Leaving my best friends

this is a story about moving away.


2. My home

As we arrived down we had all fallen asleep for a 2 hour ride.We got home slept got settled in  you know the basics.we started by unloading th car and getting settled into moving with my grandparents.I shared a room yet again with chey and kira.We had a room upstairs , it was my aunts old room which i hadnt seen her in years either it had been forever.

My auntie hopie lived there though with my cousin who was now 2! He had grown so much, i remember being on  face time with my aunt when she said she was having him and it was shocking us. I hadnt seen him since we visited and i held him with my mom.In this case my mom lost custody and my dad had us now. It all felt so new to us , yet we had been here before.

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