Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


29. Bowling

Sorry I didn't update yesterday, I had to go to a thing with my parents. Also thank you for 700 reads<3 You guys are amazing or AmaZayn ;) <3


Annsley's P.O.V

"Spare!" Zayn yells out dancing around terribly. "Pa-lease, I can do better than that" Hayley smirks grabbing a ball. 

"Come on Hayley!" Us girls cheer. The people next to us start cheering us along. I chuckle. Hayley gets a strike. She runs a lap around the bowling centre high fiving people on the way. 

"You're up" I wink at Niall. He chuckles and throws the ball down the asile thingy. Niall's ball goes into the gutter. I laugh my head off. Niall tries again and one pin falls down. 

Niall grins and hugs me. "Let me go, I'm up" I grab a ball and bowl it along. I get a strike. 

"And the winners are the girls team!" I announce. Emy hugs me and spins me around. "I'm so proud of us!" Angela grins high fiving us. 

"Well done" Niall wraps his arms around me. "Why thank you" I smile leaning against him.

"I'm hungry" I groan kicking the ground. "Me two" Niall sighs. "Me three" Hayley says. Liam had a  brilliant idea of going for a two hour long walk, with no food!

"I'm going to starve and never be able to play basketball again!" I say dramatically. "Well you guys can turn back if you want" Liam shrugs walking into an ice-cream parlor. When did that get there?!?

"On second thoughts, I'll stay" Niall says. Angela, Kelloggs and the boys sprint in after Liam. "I'm going back" Hayley states. "Why?" I ask. 

"My sides hurt, I'm going to grab a cab or something" Hayley smiles. "Will you be okay?" I ask her concern filling my voice. "Pancake, I'll be fine, I'll call you if anything happens" Hails hugs me and starts walking to the place where we came from. I sigh.

Louis and Zayn jog over to me. "Where's Hayley going?" Zayn asks. "She said her sides hurt so she's going back, I'm a bit worried though" I sigh. "I'll go with her" Harry says walking over to us. "No, first call her" Lou takes Zayn's phone and calls her.

"Okay...Alright Hails...I'll be right there...I love you too...See you soon...Bye Hails, love you" Lou says and hangs up. "You guys stay with Liam, I'll find Hails" Lou says and runs off. We walk into the ice-cream parlor and take our seats.

Louis' P.O.V

I run in the direction which Hails went. I hope she's alright. 

I see Hails ahead and sprint faster. "Hails" I shout. She spins ar

ound and smiles at me. I slow down and stop in front of her. I see her tears and hug her, being careful not to hurt her sides. "Let's get you home" I help her along to Liam's car. I put Hails in the passenger seat and get into the drivers seat. "Thank you Lou" she whispers putting her head against the window.


I smile and park the car. "Lou" Hails groans. "I'll carry you" I close my door and run around to the other side of the car.


I pick Hails up and lock the car. I lay Hails on the couch and put a blanket over her. I grab a pillow. I lift her head up and slide the pillow under her head. I lay her head back down and put Harry Potter on.


I make her a coffee and make myself a coffee. I take our coffee's into the lounge room and sit on the couch with Hails.

"Thank you Lou" Hails smiles sipping her coffee. "No problem Hails, I'm your brother, this is my job" I pat her leg and snuggle into the couch.


"Lou, can you please get ice-cream and spoons?" Hails asks. I nod and jump up. I run to the kitchen and get a tub of ice-cream, cookie dough ice-cream of course and grab two spoons. I run back to Hails and sit down next to her. 

I hand her a spoon and put the ice-cream between us.

"I love you more than I love Ron Weasley" Hails says resting her head on my shoulder. "And I love you more than I love Hermine" I rest my head on Hails' head. "I'm so touched" Hails chuckles. "Right back at ya" I smile.

Thmps meows and lies across Hails and I. 




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