Leaving my best friends

this is a story about moving away.


1. Moving away

I was moving for real this time not a joke, it was all happening so fast.My dad dropped cupcakes off and i didnt realize tell i was told by my school?!?!? crazy right? I got my shirt for 6th grade cause it was the last grade in elementary school in washington.I hugged all my friends goodbye as there were tears streaming down my face.

Walking out of the school realizing i would never see anybody again the pain that struck me. It hurt so bad having to leave everything i grew fond to moving back up here.Next stop was home then california. My best friend wouldnt let go it hurt them just as bad as it hurt me. I cried so much they came with me to my house and helped me pack up.

They hugged my tightly and they didnt want to let go just as much as i didnt want them to let go.Cause lets all face it if you had to leave your best friends with that youve grown up with since you've been here isnt easy to just up and leave them.Kaiya said "we are really gonna miss ya so much M and if you want you can hide at my house".I laughed it really was happening im moving to california".They helped me to finish packing up.

We loaded everything into the car.My sisters and me hopped in the car as we drove off to seattle.We passed so many amazing things we had never seen before.I believed it was because we were leaving for the very first time in 4 years.We were experiencing for the very first time in forever.

The airports there were so huge! I hadnt been in an airplane since we first moved up there like 4 years ago.We started taking off and me and my sisters freaked out cause we got scared my sister chey was in 3rd grade and Kira was not in school yet.


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