Imposter|| Luke Hemmings

2 years ago, she was in school. She was bullied, lost with depression, she was asked out by her first crush. he made her fall for him and broke her heart, just to be one of 'them'. The people who hurt her every day. she hit rock bottom for the first time, and stayed there until she met Mac,jay and john. she swore she'd have her revenge on the boy she once loved, who knew he'd be touring with her brother.And now, 2 years later, she's gotten her chance.But can she go through with it?


14. Chapter fourteen: confession

A/N sorry for not updating so today will be a double chapter hope you like them and please like and favourite the story

 We walked out of the stage and the crowd roared "pretty reckless, pretty reckless, pretty reckless" 5sos walked pass us and Ashton gave me a dirty look "nice going Taylor" and he pushed pass me. "stay chill tay" mac said but something snapped in me "what the hell is your problem!!!!!!!" I walked up to him. "your my fucking problem!" He shouted back to my face. I was about to jump on him and beat the living hell out of him but someone grabbed me "don't do it" I turned and see it was luke who had grabbed me. "thanks but this isn't your fight" I said calmly "we all have to just calm down and walk away" Michael said "ok I'm good" I paused "luke you can let go now" I hear loud awes. I quickly turned and see the crowd looking back at us 
I smiled and waved. I look down and see Luke's hands are still around my waist. I quickly slapped his hands away. This isn't going to end well. I quickly waved bye and grabbed jays hand and walked out of the stage. "omg that was terrible I mean he totally started it!" I exclaimed "well maybe if you would of only listened to me that wouldn't have never happened?" Mac said. "omg I hope harry didn't see that because if he did then I'm dead" I said sitting down the couch 

*the next day* 

"I can't believe you, you've only been on tour with us FOR A DAY and then I see you in the arms of of" "STOP! what are you trying to say? That I'm a whore?"Harry stopped and stared at me. I felt a single tear slide down my cheek,i ran out and didn't stop running I don't care if people see me I just wanna be alone. I finally stopped at the exit. Why can't I just have a normal life? "are you okay?" I looked up and see Luke and Ashton. Oh that's why. "what do you want?" I wiped away my tears "look I just wanted to know if you're ok" I rolled my eyes "yes Luke now go!" I looked away and hear him leave. I started crying again. I feel someone slowly wrapped there arms around me. I quickly pushed away and see Ashton. "look I'm sorry for what I did" "what?" I questioned his action "look I'm sorry its just you,you" Ashton sighed "what's wrong?" I sat down in front of him. "can you keep a secret?" Ashton said sitting down. "why. What's wrong?" "I've been treating you bad because you kinda remind me of a girl I use to like" I looked at him for a moment "me? Why would i remind you of a girl who was probably way prettier than me? I mean look at me" Ashton chuckled "she was just like you she always put herself down" "what was her name?" Aston looked up for a moment "Alice,Alice styles" wait what? "what happened? Why do you now hate her?" Ashton looked up for a moment "she stood me up" when how where? "so you asked her out?" Ashton chuckled"well technically no but I asked her to wait for me outside of a party and when I went to go see her she wasn't there" "omg I'm soo sorry" Ashton smiled "don't be she's was with mu best mate Luke wh got with her because of a bet but then told us that he fell un love with her, she it would never happen" I paused I have to be careful with what I say "what happened with her and Luke?" Ashton sighed "she broke his heart and left to england" I quickly shot up "that liar, I'll who him!" I then covered my mouth. "omg I'm so sorry it just......" Ashton got up " why is Luke a liar?" I gulped "um I wasn't talking about him it's just I've been in Luke's feets before" Ashton frowned "who ever did that to you is a joke and just missed out on the best thing that would ever happen to them" I smiled and I hugged Ashton "Taylor" I quickly let go of Ashton and see John. "our manager wants to see you" this can't be good

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