Imposter|| Luke Hemmings

2 years ago, she was in school. She was bullied, lost with depression, she was asked out by her first crush. he made her fall for him and broke her heart, just to be one of 'them'. The people who hurt her every day. she hit rock bottom for the first time, and stayed there until she met Mac,jay and john. she swore she'd have her revenge on the boy she once loved, who knew he'd be touring with her brother.And now, 2 years later, she's gotten her chance.But can she go through with it?


22. Chapter twenty two: Detective

Taylor POV.
"I can't believe you" I shouted as we all headed to the bus. "What? I don't see why your mad" I stopped "oh well lets see you insulted me on live tv and then made fun of half the girls in the world!" Luke stared at me. "All I said was your super skinny but the perfect size?" I rolled my eyes "stop repeating it!" I whisper shouted. "Hey what's going on?" Jay come walking into the conversation. "Oh I was just telling Luke what he did wrong. But he still doesn't get it. Jay explain to him" Jay looked at Luke "well you called taylor anorexic and then you called other girls who aren't Taylor's size fat" I clapped sarcastically "do you get it now?" I walked away from him and continued my fake smiles
Luke POV. 
"Why are women so complicated" I groaned while sitting on the couch and hiding my face with a pillow. "I don't know Luke, women just work in mysterious ways" Ashton said while walking away. "I have to make it up to her, but what should I do?" My thought were interrupted by Gemma "Ashton I have a few..," and it hit me "heeeyyy Gemma, how's it going?" She looked at me for a moment "what do you want? I know that talk I have two younger siblings!" Gemma and Harry are the only people Anne ever talks about? "You mean one? Harry's your only brother? Are you ok?" Gemma went dead silent "um I have to go" she turned and walked away "weird?" "What?" Calum came into the room "no nothing I get to it later but um hey I'm going to the lounge and speak to my manager so please don't interrupt" I grabbed my laptop and entered the lounge. 
Taylor POV. 
"Luke invited me to eat, should I go?" I looked though my closet while mac laid on my bed. "Nooo stay with me" mac groaned "hey he is my boyfriend I have to spend time with him" "hey can I ask you something?" I turned to face him "sure" Mac got up and closed the door. "Look I know you don't like Luke" "w...whattt!?" "Shhh look me and jay know" "how?!" "Look it's obvious you hate Luke, and I think I know why?" I gulped "Luke was the, the one who..." Mac trailed off. "Yes" I teared up "why are you even doing this?" "Revenge" I whispered "Alice how is this revenge? Your just hurting yourself by being with him. What are you going to do to him?" I looked down "I was going to get him to fall in love with me" I paused "so I could break his heart just like he did to me years ago" "Alice look..." Mac was interrupted by a sound of glass falling. We quickly looked at the door that was once shut but now open and only a glass of beer left on the ground. "Oh no" 
Third person POV. 
He ran. Running was the only thing he could do. The conversation continued repeating in his head. He wanted it to stop but it didn't which made him run faster. He  finally stopped at a park. Hate was all he felt. he just wanted to go back to the bus and beat the living shit out of luke. He never liked him but never in a million years did he think that luke, the cool guy, would do such a thing. He only wished that he know earlier. Maybe he could have done something for her. He slowly got up and walked. "Why did I not notice? Why didn't she tell anyone? Why didn't she come to us? Especially...... Me?" 
Taylor POV. 
"OMG mac no this can't be happening no one must know what happened to me or" I stopped. What would happen? If the media, fans, Harry's friends, and Luke found out about her. "Mac we have to find out who was that,N.O.W" I picked up the glass and put it into a bag and throw it to the trash. "Okay let's see who's here and who's not?" I grabbed mac's hand and we headed to one direction's bus. "Okay act casual and if someone is missing I'll ask okay?" Mac nod and went in and I right behind him. "Hey guys" I said to the only people on the bus (Gemma, zayn, and perrie) "umm where is everyone else?" "Oh they when for beers in the other bus. Didn't Ashton go to tell you?" "Ok bye we'll just get go" I walked out pushing mac in front of me. "OMG Ashton is the one!" I shouted and mac covered my mouth. "Look before we go anywhere let's think this through, if Ashton was the one..." "What?" We turned quickly "Ashton what are you.." "Look I heard what you said so you can cut the whole act taylor" bingo we found our suspect. "Look Ashton I can explain. Just please don't tell Luke" Ashton got closer to me. "I can lie to Luke Taylor?" "But you also can't tell him" mac jumped in. "Look taylor I don't want to be the one to tell Luke, but someone does" wait. What? "Um aren't you mad?" Ashton looked at me "no, why would I? It's just a crush. Right?" I looked over at mac and he looked just as confused as me. "What are you talking about?" "I'm talking about the fact that you like me and not Luke?" I sighed "what? What made you say that?" "I over heard you say that 'I'm the one'" "OMG Ashton you miss heard, look we thought you...." I stopped its not ashton then who is it? "GET OFF ME!!" Was shouted from the bus. I ran to it and see Luke on top of Harry. "OMG what's going on here?" I ran to them "get off of him" I tried to pull Luke. But he pushed me off causing me to hit the ground. I got back up and tried again. "Get of me!" Luke hit me in to face which caused me to fall on the floor again and this time hit my head pretty hard. "Alice?! YOU'RE GOING TO PAY FOR THAT HEMMINGS!" Harry took Luke down and started hitting Luke. "Ugh I'm tired of this BULLSHIT" I frustratedly walked over to the both of them and slapped Harry as hard as I could and picked up like and punched him even harder. The both stopped and held their faces. "NOW CALM THE FUCK DOWN OR ILL CALM BOTH OF YOU!" My breathing was hard I tried calming my self down but my breathing was everywhere. I became light headed and slowly sat down. "Are you ok?" "Umm....... I...I think?" Slowly everything was turning blurry. "I can't see?" "We need to take her to the hospital" I hear someone say "Taylor we're going to take you to hospital" I just nod. Everything slowly was going dark, every blink was a different scene. From the bus to the car to the hospital to a bed and needles being pushed into me. It was as if I was back at the asylum. 
Flash back
"What's going on? Where am I?" I woke up in a room with only two doors and a small window. I tried to get up but I had needles and wires all over me. "Hello!" One of the doors opened and walking in was a nurse. "What's going on?" She looked at me "your in a mental facility your parents send you here. Do you know why?" Looked down at my wrist. They were wrapped with some type of marital. "Yes" the nurse started writing something down. "Could you tell me why?" "I don't belong" "where?" "Anywhere" 

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