Imposter|| Luke Hemmings

2 years ago, she was in school. She was bullied, lost with depression, she was asked out by her first crush. he made her fall for him and broke her heart, just to be one of 'them'. The people who hurt her every day. she hit rock bottom for the first time, and stayed there until she met Mac,jay and john. she swore she'd have her revenge on the boy she once loved, who knew he'd be touring with her brother.And now, 2 years later, she's gotten her chance.But can she go through with it?


24. Chapter twenty Four: JYP


Harry POV.  
We all sat down and were on our way to the studio in the JYP building. "Ok when we get their we're going to meet a group called" Liam stopped talking and grabbed papers and started looking through them. "Oh here it is um a boy group called Got7" ugh we have to start working right away! Why can't we start tomorrow I want to have a relaxing day to myself. "Liam do we have to?" Louis whined thank you I'm not the only one. "Yes Louis we have to work but we will be spending most of the time getting to know Got7 and the JYP building so not much work today besides walking" I sighed we something is something lets just hope we spend most of the time sitting. "Ok we're here" our driver announced. We quickly got of to see their are no fans. Thank management for that. I smirked at the idea of Luke being mobbed right know. 
Flash back 
We walked into SYCO records and meet up with our manager. "Hello boys come in we just wanted to tell you guys that you'll be going to South Korea for your tour and we wanted to know which studio you guys would like to go to with the rest" ugh I don't want to be any where near Luke and Alice I hate/don't approve of the relationship. "Why can't we just go to different studios so we don't cause to much commotion with the fans?" I suggested. "Oh heat idea Harry" our manager smiled and made some calls. "Ok you guys will be going to JYP" the boys nod and walked away. "Um do you know what studio 5sos will be going to?" "Um Big Hit why?" I smirked "no reason" I walked away and took out my phone. I went on twitter and tweeted. "South Korea here we come. Big Hit!!!" I laughed. 
End of flash back 
I still laughed. 
Luke POV. 
"Okay so we will meet with idols here in Korea." Calum paused. "Um a group Bangtang Boy? Or better known as BTS" he continued. "Sick name. Are they like a band?" Calum shrugged. "That's all I was told, look it up or something" I rolled my eyes. "This is the last time we leave Calum alone with our manager!" I shouted and groaned. "Agreed why didn't you do your research?" Calum groaned. "Too much work! And anyways it's not like we have to know everything about them" I looked out the window and silently laughed a Calum. Lazy Calum. "Are we almost their?" Michael whined to our driver/translator. Gez this boy is a little to comfortable around people. Our driver laughed. "Yes just I have specific orders to leave you at the back entrance" Ashton sat up. "Wait why?" The driver stopped. "Well because you have fans who are crowding up the main entrance." My eyes opened wide "wait how did they know about this?" I mean they know about our tour dated and when are we coming but we never told anyone that we were staying at this studio?! "Well someone had to spill the beans and I blame Ashton" Calum said pointing at Ashton. "Wait this is so not my doing! It was probably you since you instantly blamed me!" Ashton shot back. "I know who it was!" Michael shouted, catching our attention. "Who?!" We shouted in union. "Here look" oh that little......
Harry POV. 
We walked into the building, it's beautiful and very clean. Well I mean every studio we go to is clean but I mean it's is just different. "Hello, and welcome" a man spoke in english while approaching us. His English wasn't great but understandable. We bowed and greeted him. "Hello we're one direction, I'm Liam" of corse Introduction. "Oh no need to say names I know who chou are" we smiled. A few mistakes here and their but still better than nothing. "I will take you to see Got7, they very heppy to see chou" we walked to an elevator and went up to the three floor. "Ok we go now" he walked out first and we followed behind him. "They practicing for comeback" we aw'd I find there way of the music industry very intriguing. "We have to be very quiet, their about to start their dance practice" we nod and walked in the music started playing and they came out and started dancing. I have to say that this is very good. The dancing and everything. The music is so good. I may not know what their saying but it was fun to listen to. They started doing this cute dance. It was funny cause their facial expression were on point. We clapped as they finished. They walked over to us. We bowed as they came to a stop. "Hello" we said in union. "We are one direction" two blondes stepped forward. "1,2,3 COME AND GET IT Got7 annyeonghaseyo!" They bowed. "I'm Jackson this is mark" Jackson said pointing at mark. "Hello, I'm mark as Jackson said, this is JB" he paused and pointed at JB who bowed. "And to the right is youngjae" bow "yugyeom" bow "junior" bow "and last but not lest bambam" bow. "Hello I'm Liam and this is Louis" (lets just skip the bowing part) "nice to meet you all" I looked at them curiously "do you all speak English?" I asked "no only me and Jackson speak is fluently and bambam speaks it a little" oh "well shall we get this tour started?" We walked around for hours know we took breaks here and their but we've been walking for 2hours now going for 3. Ugh "ok we have to end the tour here so you guys can get settled in you hotel that is just around the corner." Jackson said. "yeah we have a long day coming for us tomorrow so we should rest as much as possible" we smiled and bowed "bye we finally waved good bye as we were about to walk out we hear screaming. "What's going on?" A man stopped us. "We have a problem the fan have found you and their covering the entrance and exits" "what how!!!??" We all said "your going to have to spend the night here till morning" ugh what happened?! "I can't believe this we were fin until" niall was interrupted bye louis "wait look who had to say something on twitter!" We looked at Louis's phone and see Luke twitted. "Having a Great time in Big Hit Records, hope @harrystyles is having a great time in JYP ENTERTAINMENT!" I mentally applaud. Well played Luke well played!
Sorry for the short chapter 

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