Our Book of Shadows

A witch mother is captured by a bible bashing witch hunter and is to be put to death on a wooden stake. Now, her daughter and best friend do everything they can to find and save her with help from the spirit of Abigail Abernathy, the daughter of a witch from 100's of years ago. Will they figure out where she is and who did this? Will they save her in time? Will her sons foolishness be the cause? Read to find out this and more!


5. Chapter 5

“Drive Faster!” Claire Yelled at Lisa.


“This would be a lot faster if we just transport!” Lisa yelled back.


“I told you it doesn’t work with me, I’m not strong enough yet.” Claire said.


“We’re here” Lisa Said.


            The two jumped out of the car and ran into the ancient church ruins, down the stair case to the dungeon. They hear yelling and chanting, they quietly creep down the hall and peek around the corner. What Claire saw was horrific, her mother the one she was looking for this whole time was there, tied to a wooden stake, screaming in pain as the flames burn away everything she was, is, or would have been as if she never even existed. Claire Turned to Lisa as she cried tears of desperation and sorrow and asked,


“Can you do anything?”


“…No…I’m sorry, I can’t. Fire is the one thing that can withstand a witch’s powers, that’s why we fear it.” Lisa said.


Claire then walked out in the middle of the chaos with the book of shadows in hand, held it up and yelled,


“God will never forgive you for YOUR Sins!”


The book lit up like it was a tiny sun, then beams of light shot out. One after another, a beam would strike someone in the heart, and kill them, leaving their cold selfless soul to suffer. All but one person was left, the priest. Claire walked up to him and said,


“Now, it’s your turn to burn.”


            The fire that was killing her mother lifted up off her forming a silver platter of death, with his name on it. The fireball hit him so fast it was like an anaconda sinking its teeth in its meal. The Priest screamed in agony, as the fire burned him until he will be nothing but ash, feeling the pain of all the witches he killed. She ran over to her mother, cut her lose, and caught her as she fell. She could feel the heat coming of the charred part of her mother’s body. She cried and started to plead for her mother to wake up.


“Mum wake up… you have to get up…Mum, Please! Wake up!”


“Mummy…please…you can’t leave me”


            She buried her face into her mother’s chest to hide her tears from everyone, like she always did.


          I take my soul and give to thee, but you must live on my legacy. I've done my part and my deed is done, but you must continue, because you are the one. So now I give my soul to thee. Mother Goddess, lend me your light, gives me your power on this faithful night. I invoke you into my being and soul, Fill up my vessel and make me feel whole. I stand before you in ore and in love; I cherish your gifts you stow from above. I ask you tonight to show unto me, My Mother, My Goddess so mote it be.


                                                                                                                        Abigail Abernathy


               She felt a warm gentle hand touch her cheek. She opens her eyes and looked up and heard someone say in what seemed like the sweetest sounding voice,


“Don’t cry Babygirl… I’m not going anywhere.”

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