Imposter|| Luke Hemmings

2 years ago, she was in school. She was bullied, lost with depression, she was asked out by her first crush. he made her fall for him and broke her heart, just to be one of 'them'. The people who hurt her every day. she hit rock bottom for the first time, and stayed there until she met Mac,jay and john. she swore she'd have her revenge on the boy she once loved, who knew he'd be touring with her brother.And now, 2 years later, she's gotten her chance.But can she go through with it?


3. Chapter three: The team

Chapter three: The team
I drive to school with Gemma was quiet we didn't speak at all we just enjoyed the drive. I walked into Mr. Soares class and sat in my usual seat. I'm actually just in time  7:30 as I sat down I see a guy enter the room, never seen him before? He was tall,really tall , blonde , wore tight black pants, and a sleeping with sirens t-shirt. Cool he walked up to mr. And handed him a pice of paper. Mr. looked up at him and smiled. "Oh you must be Luke. Luke Hemmings?" The reached out and shock hands. "Yes that's me sir" mister smiled "well take a seat class should be starting." Luke turned and looked around he went to the middle seatings and sat down in Megan's sit.
Luke POV. 
I sat in the middle seats so I could see the board better. "Bad choice" I hear a little voice say from in back of me. I turned around slowly and see the girl from yesterday. "What?" I asked confused. "That seat is taken" "oh" I awkwardly got up and sat on the next seat. She giggled "that's taken too" I got up. "Umm......well is there any seat that's not taken?" She looked around and pointed at a seat in the back corner. I walked over there and seat down. "Thanks" I said without looking at her. "Welcome" the bell rang and people started to come in. All the girls looked at me and smiled. I think this is going to be a good day.
Alice POV 
I entered instruments and sat down in my seat, away from people. I watched as everyone entered and took there seat. The bell rang and the doors shut. Mrs. Chavez walked in front of the class and spoke. "Alright there's a group project and I all ready have groups for you guys so here the list" she set a pieces on her front desk and walked away. We all got up and read our groups. 
Group 1.Justin, Jeffrey,jr.
Group 2.yasmin,Michael,Danielle 
Group 3.jesy,Leigh-Anne, Eleanor 
Group 4.Perrie,Jade,Alice 
I sighed in relief at least I kinda talk to perrie, and jade seems nice. I walked over to them and the smiled at me. "Hello, your Alice right?" Perrie asked unsure I mean I wouldn't blame her. Me and her have had a few small talks here and there by never a long talk. "Umm.... Yea" she smiled "I'm perrie and this is jade" jade gave me a small smile and turned to talk with another group of girls. I smiled and sat down. Mrs. Chavez came back and started explaining the project. We have to write a song, which would be a piece of cake for me but we also have to sing it. I'm not really confident about me singing but Harry always told me I have a nice voice,so I think we got this down
Luke POV.  
I watched as the teacher wrote on the board. I wish I was out of this class! "Psssss" I hear coming from in back of me I ignored it cause I don't want to turn around and then feel stupid because they weren't calling me. "Psssss blondy" 
I slowly looked around and see I'm the only blonde on here. I slowly turned my head and see a guy with black hair with a mixture of other colours. He waved me over. I slowly got up and walked toward him. I sat next to him. "I love your shirt man" I looked at my sws shirt and smiled. "Thanks" "hey your new here right?" I nodded in response "how would you like if me and my friends show you around?" "Yea I'd like that" "good hey Calum, Ashton I made a new friend" he looked over to the other two guys sitting next to him. "Not now Michael we're kinda bussy learning and......." A brown blonde-ish guy looked at me. "Hey I love your shirt men" I smiled "thanks" Michael smirked "your were saying?" The guy rolled his eyes. "Hey I'm Ashton. But you can call me ash, and the Asia over here is Calum" Calum looked up from his notebook to Ashton. "I'm not Asia!" Calum said a little bit to loud causing a few kids to turn around and laugh. I think this a beautiful start of a new friendship 
*After the tour*
I was amazed that this school is huger than it looks. "Hey Luke are you in to football?" I laughed at the question. I played soccer all the time,well during my free time. "Yea what kinda of a question is that?" Calum laughed "man we just wanted to know so we can sign you up for try outs" I stopped walking "try outs? When? Where? And how do I sign up?"
Alice POV. 
I sat in the library and read one of my favourite poets Edger Allen pole. He's poems are so deep and dark. I love that about him. He inspired me to start writing songs I looked up at the clock and see there's 7minutes till the bell rings. So I got up and was on my walk to math, on my way I see that Luke kid playing football (soccer) with the guys from the football team. I hope he don't turn out like that jerk Michael. I ignored my thought and continued walking, I see John he's playing football with the guys from the team. Shit! He can't see me and if he does then bad luck for me. I started walking faster. I'm so close to the door but I was stopped by a body appearing right in front of me. Looked up to see a smirking John. "Well hello Alice we never got to finish that conversation" I looked around and see that there's no one, this won't end well...............
*2months later* 
Luke POV. 
I made it to the team and I'm not in varsity, well not yet the coach is going to tell us today who made it. We're all in a gym and we're waiting for coach to walk in. "Alright" the gym doors opened revealing coach and the varsity team. I see Michael,Calum, and Ashton. They looked at me disappointed. I'm so frightened. "I have to list and already have shirts for the new varsity team players, so let's do this the simple way" he took out a list. "If you name is said your in the team, simple?" We all knotted our heads. "Ok, Jorge, Martin, Justin, Jesus..." He paused. The lads looked at me and then smiled "And Hemmings" I jumped in joy and ran over to the lads and we jumped around in a huddle. "Alright the rest of you keep up the good work and take a lap" the coach looked at us. "Varsity show the new bees around" the coach left. "Ok new bees time for initiation" a tall guys said "I have a jar with little folded papers get one and that's your task" I leaned closer to  Michael. "Do we have to do it?" Michael laughed. "Yes it's like something we all went through but hopefully you don't get the styles dare..." I gave him a weird look. "The what?" I was cut of my name being called. "Luke Hemmings?" I raised my hand. A guy walked over to me. I picked one. I couldn't believe the dare I got.


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