His princess

One day Maddie bumped into the world famous boy band One Direction and they start talking
Will they become best friends?
Will their be love?
Will their be breakups?
Read to find out


3. chapter 2

Maddie's p.o.v

When I looked up I saw that it was the one and only....NIALL HORAN! I can't believe I just ran into him! "Sorry!" I said trying to clean a little bit of smoothie of my shirt. "It's fine, I wasn't paying attention either. Here let me go buy you a knew one and we can get to know each other?" "Sure, I'd love that." I smiled and replied. When we sat back down at the table we talked for a while until he got a text. "Oh I gotta go! Here let me have your number and we'll meet up again soon, OK?" "Sure my number is ********** I said typing it into his phone. "Bye see you later he said before walking out. I looked at my phone and it was already 3:00, man I've been here for 7 hours! Oh well I told myself and walked outside. I started walking home, and actually paid attention this time!

When I got home I made myself a sandwich and went to take a nap. Today was a good day. No, GREAT day! I made a new friend with a member of a world famous band called One Direction!

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