i am a mermaid shhh!

a new mermaid falls in love but she cant tell anyone cause she will die


1. dont tell

 i know being a mermaid is not normal i dont want to be a mermaid cause i don't get to tell my best freind in the world cathrine oh and i almost freget my name is emily it all started when i fell in a hole i was walking home from a violin concert my other freind jasmines concert not mine! and there was road construction but i didnt know there was no yellow sign so i fell in the road holweill call it and there was all this rainbow dust the next thing i know i was in water and a mermaid i got so scared am i dreaming when will i wake up i slapped myself like 10 times but i never woke up so i kept swimming to see where it will take me the day when i got used to it i went to the sea library and readed a book that said ''mermaids will turn to human when tails are dry'' geat i said but then the librarian mermaid spot the book i was reading and said ''but only if no human sees them'' and i changed my words to oh great what am i gonna do

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