Demon Inside Me

"You think you could actually fix me?" I ask, a sarcastic smile coming from my own mouth. I was sure he knew what I was; unfixable, broken, dead inside. Yet, he still thinks he could 'fix' me? As if I am a science project he'd messed up on and the teacher had told him to go back and fix the problem.
You cant just fix someone who, not only didn't want to be fixed, but had become too deeply engrossed in her new life to be fixed at all.
It's not like I can hide the fact that I am no longer human, I no longer comply to the same rules and laws as pitiful humans did.


1. 1

I looked around the dark alley, making sure nobody was on my trail. I couldn't risk being seen so soon. Nobody even knew my kind existed. People think silly vampire tales are phony. Little did they know, my kind flourishes from the lifeblood of their kind. My kind is a being of immortals, we long outlive the humans by decades. We are a more advanced, powerful and vengeful species. And it all started with a bad scientific experiment. It went horribly wrong, and some people refused to think of a 'vampire coming alive,' and they'd just assumed that we were some kind of freak cannibals. They'd long forgotten about the fact we still existed. Our pray were completely mind-blocked away from our tricks and feeding frenzies.

You may think of me as a strange, completely impossibly crude creature. In reality, I'm so much more. My kind is a kind that has never thrived and been alive with power so much. We've never known the bliss of being more powerful than silly humans and their firearms. They ridiculously underestimated us several decades before, and then they'd made the stupid mistake to forget we were even alive. Of course, our victims knew we were alive, but after a little mind-blocking, as I'd mentioned earlier, they go on with their life. The small, pin prick holes we leave in their necks heal too fast to be taken too seriously.

My eyes flick over to a few drunk men stumbling out from the bar across the street. My empty stomach begins to growl as I see one man in particular. He had soft, blonde hair, blue eyes, and was extremely healthy looking. He seemed as though he could survive an attack of my degree. I made up my mind, no, my stomach made up my mind, and I walked in the shadows over to the alley by the bar. I sunk deep behind a trash bin, where humans found it fit to leave the things they'd not use again. I watched in glee as the man I had been talking about walked away from his friends, and stumbled into the alley. As he came closer to where I was in hiding, I could hear his pulse from his neck. His heart beat was sped up almost impossibly fast, and his eyes loomed around quickly, as if sensing my presence. I was getting another strong urge from my stomach to just fly out there and bite his neck, releasing his sweet blood into my mouth. Every human male I feed off of tastes different from the next. There was a wide variety. This guy, from the aura he let off, smelled sinfully delicious.

Once I decided I'd had enough of waiting, I slowly walked out, clamping my mouth shut to avoid him seeing my fangs and running off. Yes, my kind did have razor sharp teeth.

"Hey, gorgeous." He complimented when his blue eyes locked on me. Actually, he more slurred than talked normally. He was completely knocked off his rocker drunk. I smiled -careful to hide my teeth- and made my way over to him. His sinfully sweet scent was making my mouth water with anticipation of what was to come. I would fill my stomach, and then memory block him. Then, I would leave here with a lightning quick motion, and he would forget everything.

"Tell me," I purred, stepping closer to the tall male, "What's a strong, handsome man like yourself doing out here this late?" I step as close as I can get to him, wrapping both my arms around his muscular shoulders.

"I-I was in the bar with my friends," He shrugs, "Just getting a few beers."

"So, what's your name?" I ask, purposely making my voice seductive. I had become extremely good at this in the past few years I'd been a vampire. This vampirism had changed me completely, and I'd welcomed the changes it brought.

"I'm, uh, Jacob." He states, thrown off by me stroking the back of his neck, my cold fingers making him shiver.

"So, Jacob, do you have a girlfriend, a wife? Any significant other?" I purr into his ear. He shivers again, and shakes his head no. "Good to hear." I say. I move down to where the prominent vein in his neck let out a smooth "thump, thump, thump," showing just how human he was.

I slowly kissed his neck, grazing my teeth gently across the throbbing vein in his neck. I could feel his breath hitch as I sunk my sharp fangs into his neck, and began to feed off of his sweetly alluring lifeblood. He was a strong, handsome human male. The stronger males always tasted the best, their blood was always sweet. As the fresh, warm blood fills my every fiber. I shiver as the warmth takes over the constant cold. I revel in the soft moan that escapes from his lips.

It seemed just like the instant I'd began feeding, I'd stopped. I pulled my fangs from his neck, licked the wounds I'd made to close them, and took a step back. I wiped my mouth off, feeling oddly fuzzy and really happy. My stomach no longer growled with anticipation. The guy staggered back from me, his eyes holding a guarded expression I couldn't read.

"Y-you're a vam--" I cut him off before he could finish, using the special power all of us vampires have to make sure he never remembers this encounter. My kind was hiding in the shadows for now, just waiting for the day we can overpower and takeover this planet. We are a kind flourishing greatly. All these drunken idiots coming from the bars proved that we were far superior. They were too stupid and drunk to stay out of the dark alleyways where we'd hidden ourselves.

"Goodbye, Jacob." I state to his lucid self, and then; with a lightning fast motion, I ran away.



























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