Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


15. Back together

Zayn's P.O.V

"Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up!" Hayley yells in my face. "No" I grunt. "Yes" Hayley yells pulling me out of my bunk. I land on the floor with a thud. 

"Ow" I yawn. "Get up! You have a concert in half an hour" Hayley grins. I jump up remembering the boys plan. 

"Well someone changed their mind about not getting up" Hayley mumbles. I grin at her and run into the kitchen.

"What's for breakfast?" I ask. "We've gone past lunch" Harry states. "Come on! Let's get to the venu!" I grin. "Since when did he get energetic?" Lou asks Hayley. "I have no idea" Hayley shrugs. Lou's face lights up and runs over to me. "I know why" Ni chuckles.

"Don't talk with your mouth full" Liam tells Ni off. "Sorry dad" Ni says swallowing his food. I chuckle.

"HAY! That's mine" Ni yells jumping on my back. "No it's mine" I say. Niall and I wrestle each other for the sandwich. Lou and Haz cheer us on and Liam tries to break us up.

Hayley's P.O.V

"Hey kid" Paul smiles putting his arm around my shoulders. "Hey Paul" I grin. "What is going on?" Paul asks. "I honestly have no idea" I sigh. "LADS!" Paul and I yell together. Lou and Haz stop cheering and Niall, Zayn and Liam look at us. 

"Your concert starts in ten minutes" I state. Next thing I know I'm getting carried out of the tour bus.

"Move boys!" Paul yells out. "Move Paul!" I yell out mimiking Paul. "I will drop you" Paul threatens. "Okay, I'll shut up now" I say. I rest my head on Pauls back and hold on tight. "Are you okay?" Lou yells above the screams of fans.

I nod and smile. We get inside and Paul drops me on my feet. "Lou" I say. "Fine" he groans. "Yes!" I fist bump and jump on Lou's back. "HEY BESTIE!" Ni yells appearing beside me. "HEY BESTIE!" I yell. 

"Zaynnnnnnnnnnn" Ni yells. "Yes?" Zayn asks. "Piggy back" Ni asks with puppy dog eyes. "Come on Zaynie, no one can resit those eyes" I say. Zayn sighs but catches up to us. Ni and I high five.

"What are you guys doing for the concert?" I ask. I see Zayn and Lou share a look. "Singing, eating, talking, twitter questions, stuff like that" Ni shrugs. I nod.

My mouth starts to water as I see the food table. "You're not allowed to eat off that table boys" Paul says sternly.

"Me too?" I ask with puppy dog eyes. "You can have a little bit of food" Paul smiles. "That's not fair" Ni, Zayn and Lou whine. I jump off Lou's back and sprint over to the food table. 

I look around to see nobody looking, I smile and grab a taco, nachos, chicken, carrots, jelly and chocolate.

"Boys" I hiss. Ni and LiLi run up to me straight away.

"Chocolate for you and chicken for you" I grin. They both hug me and eat their food. "YOU GOT FOOD?!" Lou yells sprinting over to me with Zayn and Haz. I groan and facepalm my face.

"Shoosh!" Haz whisper yells. "Sorry" Lou whispers.

I give Zayn the jelly, Haz the taco and Lou the carrots. "You and your nachos" Lou chuckles. I grin and run off to some random room. I sit in the chair and eat my nachos in peace.

"What are you doing in my dressing room?" Zayn asks raising an eyebrow at me. "Eating" I say. "Hayley, I'm sorry" he sighs. I hide my smile. "So am I" I whisper. 

'HUG HIM' my conscience yells at me. I stand up and throw my rubbish away. I hug Zayn tightly. He hugs me back. "Hayley! Where are you?" Paul yells. 

Oh yeah! My plan! I pull away from Zayn and run out to Paul. "There you are, I thought we lost you, you're on now!" Paul whisper yells the last part. 

Paul, the backstage crew and I know about my plan. I would have told Lou but he can't keep a secret. Once I told him my crush, two minutes later the whole school knew. It was embarrassing!

"You are on" Paul says each word clearly. "Oh right! My guitar?" I ask. He hands me my guitar. "Good luck kid" Paul hugs me.

I smile and jog to the people with the microphones. "Hayley! What are you doing?" Lou yells. The boys come rushing over to us. I blow them a kiss and run onto stage before they can stop me.

I hear Louis shout my name. Oopsies. 

"Hello" I grin at the confused crowd. "Don't worry you will get to see One Direction, I'm just here for a bit" I smile. 

The crowd scream. Well, that's a good start, I think.

"How are you all tonight?" I ask setting my guitar down. "I should probably introduce myself" I pause.

"Well, I'm Hayley Tomlinson, yes I am Louis Tomlinson's sister, no you can not have his number from me, I am seventeen turning eighteen soon, I'm the second oldest in my family and I graduated a while ago" I smile.

I see a couple of hands go up. "Are these questions?" I ask. The girls nod. "You" I point at one. 

I spot a microphone. "Pass this to her please" I say. The microphone gets passed to the girl. She takes it and smiles at me.

"What's your twitter?" She asks. "Little Tommo one, yours?" I ask. "Harrys underscore girl" she giggles. I type in her name on twitter and follow her.

"You" I point at a girl with red hair. "W-what are you singing?" She stutters. "I didn't excatly think about that, requests?" I ask. Everyone screams. I smile.

"What would you like me to sing?" I ask the same girl. "C-can you please sing taken by One Direction?" She asks shyly. I nod. I know this on guitar!

"Now that you can't have me, you suddenly want me. Now that I'm with somebody else, you tell me you love me. I slept on your doorstep, begging for one chance. Now that I finally moved on, you say that you missed me all along" I sing.

The crowd and I sing the whole of taken not messing up. Go us! "That was good, butttt I feel lonely on stage" I sigh pulling a sad face.

"So I need my One Direction" I smile. "I'm Louis, obviously! As I am the little Tommo" I grin. The crowd laugh. "Who wants to be my Harry?" I ask.

Lots of hands shoot up. I look around and my eyes land on a girl with brown curly hair and green eyes. Just like Haz!

"You also have to be able to sing" I add. Some hands go down. "You" I point at the girl I saw before. She grins and Paul gets her. She joins me on stage.

I get three more girls who join me on stage. "What's your names?" I ask them.

"I'm Ally" the Haz look alike smiles. "Holly" my Liam says shyly. "Crystal" my Niall grins. "Cassy" my Zayn says. 

"I'm Hayley!" I smile. "Okay, so what shall we sing?" I ask. "Give your heart abreak by Demi Lovato" a girl shouts. "You girls know that?" I ask my One Direction. They nod.

I start playing my guitar and Cassy starts singing. 

"The day I first met you, you told me you'd never fall in love, but now that I get you I know fear is what it really was" Cassy sings. Wow she can sing!

I keep changing my One Direction. "Okay, so put your hand up if you have not been up yet, and be honest" I smile. A couple of hands go up. 

"You four come on stage" I say. They come up. "You're a little cutie" I grin crouching down to one of the girls height. "What's your names?" I ask.

"I'm Hayley" one says. "WE HAVE THE SAME NAME!!" I shout hugging her. She laughs and hugs me back. 

"I'm Nelly" the cutie smiles. "Kat" "Megan". "Okay guys. Now can you play any instruments?" I ask. 

"I can play the keyboard" Megan smiles. "I can play the drums" Kat smiles. "I can play a saxaphone" Hayley grins. "That is cool! Do we have a saxaphone anywhere?" I ask.

Paul jogs over to me and hands me a saxaphone. "Thanks Paul" I grin. He nods and jogs back to where he was before. "I can dance" Nelly says shyly. "Then you shall dance!" I exclaim. The crowd and the girls laugh.

"This will be the best band ever! Better than One Direction" I grin. The crowd screams. I chuckle. 

"You guys can sing as well" I add. I pick up my guitar. 

"Do you guys know What makes you beautiful on these instruments?" I ask. They all nod. I start playing the opening thing on guitar. The rest of my band join in.

"You're insecure, don't know what for, you're turning heads when you walk through the door-o-or. Don't need make up to cover up, being the way that you are is enough-a-ough" we sing. 

We finish the song and the crowd give us a standing ovation. "BEST BAND OF THE CENTURY!" The crowd screams together. "Thank you all so much for being so nice to me" I grin.

The girls go back to their seats. "I was really scared you wouldn't like me when I came out so thank you all so much!" I smile. "I have Louis to be scared of now but before I go I have one song that I'm going to sing, I wrote it for a special someone so here goes" 

I sit on the piano seat and start playing the introduction. This is for Zayn, I hope he realises. Here goes.

(This is actually Avril Lavigne's song)

"I always needed time on my own,

I never though I'd need you there when I cried,

And the days feel like years when I'm alone,

And the bed where you lie is made up on your side"

I sing. Nobody makes a sound.

"When you walk away I count the steps that you take, do you see how much I need you right now?"

I sing letting my fingers play the beautiful piano.

"When you're gone,

The pieces of my heart are missing you,

When you're gone,

The face I came to know is missing too,

When you're gone,

The words I need to hear to get me through the day and make it okay,

I miss you" my voice goes through the arena. I take a look at the edge of the stage to see Louis crying and smiling.

"I've never felt this way before,

Everything that I do reminds me of you,

And the clothes you left they lie on the floor,

And they smell just like you,

I love the things that you do.

When you walk away I count the steps that you take, do you see how much I need you right now?" I sing.

"When you're gone,

The pieces of my heart is missing you,

When you're gone,

The face I came to know is missing too,

When you're gone,

All the words i need to hear to get me through the day and make it okay,

I miss you" I sing.

Tears starts sliding down my cheeks. I look up to see all the boys crying. I lock eyes with Zayn but quickly look away. 

Louis runs out and sits next to me wrapping his arm around my shoulder. Nobody makes a sound even though Louis came out.

"We were made for each other,

Out here forever,

I know we were, yeah, yeah,

All I ever wanted was for you to know,

Everything I do I give my heart and soul,

I can hardly breathe, I need to feel you here with me, yeah" I sing more tears coming out my eyes.

"When you're gone,

The pieces of my heart are missing you,

When you're gone,

The face I came to know is missing too,

When you're gone,

All the words I need to hear to get me through the day and make it okay,

I miss you" I finish my song.

I finish playing the piano and stand up.

Louis stands up with me holding my hand.

I look to the crowd to see mostly everyone crying. "Thank you all so much for listening to me and I shall forever remember that we were the best band of the century! I would stay forever but you came here for One Direction not me, so here is your boys, ONE DIRECTION!" I yell through my tears.

The screaming begins. I hug Louis and jog off stage. "I miss you too" Zayn whispers as I hug him. I smile. He gets pulled away and jogs onto stage. 

I dance around backstage by myself looking like an idiot. "CUZ YOU'VE GOT THAT ONE THING!" I yell out. "GET OUT, GET OUT GET OUT OF MY HEAD AND FALL IN TO MY ARMS INSTEAD!" I scream out dancing about.

The concert ends but I keep dancing by myself. "What are you dancing to?" Zayn asks leaning against a wall crossing his arms.

"The music in my head" I smile. "Can we talk?" He asks. I nod and follow Zayn. 

Louis' P.O.V

I'm so proud of my sister! Hayley follows Zayn to his dressing room. The lads and I eavesdrop on them.

"Can you hear?" Haz asks. "No" I whisper.

We wait ten minutes until Zayn and Hayley finally come out of the room holding hands. "We're back together" Zayn grins. 

"Congratulations!" I yell spinning Hayley around. She chuckles and hugs me back. "Hayley, hurry up" Niall whines dragging Hayley somewhere. "I'm coming too" Liam yells following them. 

Zayn and Haz leave and it's just me. "Come on Louis, let's go" Paul smiles. I follow Paul out the venu to be deafened.

There goes my hearing.





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