Imposter|| Luke Hemmings

2 years ago, she was in school. She was bullied, lost with depression, she was asked out by her first crush. he made her fall for him and broke her heart, just to be one of 'them'. The people who hurt her every day. she hit rock bottom for the first time, and stayed there until she met Mac,jay and john. she swore she'd have her revenge on the boy she once loved, who knew he'd be touring with her brother.And now, 2 years later, she's gotten her chance.But can she go through with it?


19. Chapter nineteen: luke

A/N not a very good chapter but hope you guys enjoy it 😊
Taylor pov. 
'take back every word I said ever said to you.......everything I touch turns to stone' ~BMTH blessed with a curse
I sat down and waited for the bitter pain to end. The doctor examined my hand while sticking it up. I wimpled at the pain. "I'm almost done but could you please tell me what happened Miss......?" "Alice" I said finishing his question. "um long story short I was angry at my brothers comments and ta da I'm here with sticks on my hand" I said shrugging "well Alice your hand wasn't as bad as we thought though it needed sticks it should be perfectly fine you can leave when ever you want" the doctor said smiling and leaving the room. I got up and walked around the place for a while trying to remember everything I've learned at the rehab center.
We all sat in a circle in the middle of a room and talked about why we're here. "I tried running out of a moving vehicle" "drug addictions" "depression" everyone answered the same thing. Why are you here? Have you learned from your mistakes? What can you do when these thoughts come back? I hate this "Taylor? Your being pulled out of the circle to go meet your new guard, instructor, and talking buddy" I got up and thanked god before going to miss Nancy's office. I knocked once and waited for a response "come in" I slowly opened the door to see miss Nancy and three very attractive looking guys. "um hey. You called me?" Miss Nancy smiled and motioned me towards a chair "take a seat Taylor, I called you to introduce you to your very own "team" here is jay" he's young looking and cute but he would never go for me "John" he is hot omg "and last but not least mac" he looked friendly. "hello" I said awkwardly he stretched out his arm "hello I'm John"
I walked out and into the streets. I hid my hand so no one sees. "hey Taylor" I turn to see paps everywhere. I looked down and continue walking by they were fast. "where have you been?" "why are you hiding your hand?" "is luke with you" "did he hurt you" ugh Luke this Luke that I'm tired of him. "Taylor" I turn to see mac and jay. I ran up to them and embraced them with a hug "where have you been" what happened and are you ok" they continue flooding me with questions
"what's your favorite color" "favorite song" "favorite subject" "is that your natural hair color" "your pretty" I blushed at the last one. Even though it wasn't a question "John wow we barely know the girl" "what its true. She's very pretty. Why would a pretty girl like you be here?" tear streamed down my face. "a boy he hurt me" I paused "he made me feel worthless and made me not want to" I started crying even more. He hugged me "shh its ok he'll regret everything he ever said or done to you" 
We drove home once we go to the car that they had parked at a near by shop and lost the paps. "you cant tell John what harry said to you" jay said with out making eye contact. "I know but i hat le lying to him and what's the worst he can do?" I looked at them from the back seat, they stayed quiet but their silence answered my question. "what did he do?" "mac you wanna tell her?" Mac shock hi head rapidly. "no I'm good I rather live to see the next day" I rolled my eyes "just tell me and I wont hurt you" mac gulped "well he kinda umm threatened your brother" "what?!" Jay twitched "sorry, but what why?" "jay found blood in the bathroom and John went to go see if you were with him" "and he said very mean things about you" I sat back down "how long till me get home" "just around this corner" I un did my seat belt and ran out of the car. I see Luke and John shouting at each other.
John pov. 
I walked out of the room with rage boiling in me. "hey what's your problem?" The last thing is want drama. "I don't have time for you Luke just fuck off and go with your so called band" I waked him off as I went out the door and shut it behind me. "what is that suppose to mean? That my band is no better than yours? Or what?" I rolled my eye "you take it as you want. I have to go look for Taylor" "why? If anything I should be looking for her. After all she is MY girlfriend" I huffed "why is she even dating you? Your just like those other guys anyway you only want one thing" I turned to face Luke" he smirked "what if I already got what I wanted?" I was about to go and beat him but a push on my chest stopped me I looked down and see Taylor. She's hugging me. "where have you been?" I hugged me her back and spun her around. She belongs with me.
Ashton POV. 
I looked out the window and see that John and Luke at fighting for Taylor. With all honesty none of them deserve her. Taylor needs a real man one that will show his love rather than fight and argue all the time. Oh how I'd kill to be the one she hugs when ever she's down theo one she dose everything with. The one and only. I looked back out the window and see from a distance a small blonde running towards the two Childs. And I realized that it's her. Taylor.
Taylor POV.
I let go of John "long story ill tell you inside the bus" I smiled. "what happened to your hand?" I rolled my eye and turned to face Luke "you, you happened" I walked up to Luke and raised my hand but before I could do anything luke grabbed my hand and the pain kicked in I screamed at his grip. He let go and I fell to the ground. And lets just say it was a bad moment for me but a great moment for the paps

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