King Peter's Head Knight

Evanna finds herself in a mysterious land called Naria, and she has a part in a prophecy.


1. Chapter One

Evanna Stronghold is just a normal girl....If you think a girl that can awesomely defeat any boy she crossed paths with is normal. If not, well, it's okay to be weird. 

Evanna lives with her mom, her dad and her seven brothers are at war. Evanna doesn't look anything like her father or her brothers. They all have red hair, brown eyes, and are short for their age. Evanna takes after her mother, with nice, brown hair and stormy gray eyes. She was taller that most girls and she has a lean muscular built to her. 

Most girls made fun of her, but she didn't care. She liked the way she was and she was okay with what other people thought. 

"EVANNA!" Evanna's mom screamed, shattering her thoughts. She soon understood why. The war.

The enemies were bombing her house. She had to get to the underground shed. She quickly grabbed a picture of  her family, all together and happy, and ran to the shed. Her mother was at the door, and they both ran in. 

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Evanna hugged her mother tightly. She had to go to her Grandfather's house until the war was over. "Alright," her mother said, "Granddad said that there were two boys and two girls coming to his house also, play nicely with the girls, and don't go to Narnia. Okay?" Evanna looked at her mother and said, "Mum, I'll be fine, don't worry about me." Her mother planted a kiss on her head, and Evanna border the train.

Evanna was lost in her thoughts, when two girls and two boys passed by. One of the boys said, "Did you hear the mother right next to us? She told her child not to go to some place called Narnia! How stupid was that?" The older girl swatted his head. "Its probably a story her mother told her when she was young, Edmund!"

"I'm not crazy," Evanna thought, "I've been there! I've met Mr. Terminus! I didn't dream it! I've crossed paths with the White Witch! They don't know what's really inside the wardrobe upstairs, I do."

She smiled at that thought. She stayed on the train, until her stop came. She unloaded her trunk, and stepped into the platform. The same people who had insulted Narnia, were there too. "You have got to be kidding me," The boy, when Evanna recognized as Edmund said, "You're the girl with the crazy lady!" The older brother smacked his arm. "My mother isn't crazy!" Evanna said coolly. Before Edmund could say something back a lady in a carriage came. "You're it?" She snapped, before she saw Evanna, "Oh, Evanna, look how you've grown!" Evanna smiled, and said, It's good to see you again Mrs. Mcreedy!" She climbed in the carriage, followed by the others.

Evanna walked up to her room, She loved this place. The way her bed was positioned, they way her mirror looked, and the way her hope chest, full  of her books, was right next to her window, so she on nice sunny days with the window open. 

Evanna sat down on her bed, and realized, nothing had changed. The, after three minutes, She got bored. She walked to her hope chest, grabbed Moby Dick, her favorite book, and started reading. 


Evanna looked at the clock. It was eleven thirty. She turned out her lamp and crawled in her bed. 

She closed her eyes. And dreamed of a lion. 


Evanna woke up the next morning, to a small clap of thunder. Rain. "Perfect," she thought, "I was going to finish my book." She decided she was going to finish it anyway. 

When Evanna was on chapter 23, someone knocked on the door. "Come in." She said. It was Lucy. "Hullo Lucy, how's your day been?" Evanna asked, closing her book. 

"Horrible." Lucy replied sadly, "I went to the place your mother mentioned..Narnia." Evanna was walking to put her book on her nightstand, but instead she dropped her book. 

"You want to talk about it?" She asked, forgetting about her book. She sat down on her bed, then patting the spot next to her. Lucy sat down. "Well, we were playing hide and seek, then I ran to the upstairs wardrobe. I went in there, then I found myself in a snowy place. I looked at this lamp. And then, I saw a faun, named Mr. Terminus. He was really nice. He said that the White Witch wanted to kill me, so he let me go home. Nobody will believe me!" Lucy explained. Evanna knew how that felt. Her brothers, her father, and all of her friends didn't believe her. She didn't care...Anymore. 

"Lucy, I believe you." She said. 

Lucy's eyes lot up, and she smiled. "You do?" 

"Of course, anything is possible!" Evanna replied. She had no clue that Peter could hear her.

Evanna listened to Peter and Lucy arguing. Well, anyone one could hear them. 

"Its not real, Lu, no one believes you!" 

"It is too real! And Evanna believes me!" 

"Evanna is just lying to you!" 

"No she isn't!" 

"Yes she is!" 

"No she's not!" Then, Evanna heard someone running up the stairs, crying. "Poor Lu." She thought. Then, Peter was storming up the stairs, and he barged through her door.

"What!?" She snapped.

"You told..UGH!" Peter seemed too furious to speak. 

"Oh, I'm so sorry, would you like me to lie to her next time?" Evanna suggested. 

"You're a nut case! You and your mother! You believe in thing that don't exist!" Peter shouted.

"DON'T YOU DARE INSULT MY MOTHER!" Evanna shrieked, "I'M NOT A NUT CASE! NARNIA IS REAL I SWEAR ON ASLAN'S LIFE!" And with that, she shoved him out of her room a slammed the door in his face. She heard sobbing, sighing, and voices. 

Then, after a few moments of those hushed voices, she heard a soft knock on the door.

Then she heard her Grandad's voice, "Evanna? Let's talk, with Peter and Susan." 


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