Imposter|| Luke Hemmings

2 years ago, she was in school. She was bullied, lost with depression, she was asked out by her first crush. he made her fall for him and broke her heart, just to be one of 'them'. The people who hurt her every day. she hit rock bottom for the first time, and stayed there until she met Mac,jay and john. she swore she'd have her revenge on the boy she once loved, who knew he'd be touring with her brother.And now, 2 years later, she's gotten her chance.But can she go through with it?


12. Chapter twelve: Bus

After I lied to Ashton I was dragged away by Harry who said that he doesn't want me to be alone with any of the lads. So he asked Gemma to join the tour to babysit me which is okay with me. "hey gems were are you going to sleep?" Gemma smiled "I'm sleeping in the other tour bus with Ashton" I frowned "why doesn't Harry tell you anything?" Gemma stopped " what do you mean?" I sat down on the couch as Gemma continued packing "well Harry told me to sleep in the same bunk as him because he didn't want me to be with any of the other guys?" Gemma giggled "first of all I'm older than Harry that's why he doesn't tell me anything and second he's just trying to protect you" a knock on the door interrupted us "its probably Harry, come in" Gemma shouted the door opened and I see John. I quickly got up "John you brought the equipment?" he smiled "ya and the other lads are talking to your brother about getting another tour bus" I smiled now I don't have to sleep with Harry anymore. Gamma cleared her throat "omg were are my manners, Gemma. John. John. Gemma" they smiled at each other and shook hands "anyways John you wanna go check on that bus?" he nod and I quickly got up and grabbed his hand and ran to the door before Gemma could say anything. John stopped me " it was nice meeting you" Gemma smiled. "come on" I said pulling John. We came out and see Luke and his friends waiting outside of my brothers tour bus. I stopped "what are you guys waiting for?" they all turned and looked at me "they're deciding who's ganna stay for the tour" John tensed up and shouted "they can't do that!" I held johns hand tight "wow there it was just a joke" Luke smirked and laughed along with his other friends. Johns face turned red of anger. "hey tell your little boyfriend to chill its just a joke" Ashton said pointing out the word boyfriend I rolled my eyes "calm down John its not worth it" John looked at me and I smiled at him. I held johns hand tight and pushed through the boys and they just laughed as I did. I opened the door and and see Harry and his friends including mac and jay. "What's all the fuss about?" they all turned to look at me and then looked at each other "well were deciding whether or not we should get a new bus" Harry answered "and who is he and why are you holding his hand?" Harry asked pulling me away from John and put me on his side "Harry,John.John,Harry" John smiled and Harry just looked him up and down. "anyways I think we should get another bus" Liam said "ok all in favor for another bus for the tour raise your hands" everyone raised their hands except Harry and his best friend. Louis I think? "ha seven over nine, we get another bus" I shouted and Harry frowned "well I'm still older than you" I frowned "so?" Harry smirked "soo I can do this!" Harry exclaimed running towards me. I quickly reacted and ran to the door I opened it and ran inside and opened a door random and quickly closed it behind me. I leaned against the door and heard Harry run past the door I sighed but then here a cough come from behind me. I slowly turned around and see calum with a towel wrapped around his waist. My eyes went wide "OMG! I'm so sorry I... I didn't....... Sorry" I quickly turned around hitting my face with the door and fell back with a loud thump. "Are you ok" calum asked put his arms around me. "yeah just a little hit in the noggin" I awkwardly said with a laugh that was just as awkward."well I better get going" I said running out of the room.

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