Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


36. Caught in the act

Hayley's P.O.V

"That's thirty five pounds" the cashier says. Zayn hands over the money and takes the bag. 

"You guys are the cutest couple" She says and goes on about how cute we are and stuff. "Thanks" Zayn smiles. "But we're not dating" I add. Zayn looks to the ground.

"Oh, well you should get together" she says and helps the next customer. 

Zayn and I start walking home. "She's right, you know" Zayn breaks the silence. 

"Huh?" I ask turning to him. I sheild my eyes from the sun. "We make a cute couple" he smiles. I shrug and smile. "You agree" he states. 

"No I don't" I say, far too quickly. Damn my mouth. Zayn chuckles and puts an arm around my shoulders. 

"OH MY GARD!" A girl shrieks. "IT'S ZAYN MALIK AND HAYLEY TOMLINSON!" She shrieks. Heavy footsteps start coming towards us. 

Zayn and I look at each other and start sprinting. "For the record, I've always loved you" I yell to Zayn. WHAT ARE YOU DOING STUPID MOUTH? YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TELL THAT TO HIM!

"And I've always loved you" Zayn shouts back. He grabs my hand and we run faster. "Be my girlfriend?" Zayn asks pulling me behind a bin. 

The footsteps stomp past. I catch my breath. I lean over to Zayn and kiss him. "Does that answer your question?" I whisper. Zayn nods and hugs me. 

"There they are!" A girl yells. I look behind me to see girls and photographers sprinting towards us.

I pull Zayn up and start running. Zayn sprints next to me. "They are going to kill us" I shout. "The fans or our family?" Zayn asks. "Both" I yell.

I look up to see our mini family standing there with cross looks on their faces. "Run straight past them, they'll catch on" I shout. Zayn nods and runs faster. I match Zayn's speed. We sprint straight past them and go to the elevator. 

We hear footsteps behind us. "Get in" Liam yells jumping into the elevator. I follow his league and so does everyone else. I press the button and lean against the elevator war. Zayn does the same, still holding my hand.

Zayn and I catch our breath. "You two are in so much trou-" "Why?" I interupt Lou. "We said you couldn't come out until you made up" Lou crosses his arms. 

"We're dating again though" I state. Zayn nods and hugs me from behind. I smile. 

Zayn is mine again. YES! 

"So" Angela wiggles her eyebrows. Emy, Kelloggs and Pancake do the same.

"Are Niall and you alright?" I ask Pancake. Pancake nods and leans against Niall. I grin. Harry and Kelloggs stand in the corner talking and laughing. Kelloggs keeps giggling at everything Harry says. 

They would be ca-ute together. Their ship name would be, hmm, it would be Halloggs Stayne. Yes, Halloggs Stayne. Perfect! Now, to get them together.

"Don't even think about it" Zayn warns making me face him. "But why not?" I cross my arms like a five year old. "Because, they can get together themselves" Zayn says. "I'll give them three days max" I say. Zayn sighs.

"I'm not going to win this argument am I?" Zayn asks. "Not a chance" I wink at him. He chuckles. "Pass me my laptop?" I ask anyone. Lou chuckles and passes me my laptop. I grin at him and open it up.

I log onto my emails and see a few. 

"Junk, junk, junk, junk, junk, ju- not junk" I cut myself off and click on the email.

'Dear Miss Tomlinson,

A young girl who works for our company has reccomended for us to watch the Liam and Hayley show, we did that and we would like you to act for us. We are making a new movie soon called 'Just Go With It' and we would like you in it. For more information please contact us on ***********.

From Happy Maddison :D'

"OH MY GAWD!" I yell. I put my laptop carefully on the couch and jump up from Zayn's lap. I jump around happily. 

"What happened?" Lou asks jumping up. 

"HAPPY MADDISON WANTS ME TO ACT IN ONE OF THEIR NEW MOVIES!" I yell jumping about. "OH MY GOSH IT'S SO EXCITING! CONGRATULATIONS!" Angela screams jumping around with me.

"GROUP HUG!" Kelloggs yells. Everyone surrounds me in a group hug. 

"Celebration dinner! Kelloggs, Harry, Zayn and Emy cook, Liam and Hails reply and do whatever you need to do, the rest of you follow me" Lou orders. 

Lou, Angela, Pancake and Niall jog out the door. Kelloggs, Harry, Zayn and Emy go into the kitchen. Liam and I sit on the couch. I grab my laptop and start to type.

'Dear Happy Maddison,

Thank you so much! I would love to act for you. Where is it and when do you need me there?

From Hayley Tomlinson'

I send off my email and log off. I go onto twitter and let Liam log in. 

We start the twitcam.

"Hello" we grin. "And welcome back to the Liam and Hayley show" I grin. "So we have some news to dish" Liam winks. 

"So firstly" Liam begins. "Zayn and I broke up, I ran away to Ireland, I met Niall's mum, I came back to London, Zayn and I got back together and Happy Maddison Productions asked ME to act in their new movie, which I shall not tell you the name because they might change their minds and not let me act" I smile. 

Most comments are saying congratulations and well done and stuff like that. 

"So you guys have been asking us to interview Ed Sheeren, so I did just that, have a look" Liam smiles showing a video.

"And that is why Liam should never be an interviewer or journalist" I state as the interview ends. "I completely agree" Liam nods putting the video away. 

"It's my turn to interview someone, so go over to my twitter and tell me who you want me to interview" I grin. "Her twitter is LittleTommo1" Liam smiles. 

"Liam! Hayley! Dinner's ready!" Harry yells out. "Well we must go now" I sigh. "We'll see you next time, well you'll see us" Liam trails off. "We'll be back next week for more failed interviews" I smile. "More gossip" Liam says weirdly. "More arguments" I chuckle. "And more pointless subjects we talk about" Liam chuckles. "We'll see you next week on" I pause. "The Liam and Hayley show" Liam and I say together. 

We wave and Liam stops the twitcam. "Dinner" Emy helps us up and we follow her to the dinner table.

I sit down next to Zayn and Liam. "Dinner is served" Harry says putting my dinner in front of me. "Thank you Sir Harry" I grin. He nods and sits down next to Kelloggs and Angela. 

We finish our dinner and I eat musile bars, because they put musile bars in front of me. If there is musile bars, I can't say no. 

Lou nods at Pancake. They stand up and walk off. "What are they doing?" I ask. Everyone shrugs. Real helpful guys, real helpful.

Lou kneels beside me. I move over and he shares my chair with me. "We love you and we hope for the best" Lou hugs me. Pancake puts a big box in front of me.

I start to unwrap the present. I look at Emy and Kelloggs. They nod. I smile and continue unwrapping the present. 

"I didn't even know they sold these" I say hugging my present. They got me a musile ar shooter thing. Like what?!?!

"They don't" Lou grins. I turn to him and hug him tightly. 

I used to always go on about how I wished I could get musile bars when I was in bed without moving. 

"Thank you guys" I grin. I go around the table and hug each one of them. "I'm going to bed" I announce. I hug everyone and make my way to Zayn's room. "I'll set it up" Zayn takes it off of me. I smile and lie down on his bed. 

I watch as Zayn sets it up effortlessly. He runs a hand through his hair. I smile, he looks cute. "It's quite creepy to take photos of people while they're setting stuff up" Zayn chuckles smirking at me. I shrug and continue taking photos of him. 

I take a few selfies as well. "There" Zayn grins. "Thank you" I hug him tightly. 

"Aren't you uncomfortable?" Zayn asks. "Yes, but I can't be bothered to find any comfortable clothes" I shrug. Zayn chuckles and searches through his clothes draws.

He throws me a shirt and a pair of basketball shorts. I go into the bathroom and get changed. Zayn's shirt hangs down to my knees and his basketball shorts are just a bit shorter than the shirt. I feel like a midgit in these clothes.

"Put your clothes in the laundry basket" Zayn calls out. "I'm using your hair brush" I call out. Zayn chuckles. I untie my hair and brush my hair.

I walk back out to see Zayn laying on hid bed scrolling through his phone, shirtless. "I feel like a midgit in your clothes" I cross my arms. "You're a little cutie" Zayn comes over to me and pinches my cheeks. 

"I'm going to bed now" I state getting under the covers. Zayn cuddles me. I get the remote control and press the shoot button. A yoghurt musile bar hits me on the face. "Ow" I mumble. I get the musile bar and eat it.

"Goodnight beautiful" Zayn kisses my forehead. "Goodnight Zaynie" I hug him and fall asleep.


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