Imposter|| Luke Hemmings

2 years ago, she was in school. She was bullied, lost with depression, she was asked out by her first crush. he made her fall for him and broke her heart, just to be one of 'them'. The people who hurt her every day. she hit rock bottom for the first time, and stayed there until she met Mac,jay and john. she swore she'd have her revenge on the boy she once loved, who knew he'd be touring with her brother.And now, 2 years later, she's gotten her chance.But can she go through with it?


8. Chapter eight: His welcome home or mine?

I finished packing by the time it was just a minuet left, I didn't really have a closet filled with clothes but I had a few things. I sat waiting till a knock comes on my door. the door opens and i see John, Mac, and jay. I ran up to them "I'm ganna miss you guys" the tears started coming out. "Aww don't cry remember were all quitting to start the band?" I whipped away my tears "yeah I know but I won't see you guys till tomorrow" I frowned Mac laughed "we have our lunch breaks, we can all meet at the Starbucks that's just around the corner at 1:00?" I smiled "perfect I have to go shopping anyways, I hate this outfit" I looked at my outfit I'm wearing an old one of my shirts it fits me huge but it looks ok I guess? "Hey Alice can I talk to you?" John asked "sure" I gave him a smile then he lead me out. "I've been meaning to tell you this.......I..." John was interrupted by a scream. "ALICEEEE!!!" I looked and see Gemma she's running towards me I smiled and opened my arms. She jumped into my arms and knocking me down, I laughed "nice seeing you to" she quickly got up and helped me up. "OMG I can't believe that I'm taking you back home...... I've missed you" I aw'd and gave her a tight hug. "Let's go get your site case and goooo!!" Gemma shouted while dragging me away. 
John POV.  
I walked to the cafeteria and see Mac "hey man had it go?" I sat down and hid me face "I couldn't tell her cause her sister came and dragged her away" Mac patted my shoulder "it's ok man,I don't think it would of worked out, I mean she's 5years younger than you" I rolled my eyes "age is just a number" Mac laughed "I think we should get back to work?" I looked up at Mac "yeah" I got up and went to wake up the patients 
Alice POV. 
Hand in hand Gemma and I made our way to the front door. I slowly reached out and opened the door slowly reveling bright lights, I looked over at Gemma and smiled "I'm ready to go home" Gemma smiled and we walk to her car "so what's the first thing your going to do when you get home?" I giggled at the thought of what I would do "I'm ganna stuff my face with food haha" Gemma laughed "well I don't think you want to go back to the old Alice, right?" My smile was wiped away from the thought of the old me. Do I still want to be known as the old me? "You know what sis your right, I should start over change my name!" I yelled in excitement "Alice that's not what " I blocked her out as I was trying to think of a name. It has to be something simple but meaningful, something classy but sassy, unique but common "I'VE GOT IT!!" I looked over at Gemma "my new name is taylor" Gemma stayed quiet "what?" "I still don't think you should change your name,let alone your last name" I smirked "but Gemma I'm only changing my first name and I'm going to use my second last name" Gemma groaned "do you really have to rub it in my face?" I laughed. I was the only child that had my dads last name and my moms "yess Gemma it never gets old" we came to a stop. I opened the car door and closed it shut, I took a deep breath of fresh air "it's good to be home" I walked over to the door and Gemma right by my side. She took out her keys and unlocked the door, there was food everywhere and people walking around and there was a huge banned that read 'WELCOME HOME'. I smiled I looked around and see mom, she smiles at me and waves me over. I ran up to her and hugged her "thanks mom" she slowly pushes me away. "For what?" "For the party" she starred at me for awhile "sweetly this is for Harry" I frowned, my heart broke "Alice sweetie it not that I forgot about you it's just I haven't seen Harry since 2years and 3 months" I rolled my eyes "I should've known" I started walking up stairs "Harry was always your favorite" I ran into my room and shut the door. I don't care if people hear, I looked at my old room everything is how I left it and nothing is out of place. 
I walked over to my closet and opened it and see that my clothes is gone, completely empty. I groaned I walked over to my other closet and see all my clothes is jammed in there. "Ugh I hope no one stayed in my room" I graved all my close and throw it in a bag that was laid on my night stand. I throw every pieces of clothes that I owned and dragged it down stairs. I I got weird looks from the people in the house I just tooled my eyes and walked to the door I hear Gemma ask "were are you going?" I turned and see everyone looking at me "tell Harry I said hey" I walked out of the door and slammed it shut and I continued my walk.
*at the store* 
I walked into the little shop just down the street from my house I see a bunch of clothes laying around with tags on them. I walked to an empty desk with a bell laying on it. I rang the bell two times and hear movement I see an old man walk of a room "hello how can I help you?" "I came to trade theses clothes?" I lift the bag and put it on the desk "are most of the clothes in the bag new?" The old man said while pulling the bag on the floor on his side of the desk "yea there mostly new, I really need money for new clothes so how much can I get for that bag?" The old man looked at me with sympathy "I can only give you 190£, is that fine?" I froze but I managed to chock out a few words "y-yea" the old man smiled and opened the cash register and took out the money and hand it to me. I smiled "thanks sir" I turned around and made my way to the mall. As I was making my way I was getting weird looks, I guess they don't like my style. I laughed at my own joke and finally made it to the mall and see what the typical person sees at a mall a bunch of stuck up people walking around and judging other people. I walked around and see a make up store. I see how a bunch of pretty girls come out of the store. "I need a make over" I walked over to the store 

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