Imposter|| Luke Hemmings

2 years ago, she was in school. She was bullied, lost with depression, she was asked out by her first crush. he made her fall for him and broke her heart, just to be one of 'them'. The people who hurt her every day. she hit rock bottom for the first time, and stayed there until she met Mac,jay and john. she swore she'd have her revenge on the boy she once loved, who knew he'd be touring with her brother.And now, 2 years later, she's gotten her chance.But can she go through with it?


6. Chapter Six: The Hell Begins

Chapter six: The hell begins 
Alice POV. 
It's been a week and 6 days and tomorrows the day Luke will tell me who this mystery girl is I'm so excited he told me he was going to take her out for dinner and invited me. Yes, I'm a bit jealous Luke didn't end up liking me but it's cool we're friends now. Luke and I warmed up to each other really quickly as if it were meant to be. "Alice you have a friend at the door" Gemma screamed from down stairs. I got out of bed and walked down stairs and see Luke. "Hey, what you doing here at 8 in the morning on a Saturday?" Luke smiled "I couldn't wait" "for what?" "To tell the mystery girl that I love her" I gave him a confused look. "Well let me get ready so I can meet her" I turned around but Luke stopped me. "I already told her that I love her" "wHaT!? you went without me?" Luke laughed. "No your the girl I'm in love with" I froze. The girl I was jealous of was me? But no one ever told me they loved me before? This has to be a joke! Right? I laughed "good one Luke you had me going" I patted him on his shoulder but he graved my hand. "Alice this isn't a joke I'm complete in love with you and I want you to be my girlfriend, please say yes" I can't believe this no it's not true. Right? Well he's has been nothing but sweet. I do like him. "Okay" he smiled and hugged me. This is going to be awkward.
Luke POV. 
Month one.
I started to get to know her more, we were like connecting. We were two different people who have so much in common. I slowly started falling in love with her......
Month two.
Our love was like a fairy tale. We started going out more spending more time with each other. The whole school know us and she started to become popular. Her life became more happier..........
Month four 
She started getting jealous. I would talk to my friends and she would tell at me that we don't spend enough time together It was hell she became clingy and won't leave me alone. She's started getting on my nerves 
Month four. 
Month three
The love I felt for Alice styles faded, Im glad this dare ends in two weeks.
Alice POV.
I walked the school halls with perrie and jade. They talked about going to some stupid show to audition. I looked around the school searching. "Who you looking for?" You her jade ask, "oh umm Luke he's been avoiding me lately?" Jade and perrie looked at each other and then at me. I gave them a questioning look "what?" "Umm Alice there's a party at Jessica's house and I think you should really go to it" jade blurted out perrie lightly hit she shoulder. "Okay ill just have to get Jessica to invite me" I thought to myself and walked to home room. 
Ashton POV. 
I watched as Alice walked to homeroom, man Luke is one lucky man. I've always had a huge crush on her since the third grade I'm two years above her grade. no one ever know about my crush. She's so beautiful I wonder why I never grow courage to ask her out or tell her that I like her. I ran towards her "Alice!" She stopped and smiled at me. "Hey ash, what's up?" Smiled toward me. "Um I just wanted to invite you to Jessica's party tonight, you know as friends" her smile grow wider. "Yay totally, ill meet you there?" I smiled "yeah, at 7" "okay well bye" she hugged me and then walked away. Today's the day I tell Alice I like her. 
Alice POV. 
I haven't seen Luke all day I texted him, no reply. Maybe he's sick? The last bell rang I got up and walked home still thinking about Luke. 
*1 hour till the party* 
I got out of the shower and went to pick out my clothes. I graved a high wasted skirt with a tucked in blouse. I sat down and curled my hair. I applied mascara and was ready. I got up and smiled at myself, I walked  to Gemma's room. I slowly knocked and waited for her response "coming!!" I stepped away from the door and  waited. The door slowly opened Gemma looked at me and smiled "you look lovely" I blushed "thanks, can we go now?" Gemma nodded we walked to the car and the drive wasn't that far "um I'll call you to pick me up or not" I got out of the car and waved Gemma goodbye. I walked in to the party. I'm so excited this is my first party that dont have goodie bags or parents,see all the 'cool' kids and they all look at me and smiled. I simply smiled back. I see Cindy and Jessica. I walked towards them. "Hey girls" they turned and smiled. "Hey Alice, you've been looking for Luke right?" "Yea, i cant seem to find him?" Cindy and Jessica smirked "well he's over by the couch" i raised and eye brow he has time to come to a stupid party and not call,text or talk to me, I smiled "thanks" i pushed through people and i see Luke on the couch but not alone he was with marian and there kissing. "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!" Luke and marian pulled away "what are you doing here?" Luke got up and walk toward me. "No why are you here kissing Marian?" Luke rolled his eyes "just go home I'll explain tomorrow" "are you fucking kidding me? tell me now so everyone knows" at this point everyone was watching. Luke turned red  "you know what? I am going to tell you. I just dated you so I could join the soccer team" my eyes widen "w..what?" "Yea you heard me I never liked you. They made me do it just to get a laugh out of you sorry self, I mean do you really think I would ever fall in love with something like you?" Heart broken was all I felt I just can't name all the feelings I'm going through. Luke lied to me, it was all a game. My eyes started to tear, slowly wiped away my tears and ran out hearing people laughing and shout 'kill yourself yay' 'ugly worthless piece of shit' i ran my anger out and then stopped and started balling my eyes out i cant believe this. My life is over I walked a block and I was home. I opened the door and slammed it shut and ran to my room locking the bed room door and quickly entered to bathroom and lock the door as well. I walked over to the mirror. I looked at myself from head to toes. The words Luke said started playing back. "Your ugly, what made you think a guy like me would fall for you?" "Your worth nothing" 'kill yourself yay'  the last one repeated in my head 'KILL YOURSELF' I whispered. I bent down to me cabinet under the sink. I grabbed my razor. I got back on my feet. I set the razor down and looked back in the mirror. I hear a knock, then a voice "alice its me open up" its mom. i don't plain on ever opening the doors. i ignored her command and picked up the razor. *bang* "Alice sweetie open up now!!" I slowly set the razor on my wrist. "Matt she's not opening to door!! she's not answering!" I press hard and slit. I watched as the red liquid gusted out. *boom* "where is she?" "The bathroom" *bang* "Alice open up now!" I slowly sat down. My vision be come blurry. "Bye" i whispered _/\_/\_/\_________
 Harry POV. 
I drove up the the house and hear mom shouting "Matt she's not opening to door!! She's not answering!" I quickly unlock the door and ran in and up the stairs I see mom standing by alice's door and she had tears in her eyes. I looked at the door and thought the worst. I pushed mom out of the way and kick open the door. I ran in and so did everyone else. "Where is she?" Gemma said "bathroom"mom quickly responded. I ran and tried opening to door. Locked, so I kicked it open and the view behind the door was is where my life changed................forever.

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