my alarm clock said? I was so stupid _-_ I turn the alarm off and get changed.

"Time for school, get up" I say opening Lottie's and Fizzy's shared bedroom door. Everyone shares a room in this house as we only have a four bedroom house. Louis and I share, Lottie and Fizzy share a room and Daisy and Phoebe share a room.

Everyone gets up and out the house on time. "Hey gran" I smile giving her a hug as we arrive at her house. 

"Hello darling, Daisy, Phoebe come inside. You three have a good day at school" our gran hugs us and I walk Lottie and Fizzy to their school. Once I drop them off I get to my school.

My whole day has been filled with girls who normally look down on me asking me 'can I have your brothers number?' and 'Introduce me to your brother' it's really annoying!





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