Imposter|| Luke Hemmings

2 years ago, she was in school. She was bullied, lost with depression, she was asked out by her first crush. he made her fall for him and broke her heart, just to be one of 'them'. The people who hurt her every day. she hit rock bottom for the first time, and stayed there until she met Mac,jay and john. she swore she'd have her revenge on the boy she once loved, who knew he'd be touring with her brother.And now, 2 years later, she's gotten her chance.But can she go through with it?


20. Chapter twenty: Undercover Calum

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Hello everyone its Melissa here with some very interesting news. Today in the afternoon our paparazzi caught a remarkable scene on tape. The famous power couple Homsen were see outside of their tour buses in a very interesting scene. They will be interviewed by the very famous jimmy Kimmel in three days when they land in Los Angeles. What do you guys think about this whole domestic violence?
Calum POV.
"I TOLD YOU THAT SHE WAS BAD NEWS! BUT NO YOU JUST HAD TO DATE HER DIDN'T YOU?" I shouted at Luke as he bit his finger nails. The guilt killed him and I felt so bad for him. "Luke your manager wants to have a word with you" mac said coming into our room. Luke got up slowly and walked over the the other room. "does anyone know when or where Luke's love for this girl came from?" I turned to face ashton and Michael. "we don't know either mate he just came to us and said he was dating her" Michael said shrugging. I think I should investigate some more. "ill be back guys" I walked out and headed to the conference room. "why?! It was her fault she was about the hit me" "um excuse me I thought I was the girl in the relationship" "can both of you just shut up, now I arranged an interview for 5sos" "ha" "oh shut up" "shush, and a performance for the pretty reckless" "ha!" "oh shut up" "is that suppose to be an imitation of me? Because if it is it's not good" "I will cancel both interview and performance if you both don't stop, now I don't care what happened but you will go on to the public and say what I have written. no buts bye" what the hell is going on? "you can leave now" I hear Taylor say. I quickly hide behind the door hoping Luke wouldn't open it wide. The door open barley touching me and closed instantly. Luke stumping away. I can back closer to the door "ugh I hate him" Taylor huffed. Then came silence. "hey Perrie um could you do me a huge favor? Um I have to write a surprise song for Luke and I only have 3days to do it and I was wondering if you and your band mate could help me out a bit? Yeah,really? Awesome. I'll just go to you guys,yeah. No worries see ya" I have to find out what's going on. So I quickly knocked on the door.
Taylor pov. 
I hung up and hear a knock. Hope its not luke again. "come in" I said grabbing my bag. "hey Taylor can I have word with you if your not busy?" I see calum standing there in an awkward kinda position. "um I was actually on my way to the studio with..." "it will only take an minute. Swear" he said raising a hand and putting the other on his chest. I rolled my eyes he better tell me something that I can hold again him. "fine" I sat down "but you better make I quick" he smiled and closed the door. "um I was wondering if yooou" "well?" "um" "spit it out!" I said a little frustrated. "I was wondering if you'd have lunch with me?" I frozen is he serious. "um calum you know I'm dating Luke right?" Calum looked down. " yeah I know I just wanted to get to know you a little more since your dating my best mate and everything" ugh "um yeah how does 5 o'clock sound to you?" I looked at my phone. It 1:30 perfect. "yea I'll pick you up" "no I'll just meet you here" "ok yea" I got up "ok well I you don't mind I have to go" I bend down and grabbed my bag and phone. And a thought hit me. Why not tease him. So I gave him a kiss on the cheek. "bye calum" and i left him there speechless. 
Taylor POV. 
After a great recording session with little mix (who are great) I drove back to the bus. Calum must be waiting its already time. I drove up to see calum sitting and taping away on his phone. "hey am I late?" I stopped up next to him. He smiled "no I'm just early" I motioned his towards me. "come on lets go get something to eat cause I'm starving" calum chuckled and hoped in "so were to?" I continue driving. "well there's a hotdog stand right around here somewhere?" Scoffing I stopped the car and looked at him to see if he was being serious. "I'm just kidding I have reservations at a little restaurant called Petite boutique it's down the street here" I smiled " not funny cal" he stopped laughing "what did you say?" It went silent. I didn't know whether he's serious or just messing around. "I called you cal. Is there a problem with it?" "no its just my older sister calls me that" what? "you have a sister?" He laughed "yeah not everyone knows but its just my mom, sister and me" I smiled. I'm gaining his trust. "what about you?" Great I have to come up with something now "oh well.." I looked around and see a sign that read 'Petite boutique' "oh look we're here!!" I exclaimed with excitement. "well someone's hungry" I frowned upon his words. Everyone in highschool would say that to me. "um yeah" I gave a fake smile. I parked the car and went in, we walked up to a person behind a stand. "hello we have reservations" calum said "names?" The guy said with a French kind of accent. Calum blushed "um Mr. and Mrs. hood" I looked over at him, he looked everywhere but me. "Ah oui Mr. and Mrs. Hood suivent, follow me please" we walked around the stand and in to the tabling area. I followed the man and calum right behind me. "your table" we got seated on a table with a magnificent view of the rose garden they had outside. Calum pulled out a seat and motioned me to sit. I quickly did "well thank you Mr. Hood" calum blushed "I'm very sorry about that, they wouldn't give me reservations unless I was married" ugh I have to pretend to be his wife now. Don't I suffer enough already? "no its total cool" I gave a soft laugh. A young man came towards us and man he was cute. "welcome to Petite boutique would you guys like the menu?" He looked straight at me. "yes please and can I have a glass of water?" The guy smiled and handed my menu. "I would like the menu to" calum said a little confused. "oh yes" he handed calum the menu then left. "weird?" "what?" I opened my menu and looked at the weird names. "he was flirting with you" I set my menu down "him?flirting, with me?" Calum laughed "yes you, he was all over you" I blushed "he was all like omg look at herrr" calum said in the most ridiculous voice I've ever heard. Is he pushing me to flirting back with this guy?. My eye twitched a little he's trying something. "haha, well I didn't really noticed that because I already have a great BOYFRIEND" I said trying to point out the I don't think of cheating on Luke. Calum looked a little frustrated, I see what he's trying to do now. I smiled "as a matter of fact I shouldn't be here" I got up and started walking off "Taylor wait" I stopped by the door. "im sorry if this makes you uncomfortable. we can leave and buy pizza for everyone back at the bus if you want?" Yum pizza. "ok but your driving" I gave calum the keys. He opened the door for me and as soon as he did I was flooded with flashing lights everywhere and I know there that this whole plan was one of my mistakes.
Soooooo sorry guys I haven't updated I've been super busy with cashee reviews that i totally spaced. Good thing is that I passed, yay🎉 I will try to keep up with my story more so don't worry. (none of you guys were probably worrying) hope yeah have a great day

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