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  • Published: 17 May 2014
  • Updated: 23 Apr 2016
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Jamie and Tristan have been best friends for as long as they could remember. That is until Tristan confesses his feelings for Jamie, how does she feel about this?
On top of that Amber the schools 'it' girl decides to give Tristan a makeover that leaves him cocky as ever.

Sneak peak...
~I remember his words, and the expression on his face, as if he were right in front of me.
"I love you, i always have, but i was too scared to tell you."
What a lie...
If he really loved me, he wouldn't have betrayed me.~


6. The new Tristan

~Monday morning~


I walked up the stairs towards the double doors. I made my way inside to find every girl squealing and whispering.

What was going on.

I walked down the hall trying to ignore all the buzz around me.

I approached Tristan's locker. He had is head in it.

"Hey!" I said.


"Do you have any idea why all the girls are acting so crazy?" I asked.

He shut the locker.

I did a double take.

This was Tristan's locker...right?

His hair was quiffed, and he was wearing a leather jacket, skinny jeans and in place of his beat up converse were brand new nikes.

Though was caught me off guard most was the fact that he wasn't wearing his 'nerd specks.'

What did they do to him?

"Probably some gossip going around." He shrugged.

I hadn't noticed before but he had really nice eyes, they were just always hidden.

They had a sparkle to them.

"Um yeah." I said.

I knew for a fact that it wasn't gossip, they were all checking him out.

He didn't seem to notice though.

"I see you went through with the makeover." I said.

"Yeah, its not that bad, you should let them give you one, i can ask Amber for you-"

I cut him off.

"Your kidding right. This isn't you, and you think i need to change too?" I asked getting angry.

"Being a nerd if cool and all but i kind of always dreamed about being popular. And of course you don't need to change, its just Amber told me to stay away from nerds, so if you don't look like one then we can keep hanging out. Maybe even go on that date that i probably would have never asked about if i didn't look like this." He said cocking his head to the side.

"What did they do to you? Did they brainwash you?" I asked.

"No, they just brought out a side of me that has been hidden for a long time. And was that a yes for the date?" He said winking.

"No it wasn't! I don't even know you right now! Is this some kind of a joke because its not funny?!" I yelled.

Everyone turned to look at us.

"Hey don't make a scene." He whispered.

"Oh I'm sorry am i ruining your reputation?" I said loud enough for everyone to hear.

"If your going to act like this about the new me then maybe we shouldn't be friends anymore." Tristan said backing away from me.

Tears threatened to fall from my eyes.

"You just need an excuse so you won't have to be seen with me!" I said. "I thought you were my best friend?"

I turned and tan down the hall just as my tears started to fall.

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