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The street lights of NewYork lit up a deep orangish color, some not working or flickering slightly. I felt like the flickering was morse code for "run for your life." Because very inch of this place gave off a bad vibe. The air was thick with humidity and a splash of faint cigarette smell. I've been told repeatedly not to take the Bronx as a short cut, and that I was crazy to even think about roaming the Bronx alone. The appearance of the Bronx's definitely was intimidating, with barred windows and shattered beer glass covering no-longer green grass. I always wondered who could live in such a place, or even going as far as considering living here. I feel bad for the people who do find them selfs living in this place. Would hearing gunshots pound threw the air and seeing drug dealers and pimps on every corner be like a everyday thing? The question seeped threw my brain. I probably looked Foreign to these streets but going through the Bronx made my walk take much less time, but was it worth being filled to the brim with fear every step I took on the cracked pavement be worth it? I don't know. But the drug dealers and barred windows weren't the worst thing. There's always rumors that weave there way through the streets of Manhattan that aliens live in the Bronx. I never thought I'd be saying something so ridiculous, or believing it. They say their car-sized and viscous, some say they rip out people's throats without remourse...Aliens. I gulped a lump in my throat at the thought. But a wise person once said don't believe everything you hear...



2. whimpering

Madison Paradise POV

It was again after one exhausting day of school. And I was once again in the Bronx taking shaky steps as I took my usual shortcut. I stop at what sounded like, wimpering? I traced back a couple steps to the opening of a long dark alleyway. I weighed my options one being to keep on going and erase it from my mind, two being to put my self in danger of whatever could be in there and find the source of the wimpering. I knew if I kept on going I would drive myself crazy not knowing what was in there, I sigh lightly shakes my head of disbelief of at what I was about to do. I slowly to turned to the alleyway and walked timidly towards the noise. I sucked in a sharp breath at what was before me, I gaped at the figure clinging to its knees with tear stained cheeks, it looked human, but by the marks on its face I knew it wasn't. I hoped it hadn't noticed me and slowly backed away in fear of what this thing could do.

"don't leave, stay." he begged, how could he have noticed me? It was pitch black and I could barley see myself when I put my hands in front of my face. I raked my brain for something to say

"N-no" I said shakily more then intended.

"Your scared of me" he cringed. I don't know why I felt bad, I don't even now who he is let alone what he is. I don't understand why he would want me to stay? Was he going to eat me or something? His Carmel eyes stared at me in an sadden way and I snapped back to reality. I made a quick decision to run and that's what I did. I ran out of the alleyway and leaned on the cold brick of a anonymous building. Breathing heavily I sighed of relieve but also sadness? That was definitely the weirdest experiences I've ever had. I continued walking while staring at my feet suddenly becoming interested in them when I bumped into a rock hard chest. One word, crap.

"Hey baby girl" a deep voice rang. "What's a beautiful girl like you doing here?" He smirked amusingly. I stayed on mute and tried to walk around him but he cut me off jumping in front of me. I tried again and came out with the same result.

"Tsk tsk tsk leaving so early are we?"

"Move" I said determinedly

"feisty, I like it." He said checking me out stopped at my eyes.

"Get away from her you pedo!" A mistery voice yelled. I mentally sighed of relief. I turned around meeting the eyes of the same guy\alien but his eyes were no longer Carmel color, but were pitch black and his teeth bared

"O-o-okay man," He scattered quickly..

"are you okay?" He said, his eyes turning into its normal color


I admit I was still shaken up. He walked up to me and I just stared at him wearily "Can I touch you?" My mind was racing. Should I let him touch me? I only nodded my head slightly and I joyed the feeling of his arms rapping around my waist in a comforting hug. Small sparks lot in my stomach

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