Our Book of Shadows

A witch mother is captured by a bible bashing witch hunter and is to be put to death on a wooden stake. Now, her daughter and best friend do everything they can to find and save her with help from the spirit of Abigail Abernathy, the daughter of a witch from 100's of years ago. Will they figure out where she is and who did this? Will they save her in time? Will her sons foolishness be the cause? Read to find out this and more!


4. Chapter 4

That same book of shadows opened again, then the fading and disappearing words, then a new message.


       Hidden under the house of god, is where you shall find thee. Killed by the man who hated our kind, him, her, you and me. We ask from our Goddess to give us her blessing. For the man thought we were spreading sins and Tragedies, but we thought we were spreading love and beauty.

~ A.A


Claire thought to herself for a moment. *Under the house of god, the man who hated our kind, sins and tragedies.*


“It’s the Priest! I was the Priest who took mom; he took her to the dungeon, in the ancient church ruins!”


            She wakes up to the worst pain ever; it’s cold, wet, and dark. Then suddenly she sees a candle light, coming down a hall. She closes her eyes pretending to be asleep, she hears whispering but she is not sure what they are saying. She opens her eyes just enough to see, she is in a small metal cage, and there are 6 other cages in the room with women in them. Some sleeping, some awake, some dead. Then a pretty young girl to the left of her said,


“You’re not like the rest of us, they don’t want answers from you. They want you dead. You need to get out of here!”


“Why do they want me dead?” She asked


“Because you’re Emily Whitfield, you are the missing piece to the power of three. You are the most powerful Witch of them all.” The girl said.


            The girl reached between the bars and handed Emily a spell written on a piece of paper.


Emily said, “No one has ever been powerful enough to perform this spell, only the one who created it is.”


“You can do it, your stronger then you think just try. If you die all witches will give up hope.” The girl said.


She looked at the bars in front of her, she concentrated, everything around her seemed like it didn't exist. She stared at it, as if she was suffocating it with her mind. Then the jars bend, and she steps out.


“I knew you could do it. Now go, Run!” The girl said.


Emily ran but then stopped, she turned around and said,


“Thank you”



            She ran down the hallway, around the corner, and stopped as if there was a force field in front of her.


“Going somewhere.” A young teenage girl said as she stood in front of Emily.


“Do I know you?” asked Emily.


“There you are Paige, I was looking…. Mom.” Ethan said as he was walking towards the girl and his mother.


“You made a mistake when you decided to escape; now you have to be punished.” Paige said.


            Click* She snapped her finger as if she was a queen demanding something she wanted. Two men came up behind Emily and grabbed her arms, then another man came up behind Ethan and put a knife to his throat.


“Ethan, NO!” Emily yelled in horror at the sight of her son, two inches away from death.


“Now, Behave, or Ethan dies.” Paige said in a cynical voice.


“Paige what are you doing!” Ethan said.


“Shut up! My father is coming, don’t be rude.” Paige said.


            The Priest, Paige’s Father then came forward in a dark cloak, with a look in his eyes that made the hair on the back of your neck stand up. He walked right up to Emily’s face, looked her straight in the eye, and said,


“You’re nothing more than a worthless piece of scum.” The Priest said.


            Then he punched her in the face, which knocked her out, and said,

“Take her to be burned.”

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