Imposter|| Luke Hemmings

2 years ago, she was in school. She was bullied, lost with depression, she was asked out by her first crush. he made her fall for him and broke her heart, just to be one of 'them'. The people who hurt her every day. she hit rock bottom for the first time, and stayed there until she met Mac,jay and john. she swore she'd have her revenge on the boy she once loved, who knew he'd be touring with her brother.And now, 2 years later, she's gotten her chance.But can she go through with it?


18. chapter eighteen: can you feel my heart?

If you are sensitive about self harm please don't read the flash back moment Read at your own risk...........
(a/n ok the SONGS for this chapter are hospital for souls, drown,can you feel my heart by bring me the horizon, breathe me by sia, and or any of your favorite song as long as they're sad(turn your face LM moments 1D etc.)
Taylor pov. 
We walked out of the stage and headed to the bus."hey t we're going to the mall wanna come?" Mac asked "um no I'm kinda tired. You guys go along ill just stay here" they kinda hesitated but ended up going. I decided it was best to go talk to harry since he got mad and upset about the whole Luke thing. I walked over to their bus and opened the door to see the lads are about to leave. "hey Taylor we were just about to go to the mall with your friends" Liam said. "oh I didn't go because I have to talk with harry. Alone" they all nod there heads and said bye. I slowly approach the tv room and instantly see harry, he's using his phone. "um hey?" I said awkwardly he looked up at me and the look of disgust came. "hey" he said coldly. "harry I know your not happy about the whole Luke thing but if you could just hear me out" harry quickly shot up. "your damn right in not happy what are you thinking going around with luke? Have you seen what people are saying about you?" I slowly shook my head. "well let me read you a few if my favorite ones" he walked over and grabbed his phone "that Taylor chick is just a gold digger she's obviously only using the boys, Taylor is an ugly version of Perrie, she's to thin, Taylor bulimia momsen, whore that's all you are a whore, go die, burn" my heart broke
Harry POV.
Tears streamed down her face "have you had enough? Cause I have. Is it true?" "what?" She said a little teary "oh come on Taylor we all know you and Luke were in your apartment alone after midnight, did you sleep with him?" She stayed quiet. Its true"oh god, its true you are a whore" I felt a sharp pain on my cheek. "how fucking dare you insult me, you have no right" "yes I do I'm your brother" "no, he's DIED to me" and then she ran.
Taylor pov.
I ran into our bus. I can't stop crying. Whore. Is that what they think of me. I took out my phone and opened Twitter. I instantly see the trends #reasonswhytaylorshoulddie #taylormakesmewannadie I clicked on the first one: 'your an embarrassment to Luke and society it's self' 'die Taylor no one wants you' Your so ugly. Why don't you wear any make up' 'she may not dress like a whore but she still sleeps around' Taylor go get hit by a car' I through my phone and ran into the bathroom. I looked into the mirror. Why do they hate me? I looked down at my bracelets. I ripped them off and see my old scars. And one name came to mind. "Luke" 
I ran home and went straight to my room then bathroom. Why would luke do this to me i thought we had something special. Ugh i hate him. I HATE HIM I HATE HIM!!! my tears streamed quickly. I'm worthless, everyone hates me. My mind started wondering, they can't hate me if I'm not here anymore. I quickly looked through the cabinet and find an old blade. Taking I seat on the floor, I run my finger along the blade, feeling sharpness.My finger gets cut and a small red bead forms in the spot it got cut. It stings for a second but I don't care. Slowly, I place the blade to my arm and push down, slicing into my flesh like butter. Thick red liquid pours from the wound and forms a puddle on the bathroom tile. I bite my lip at the pain, not a bad pain it feels good in a weird way. I place the blade on my wrist now, and slice into it like a crazy person. I slice my other wrist too before dropping the blade on the floor. A pool of the red liquid forms around me drenching my clothes. I close my eyes, ready to die there. Alone. But someone had other plans
Anger filled my veins and with a swift move I punched the mirror. I feel nothing but liquid flowing out of my hand,pulling away I see it's already starting to bruise. "shit" I quickly grabbed a white towel that was hanging by the sink,wrapping it around my hurt hand I looked for something else and found a thicker towel. I through the used one and put the new one on. I ran out of the bus and went to go look for a hospital.
John POV.
We finally got back home,we've been out for like two or three hours and I'm exhausted. "hey mac do you have the keys?" Jay laughed "of course not Taylor's in there" mac said walking toward the door. "Taylor could you please open the door for us?" Mac knocked. I rolled my eyes"I've got it" I took out my keys and unlocked the door. "Taylor we're back and John has a little surprise for you" jay shouted. Jay is the youngest among us he's 21 to be exact, mac is 29 and I'm 23 going to 24. I quickly hit jay I had bought Taylor her favorite chocolate bars. "don't listen to him!" I walked over to my 'bed' and opened up my twitter, which Taylor made me. "hey where's Taylor?" Mac said a little worried. "she's probably with her brother" jay said entering the bathroom. "holy crap!!!" Jay shouted. Quickly getting up I ran into the bathroom and see something I would never see ever again. Blood. Everywhere. "Taylor" I ran to the other bus. I knocked until they opened the doors. "hey John what's up?" Luke answered the door. As much as I want to beat the living crap out of him I ignored and walked passed him. Walking into the tv to see harry and Louis talking,but no sign of Taylor. "hey harry is Taylor here? By any chance?" "no, why would she anyways she's probably in the living room with Luke or something" harry said with anger "why do you say that?" Harry simply rolled his eyes. "because she's a whore" rage filled inside me. "why in the hell would you say that?!" it hurts me to see Taylor so sad. "did you tell her this?" Harry stayed silent. "you did didn't you?" He looked down "if anything happens to Taylor I will personally make it my problem and have you get your assed kicked" "why would you do that?" Harry asked frightened by my threat. "I'm only telling you this so you know why, Taylor's no where to be seen and there's blood all over our bathroom floor now if you don't excuse me I'm go to go look for her" i walked aww and began my search for Taylor.
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