Being a Tomlinson

Hayley Tomlinson is the older sister of Phoebe, Daisy, Felicite and Charlotte Tomlinson and the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. What will happen when Hayley meets the rest of One Direction? What will Hayley react like? *UNDER EDITING*


22. Adventures

Hayley's P.O.V

"Excuse me" a girl taps my shoulder. "Yes?" I ask weirdly. "You're in my seat" she says in an annoying voice. "No, I'm in my seat" I say sassily. Lou and LiLi hold in their laughs.

"No it's mine" she screams in annoyance.

"Is this girl bothering you ma'am?' A stuidess asks me. "No, she was just leaving" Lou says pulling off his hood. "Oh my gosh, i-it's L-L-Louis T-T-Tomlinson and L-L-Liam P-P-Payne" the girl stutters.

"That's us, now go find your seat" Lou looks at the girl with 'the look'. She better leave us alone.

The girl nods and runs off to her seat. Lou, Liam and I high five. The stuidess smiles and walks off.

"I'm so bored" I groan leaning against Lou. "Ten more minutes" Liam laughs. "That's so long" I groan.

"Actually it's not that long" the same girl from earlier says. "Actually it is" I roll my eyes. "And shouldn't you be in your seat? We are landing soon and last time I checked the seatbelt sign was on" I fake smile at her.

"Whatever" she huffs and stomps off. Lou and Liam high five me again. I chuckle and settle into my seat. I love landing.

"I want the window seat" I complain. "Well it's mine" Liam smirks. "I want to sit there" Lou complains shutting his phone down. Liam and Lou have an argument the whole landing, they don't even realise most people are off the plane.

"When you were arguing you missed the landing" I say breaking up their argument. "Oh" they say together. I chuckle and grab my bag. "Let's go" I grin.

I skip off the plane into the airport. I grab my bags and line up in the customs thing.

"I'm so excited" I grin holding Liam's and Lou's hands. "Me too, I've missed home" Lou grins. "I'm excited too" Liam smiles.

"Have you guys talked to Emy lately?" Lou asks us. Liam and I look at each other. "She broke up with me and laughed in my face" "and she spoke rudely to me through the phone and suggested I lose her number" I finish.

Lou's face hardens. "She isn't talking to me then" Lou mutters. I sigh and follow Liam and Lou through customs.

"Welcome home" the security guard smiles and opens the door.

I see lots of girls. "Why are fans everywhere?" Liam sighs. "Boys, just take pictures, be nice and ignore reporters" I smile. "How do you know what to do?" Lou asks confused.

I spot mum and my little sisters. "MUM, LOTTIE, FIZZY, DAISY, PHOEBE!" I yell sprinting towards them.

The girls make an asile to them. Lottie hears me first and sprints towards me, Lou and Liam. I drop my bags and pick her up. I spin her around and kiss her forhead. I set her down and go to Fizzy who's waiting patiently.

"I've missed you big sis" she whispers. "I've missed you too lil sis" I whisper in her ear. Fizzy lets me go and steps back. Phoebe and Daisy run up to me. 

"Hey babies, how have you been?" I ask them hugging them.

"We've been good" Phebs grins. "I've missed you two" I smile kissing their forheads. 

"Mum has missed you and Lou" Daisy whispers. I smile. The twins run over to Liam and Lou who are talking to Lottie and Fizzy and some fans.

"Hey mum" I smile. "Oh darling, I've missed you" my mum sobs. "Mum, don't cry, I'll start crying" I tell her.

"I've missed you mum" I hug her tightly. "Darling, I've missed you and your brother" mum says crying. 

Mum and I stand there hugging each other. Lou joins us with Daisy, Phoebe, Lottie and Fizzy. We have a big family group hug. 

I spot Liam standing by awkwardly. Mum motions for him to join the hug. He comes and we have a big group hug.

"Boys, sign some autographs and take some pictures, some of these fans where here before us" mum chuckles wiping her tears away. 

I notice photographers. I jump in a photo with Liam and Lou. "Excuse me miss, may you please step aside" the photographer asks. I roll my eyes and walk over to some fans. 

"Hello" I grin. "Hello" one girl yells happily. I laugh and hug her. "Can you please take a selfie with us in the background?" A girl asks me. I nod and take her phone. 

Everyone in the selfie gets into a position. I take a couple of selfies with everyone and take a couple with the girl who asked me to.

"Well,I must join my family for a photo so bye, keep supporting my brother and his band" I yell out behind me.

I join the family photo. 

"Let's go, we have to catch up, and Stan's waiting for you" mum grins taking Phoebe and Daisy's hands. Liam, Lou and I grab our bags and walk out the airport. Hello Doncaster.

"Home sweet home" I smile chucking my bags on my bed. 

"Where will I sleep?" Liam asks. "Ask mum" I shrug going to the kitchen. "I'm not going to Stan's anymore, he's at his grandma's" Lou states. 

"We don't have any spare rooms" mum stresses. "Mum, calm down! Liam will sleep on my bed and I'll sleep on the couch or something" I shrug. Mum pulls a face but shrugs and carries on folding clothes.

I chuckle and set up a bed on the couch in Lou's and my room. Perfect! I grin and test my bed. Brilliant!

"Amazing bed" Lou grins. "It's mine" I say spreading out. Lou sighs. Liam jogs into the room all sweaty. "Where have you been?" I ask looking up from my book.

"I went for a run" Liam shrugs going into our bathroom. I chuckle and go back to my book.

This is such a good book! 

"Dinner's ready" mum calls. I put my book down and run into the kitchen with Liam and Lou. Food!

We finish our food quickly and go up to our room. "Goodnight Lou, goodnight Hails" Liam says. I commando crawl over to my bed and grab my football.

I commando crawl back to my make shift bed. I lie down and throw my football up in the air like they do in movies with basket balls. 

"I can't sleep" Lou sighs crawling over to me. I move over and he climbs under the covers. He puts his covers over mine so we're warmer. 

"Ugh I'm so bored, let's post lots of annoying tweets on twitter" Lou grins. I grab my phone out and log onto twitter. Lou does the same.

'@LittleTommo1: So bored with @Louis_Tomlinson :/'

'@Louis_Tomlinson: RAC :D'

'@LittleTommo1: I'm hungry :/'

'@Louis_Tomlinson: I'm hungry too'

'@LittleTommo1: LEYUMMMMMMM WE'RE BORED!! @Real_Liam_Payne'

'@Louis_Tomlinson: LEYUMMMMMMM WE'RE EXTRA BORED!! @Real_Liam_Payne'

We post alot more tweets directed to Liam.

"Guys I get that you are bored but you don't have to tag me in every single tweet you post" Liam chuckles joining us in my amazing couch bed thing.

"Let's go on an adventure" I grin jumping up. "Yes!" Lou grins jumping up. Liam follows us. "Is this okay?" Liam asks closing the door behind us.

"Yes" Lou answers. "We used to do this all the time, it's fine, as long as we have our phone and we're back by one mum doesn't mind" I explain further. Liam nods.

"Do you have any money?" I ask the boys. Lou nods. I grin and grab their hands. I start running to the nearest McDonalds.

Lou and LiLi follow me. We get into the McDonalds.

"Welcome to McDonalds, how may I help you?" The check out chic grins. "Can we please have three frozen cokes, three quater pounders, three sundays, one caramel, one strawberry and one chocolate, three large chips and three apple pies" I order. She grins and types the stuff in.

"That comes to thirty-three pounds" she smiles. Lou pays. We sit at a table and wait for our food.

After waiting five minutes we get our food. Mmm food.

"Who can eat their burger fastest, ready set, go!" Lou yells and we all start eating our burgers.

I swallow my last bite and throw my rubbish onto the table claiming victory. "That's not fair" Lou whines. "You live with Niall and you still can't eat fast" I laugh. 

"Whatever" Laim chuckles eyeing his sunday. I chuckle and skip up to the counter. "Can I please have a fork?" I ask. She hands me a fork. "Thank you" I smile and skip back to the boys.

"Twitter time!" Liam grins. We all get our phones out and take selfies with our food.

We all post one on twitter with one of our pictures.

'@Real_Liam_Payne: At Macca's with my favourites @Louis_Tomlinson @LittleTommo1 xx'

'@Louis_Tomlinson: Macca's at eleven o'clock + @LittleTommo1 + @Real_Liam_Payne = Funniest Times <3 xx'

'@LittleTommo1: At McDonald's with my boys @Louis_Tomlinson @Real_Liam_Payne xxx<3'

"Let's go" I grin throwing our rubbish into the bin. The boys stand up with their frozen cokes. I grab my frozen coke. We link arms- Liam on the right, Lou on the left and me in the middle- and skip out the door. 

We skip home and throw our rubbish in the bin. "You know who I love?" Liam asks. "Me" Lou and I say together.

He nods and turns our light off. I rest my head on Louis' shoulder and open up my text.

'Hey beautiful xxx Miss you x Christmas is so far away :( how's your family? Xx love you xx - TheWonderfulBradfordBoy'

'Hiya handsom xxx Miss you too x It's not that far away silly x They're good, how's yours? Xx love you too xx - TheFabulousDoncasterGirl'

'They're good :) mum just yelled at me to go to bed and said she wants to meet you, love you, sleep well xx - TheWonderfulBradfordBoy'

'Ahaha ;) be a good boy then :)  love you too, sleep well xx - TheFabulousDoncasterGirl'


Liam, Lou and I talk for a while until I fall asleep.


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