Imposter|| Luke Hemmings

2 years ago, she was in school. She was bullied, lost with depression, she was asked out by her first crush. he made her fall for him and broke her heart, just to be one of 'them'. The people who hurt her every day. she hit rock bottom for the first time, and stayed there until she met Mac,jay and john. she swore she'd have her revenge on the boy she once loved, who knew he'd be touring with her brother.And now, 2 years later, she's gotten her chance.But can she go through with it?


21. Chapter twenty one: lies

"WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU GO ON A DATE WITH MY BEST MATE AND YET EXPECT THAT NO ONE WOULD SEE YOU?!" luke shouted "it wasn't a date. Calum invited me to have lunch with him and that's all. I really don't see what's the big deal?" I said to Lucy our manager. "Taylor you don't get it don't you?" I shrugged "Taylor paparazzi don't care if you're just friends with calum. They come up with their own conclusions about the scene whether it ruins your image or not" I frowned "ugh what do I do know?" "ok I have an idea, Taylor the performance I have arranged for you do you have the song ready?" "yeah we got most of the lyrics but no recording of it" "well we need that done before the show do you think that could be done?" " um i guess but I would have to be at the studio all day till then" "perfect now Luke as for you you can't go out stay away from all social media and stay inside till the interview" "what!!!?? THAT'S NOT FAIR AT ALL!!" I rolled my eyes "maybe you can catch up with your song writing" I got up and left to the studio. At studio "hey Perrie im at the studio do you think you can come and help me record the song?" "sure um do you want me to bring the girls as well?" "yeah im dying to see them again" "glade to hear that. See you in 10" I walked around and took out the lyrics of the song. Ugh I love this song but I really don't want to dedicate it to Luke. "someone looks frustrated" I turned "what are you doing here harry?" He smiled "i followed you.I just wanted to say sorry, I really don't know what happened" i sighed "harry those words really hurt i don't know if i can forgive you?" "well those words would have never come out if what i said wasn't true" "um excuse me? Are you seriously doing this now?" "well what do you want me to do? I can't hide the truth, i read that you and calum went out" I rolled my eyes "you are very confusing just leave" he looked at me and then turned to leave. "what kind of apology is that?" I walked inside the booth and grabbed a acoustic guitar and started playing some notes. "well somebody's all set" I see Perrie come in and set some bags down "what happened to the girls?" Perrie giggled "well jade is on a date as well as Leigh Jessica is going to fly out to go see her boyfriend Jake" "oh ok well then lets get to it then" Perrie walked over to the machines and put a cd in. "hey I really liked that song you were playing" I walked back into the both "oh I was just messing around" I sat and set the guitar on my lap "well can you play that again and sing the first few lyrics?" I shrugged "ok we record in 1 2 3" 
Ashton pov.
"hey Luke wanna go out to grab a bite?" I grabbed my keys and looked at him "I'd love to mate but my girlfriend had to go out and cheat on me" "wow wow what?" I walked closer to Luke "yea Taylor and calum went on a date and thought I wouldn't see them" I looked over at calum's bunk "Luke you know cal would never do such a thing. Maybe.." Luke got up "maybe he's changed" Luke finished my sentence and left. I got up and grabbed my phone and started dialing calum. 5 hours later 
Taylor pov.
"omg this song is awesome!" I got up and walked out of the both. "we did well now all you have to do is send the cd and Wai till tomorrow" Perrie took out the cd and handed it to me. "this is a really good song but I would of wished that it wasn't for Luke" I took the cd "ugh I know but I have to or god knows what else would happen" "do you need a ride Taylor? I'm ganna go visit zayn after pick up jade" "umm no im good" Perrie hugged me and said "be careful with him" them left. I took out a new cd that i had for emergency's and put it inside the recorder. 
Ashton pov.
"look I had my reasons ash" calum said while walking around the bus as if he were looking for something. "what were those reasons cal?" He stopped "do you really want to know?" I got a little bit closer to him and nodded my head " I suspect that Luke and Taylor are lying to us about there relationship"
The next day 
Taylor POV. 
"I'm so excited about the new song I wrote for Luke" I said with a fake smile "okay we get it taylor your in love with him" John said while getting out of the car. Today's the day of the show and I'm sad because the lads aren't performing with me this time. "Don't listen to him, he's just a little grumpy" jay smiled. I got down the car and see a good amount of people waiting. I smiled and waved most of them shouted and called me over. I have an hour to kill so why not "hey what's up?" I smiled "OMG your voice sounds do different" I smiled "I get that a lot" I chuckled "where did you get your outfit from? I just love it" a girls squealed. I wore plain white mid dress with long navy blue socks and a coat. "Oh I believe I go this in a little store just around the corner actually" "what a cheapskate" I looked up and see a girl with her group of friends I believe cause they laughed at her little comment. "Um excuse you?" I pulled my hands out of my pocket "you heard me. To think girl who sleeps with famous guys would have some money" "if your saying those rude comments out of jealousy I didn't sleep with anyone, just letting you know" I smiled and said my goodbyes to the other girls. "Slut,your a slut!" I rolled my eyes, looking the girl up and down I see she's wearing booty shorts and a crop top. "Have you looked in a mirror?" I smirked and walked away. "Hey are you ok?" I jumped "you startled me jay" I looked down holding back the tears "hey Alice you don't have to pretend anymore" I felt the warm tears. "Oh jay,they all want something from me but I can't give it to them" we embraced "they think of me as a slut who sleep her way to the 'top'" jay gently stroke my hair "hey it's ok. You'll think of something. The Alice we know and love wouldn't cry. No. She finds a way" smiling a bit I wiped away my tears "yeah your right" "good now you have to get ready so get going" jay gave me a little shove. They want a slut then they'll get one
Luke POV.
"Michael you got an extra pick?" I said throwing everything out of my way. "Oh yeah man it's in the bus" I walked to the parking lot and see taylor coming out of hers. "Hey Luke do you happen to have a jacket and some sun glasses I can borrow?" "Um yea I think I have a jacket" I walked back in the bus and grabbed my leather jacket "will this do?" She put it on and to my surprise it fit her well "yes! Oh what nice glasses!" She grabbed Calum's glasses "oh um those are not mine" she gave a little pout "oh" I couldn't help but feel guilt for some reason. "But I guess you can maybe.." "OMG thanks Luke you're the best" she gave me a tight hug it felt so right. "Bye" she quickly let go and went off. "What is she up to?" It never stopped running around me head as i walked back to the studio. "Hey have you seen your girlfriend? Shows about to start and I can't find her" I never really learned her band mates name but the only one I remember and will always remember is.. "Don't worry about it's JOHN she's on her way" I grunted. "Hey you don't like me do you?" "I DONT like the way you look at MY girlfriend" chuckling he walked away. I don't know why but that guy just gets under my skin. "Luke their calling us, come on" Ashton said motioning me to follow him.
Third person
Jimmy had announced the boys to come out "guys great seen you again. How's it been since we last saw you?" Michael gave a innocent devilish look at Luke and then blurted out "well Luke got himself a girlfriend" Luke laughed and looked at the ground. "Oh really who's the lucky girl?" Ashton gave his famous giggle "oh she's here with us tonight" Luke swing his arm and hit Ashton's shoulder. "Yea she performing actually" Calum butted in. "Oh the band you're touring with? Well I think you guys need to keep a close eye on Luke and his girl" jimmy winked. Luke embarrassed covered his face and just stayed quiet. "Why don't we being her in? Guillermo can we make that happen?" "Yea sure thing boss" Guillermo went through a giant door and came out "wow I don't think what she's wearing will be aloud on live tv" the crowed 'oh'd' he extended his hand and coming out was a new Taylor. She was wearing black skinny jeans with a zipper that went all the way to the back, a bra like peach crop top, Luke's jacket, Calum's sunglasses, and a pair of black heels. Every guy in the studio looked her up and down and every girl spoke rude comments under their breath. "So your the famous girlfriend" jimmy spoke to relive some tension. "Yes I where could I sit?" "Oh silly me I forgot Guillermo go..." Taylor interrupted "no it's fine I'll just still with Luke" Taylor walked over and sat on Luke's laps. "Comfortable?" Jimmy said giving a little wink, the crowed laughed and Luke blushed. "Very" Taylor responded returning the wink. "Ok so Luke's bands mate told me that your touring with 1D and 5sos" "yes sir" Taylor nodded "so you don't feel quite uncomfortable around being 12 guys?" Taylor laughed "well when you put it like that well yeah, now I feel like I'm ganna get raped in my sleep well thanks jimmy" "oh no need to worry you've got yourself and man anyway you'll be performing later on right?" "Yeah" "ok before you leave to get yourself ready um we want to ask Luke something" Luke smiled "ok shot" "do you approve your girlfriends outfit?" Taylor got off his lap and gave a little twirl "yes? Or no?" Luke looked so nervous "is this a trick question?"
A/n guys I'm so sorry I haven't updated I've been really busy trying to get good grades in all my classes so sorry
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